The first show of “Hearland” landed by Robin Li’s “digital man” travels to the space station. Can Baidu tell a good Metaverse story?

Baidu “Greece” finally ushered in its debut.

On December 27th, Baidu held the 2021 Baidu AI Developer Conference in the “Greetings” of Metaverse. Baidu Chairman and CEO Robin Li and others appeared at the venue.

At the conference, Baidu disclosed the latest developments in a series of AI fields such as mass production and delivery of the first centralized car in 2023, training of 5 million AI talents in the next five years, and the release of Baidu’s intelligent cloud digital human platform “Xiling”. Robin Li also demonstrated his visit to the Chinese Space Station as a “digital man” clone.

Mobius ring shaped planet

At two o’clock in the afternoon on December 27, Baidu Create 2021 (Baidu AI Developer Conference) was held in “Greece”.According to Baidu, this is the first domestic conference held in Metaverse, which can accommodate 100,000 people interacting on the same screen at the same time.

According to the “Science Innovation Board Daily” reporter test, like all apps, download the software, register for the login account, complete the name, pinch the face and select the character image, and the system will automatically place a birthplace for the user-this means that you enter “Greetings” Metaverse.

The first show of "Hearland" landed by Robin Li's "digital man" travels to the space station. Can Baidu tell a good Metaverse story?

This is a world of Mobius ring-shaped planet, the blue sky is endless, the lawn ground is clean and green, the dirt trails are winding, elk, mammoths and gorillas are jumping and playing.

The real scenes of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Shaolin Temple, Sanshenkan, Sanxingdui, Communication University of China, etc. were moved to this virtual world to form the main building complex. They are connected by crossed blue and gray light beams suspended in mid-air. The beam of light cuts the sky again, and the sense of future technology is thus revealed.

Users shuttle back and forth, pause, or rush to find their way. They can also use headphones and microphones to achieve voice interaction, standing on a small soil slope and looking at the distant mountains, rivers and venues.

The first show of "Hearland" landed by Robin Li's "digital man" travels to the space station. Can Baidu tell a good Metaverse story?

Go to the conference center tower of the main venue. The dark gray stone pillars are thick and solid. The top of the tower rises straight into the sky. After walking through the 11-step pure white stairs, follow the fluorescent color road signs and step into the fluorescent color elevator, and you will enter the Baidu developer. The main venue of the conference.

The outside field of Greece is noisy, and you can hear other users’ voices at any time; the main venue of the conference is quiet, except for the voices of guests who are speaking.

“Our way of meeting is both dreamy and realistic”

At two o’clock in the afternoon on the 27th, Baidu Chairman and CEO Robin Li appeared on time at the meeting in Greece. He was wearing a black suit jacket and gray trousers, matched with a light blue shirt and brown leather shoes. The appearance of the physical figure was not affected by the virtual space. .

The first show of "Hearland" landed by Robin Li's "digital man" travels to the space station. Can Baidu tell a good Metaverse story?

Including Wang Haifeng, the CTO of Baidu, the first chief scientist of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project, Ouyang Ziyuan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Kip Thorne, Nobel Prize winner in physics and scientific adviser to Interstellar Transition, and Wired Magazine. The founding editor-in-chief Kevin Kelly, etc., they seem to be the same as the TV screens in the Metaverse. This feeling is like a TV station with game screens recording and broadcasting.

As Li Yanhong said, “Our way of gathering is both dreamy and realistic.”

In the keynote speech, AI artificial intelligence technology and related applications are Li Yanhong’s high-frequency vocabulary. First, he revealed the latest progress of Jidu Automobile. In the first half of 2022, Jidu will announce its first concept car, and mass-produce and deliver its first automotive robot in 2023.

In August, Baidu released “Carrot Run”. According to Li Yanhong, in the past quarter, it provided 115,000 services and became the world’s largest autonomous driving service provider. The “next stop” of Carrot Run is: it hopes to expand its service to 65 cities in 2025, and to 100 cities by 2030.

In order to show the virtual reality of the Metaverse more realistically, during the speech, Robin Li’s “digital man” avatar also visited the China Space Station for about 5 seconds.

In a conversation with Ouyang Ziyuan, an astrochemistry and geochemist, the first chief scientist of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project, and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Li Yanhong also expected that Baidu’s unmanned car could drive to the moon.

On the product launch, Baidu’s chief technology officer Wang Haifeng released Baidu’s smart cloud digital human platform “Xiling”, which can provide a variety of digital human generation and content production services for all walks of life, further reducing the threshold of digital human application. AI sign language anchors that provide sign language services for hearing-impaired friends, CCTV digital person Xiao C, etc., also appeared at the conference.

Run away from the Metaverse

In recent years, Baidu has gradually fallen out of the first echelon of Chinese Internet companies. The early “BAT” (Baidu Ababa Tencent) has now been replaced by the new “BAT” (Byte Beat Alibaba Tencent).

The mobile Internet traffic dividend is peaking, users are eager for new experiences, “immersion”, virtual interaction, the next generation of Internet… These imaginative explanations about the metaverse, every term has stepped on the pain points of current technology companies, giving Metaverse hype space.

At the moment when the Metaverse explodes, Greece, to a certain extent, bears Baidu’s technological ambitions.

In this track, Bytedance has acquired VR software and hardware R&D manufacturer Pico at a high price; Tencent executives stated in the third quarter financial report, “We hope that through AR, VR and other technologies, users can get a more complete and seamless experience. When it comes to the very hot concept of Metaverse, we hope to use AI and other advantages to make a difference in it”; Alibaba designated Metaverse as “the entire Internet on AR and VR glasses” at the Yunqi Conference; not long ago, NetEase When Yun went public in Hong Kong, the two virtual people Ding Lei were ringing the bell in the “Yaotai” of Metaverse. Recently, NetEase’s investor communication meeting was even held in “Yaotai”.

Labeled with the “Metaverse” label, Greece is known as the first Metaverse product among the major domestic Internet companies to land, which also means that Baidu has taken the lead on the track of domestic Metaverse products.

In terms of technical support, the realization of Metaverse requires artificial intelligence, electronic games, network and computing power, Internet of Things, blockchain, interactive technology, etc. Ma Jie, Baidu’s vice president and head of Greece, previously stated that the current accumulation of Baidu’s products and technologies related to Metaverse is mainly concentrated in the fields of AI, cloud computing and VR.

Some people in the media commented on the social media platform after watching the meeting in Greece that Baidu’s Al technology base has taken shape. To become a smart China Al infrastructure provider, the ranking is undoubtedly number one, but certain requirements need to be added. .

However, in the capital market, Metaverse is mostly regarded as speculation. To make solid progress, this concept still needs solid fundamentals as support. Just like this developer conference, online conferences may be one of the evolution directions of Metaverse in the future.

Including Meta, Microsoft, etc. have mentioned that immersive meetings can be part of the “Metaverse”. Netease Fuxi’s visual computing team leader, Shenxiu, previously said in an interview with a reporter from the Science and Technology Innovation Board that in the future, he still hopes that Metaverse-related technologies such as face pinching can be integrated with the industry and landed in specific scenarios. Specifically, Metaverse “Yaotai” will develop in the direction of online conferences and online exhibitions.

Ma Jie also mentioned that Metaverse is still in a very early stage of industrial exploration, and its development is gradual, and it will take a long time for the entire community to build and mature together.

“We think that small companies should not build a platform, build everything from scratch, and burn the money after setting up. Entrepreneurs can have countless magical ideas and commands, where they can make content and gameplay. They have great opportunities for large companies. In terms of better service to developers, I think this may be a better ecology.”

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