The first domestically produced Metaverse product “Xiyang” has come to Zhengzhou!

Xiyang provides the industry with a cloud-intelligence Metaverse infrastructure platform.

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On August 26, the groundbreaking ceremony of Zhengzhou Xing, a leading enterprise of Metaverse and Zhengzhou Metaverse Industrial Park, was officially held, and Baidu Xiyang broadcasted it simultaneously. This is the first close contact between Xiyang and Zhengzhou. With the help of the “Metaverse Leading Enterprise Zhengzhou Tour and Zhengzhou Metaverse Industry Commencement Ceremony” theme venue built by Baidu Xiyang, hundreds of users participated in the meeting, getting rid of the shackles of offline space and going straight to the meeting. on site.

The first domestically produced Metaverse product "Xiyang" has come to Zhengzhou!

Baidu Xiyang Metaverse Live Broadcasting Venue

On December 27, 2021, creator city, the first city in Xiyong, was officially opened to users, becoming the first domestically produced Metaverse product.

According to reports, Xiyong adheres to the concept of openness and is committed to working with customers, developers and users to create a multi-person interactive virtual world with identity, economic prosperity, spanning virtual and reality, and permanent existence.

In terms of design, Xiyang built a Mobius ring planet, and incorporated a lot of Chinese elements into the urban design, including Chinese landscape, Chinese culture, and Chinese history. It is worth mentioning that the Henan element was added to Xiyang as soon as it went online. Users can visit the Shaolin Temple, a thousand-year-old temple, and learn martial arts with Sanbao monks. This time, the construction of the live broadcast site of Yuanyu Industrial Park in Zhengzhou City is the second Henan element of Xiyang.

Greece uses the two core technologies of AI and cloud computing to achieve technological innovation breakthroughs in the three aspects of vision, hearing and interaction. Each user can create an exclusive avatar, log in to Xiyang on a computer, mobile phone or wearable device, and conduct activities such as listening to conferences, shopping, exchanges, and exhibitions, and experience audio and visual effects immersively. When users turn on the microphone, they can communicate with multiple people, interact with 100,000 people on the same screen, and have the full experience of the venue.

At present, Xiyang’s partners include big names from all walks of life. We are familiar with the names: Feng Tang Buertang, Supermedia Holdings, Fengyuzhu , Cocos , Lynk & Co, FAW Bestune, Communication University of China, Feitian Yundong, Zhengsheng Technology, Constellation Network, Blue Cursor Future Technology, Landmark Mark, Ed Weixuan, Sanda, Zhiao Exhibition Metaverse Laboratory…

Xiyong provides the industry with a Metaverse infrastructure platform integrating cloud and intelligence, provides solutions for all walks of life to quickly enter the Metaverse, build Metaverse content scenarios, and provide multi-dimensional and all-round support for industrial intelligent upgrades. Today, Xiyong has successfully held more than ten national industry conferences and major press conferences. It has also created and held a Metaverse digital exhibition hall with the attributes of the Xiyong brand, and an online Metaverse Summit with 100,000 viewers on the same screen.

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