The first scam V God airdrop in 2022

Towards the end of the year, many scams started to attack KPIs. In the past two days, another scam called “Happy New Year scam, Token abbreviation: 2022” was discovered in the past two days. If you hear someone tell you, this It is a New Year gift coin issued by V God. I will also send you a screenshot. The screenshot shows that it was indeed airdropped from V God’s address. You must pay attention. These transactions were not initiated by God V. The issuer first mint the coin to God V’s wallet, and then the token administrator airdropped the tokens from God V to the wallets of various institutions. Everyone spread! Let more people know to avoid being deceived.


This picture is a screenshot of the V-God airdrop that went viral in various groups. This airdrop actually has nothing to do with V-God. It is a play directed and acted by the project team. Even the contract is closed source. It can be said to be a play. Advanced scam. At present, many friends have been recruited, and the new year is coming soon. Everyone beware of new types of scams.



During this period, in order to attract more participants, the project party also controlled the market and used multiple accounts to pull out the price of matcha. If the spread is not timely, more and more people will be recruited.

Many people are curious about why the tokens can be airdropped from VGod wallet to other addresses. We all know that normal tokens need to be authorized by themselves before they can use the tokens in their wallets, but scammers write this authorization logic in when issuing tokens. Yes, because the token issued by him is owned by him, his token contract is not standard, so he has reserved permission in advance.

This is also the main reason why many people are deceived. Everyone mistakenly thinks that God V has started to engage in projects, and the friends who have seen it spread, hoping to stifle this deception in the cradle.

If a victim encounters a scam, he can contact Bichak. The platform will provide information services to the police to assist the victim in completing exposure and rights protection. Victims can log on to the official website of Bichake and enter the exposure booth for exposure.

Links to the Exposure Platform of BCHK:


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