The first domestic Metaverse association was born: the craze will come into life

This year is the first year of Metaverse. Traditional giants and Internet giants such as Nvidia, Facebook, Google, Tencent , ByteDance and other giants have marched into Metaverse.

Although the ubiquitous Metaverse is still in its early stages, with the establishment of the country’s first Metaverse Association in Beijing, it will gradually enter life in the future.

The first domestic Metaverse association was born: the craze will come into life

1. What is the meta universe

“Metaverse” originally came from the book “Snow Crash” written by the famous American science fiction writer Neil Stephenson in 1992. The book describes a metaverse parallel to the real world. , All people in the real world have a network clone in the meta-universe, which is equivalent to the new form of the Internet in the next stage after the realization of virtual reality.

Simply understand, the meta universe is a virtual space that can map the real world and is independent of the real world. Some people call it the “3D version of the Internet.” With the listing of Roblox , the first concept stock of “Meta Universe” this year, this year is also called the first year of “Meta Universe”.

2. Establishment

On October 15, the country’s first meta-universe organization, the China Mobile Communications Federation’s Meta-Universal Industry Committee (CMCA-MCC), was approved in Beijing. According to He Chao, the secretary-general of the Meta-Universal Industry Committee, the organization will assume the energy of the aggregation platform. , The responsibility and mission to promote the healthy and sustainable development of China’s Metaverse Industry.

The China Mobile Communications Association (CMCA) was established in 2000, approved by the Office of the Premier of the State Council to establish, under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the only national association joint platform in the field of China Mobile Communications. The Meta Universe Industry Committee is jointly initiated by the Meta Universe Laboratory, the Material Chain Core Engineering Technology Research Institute, the Central Chain Laboratory, the Central Chain Live Broadcast, and the Central Chain Games.

With the establishment of the Metaverse Authority, it will promote the healthy development of the Metaverse industry, help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and facilitate Metaverse to empower all walks of life.

3. What will the meta universe bring us?

The meta universe is an extension of real life on the Internet, and you can understand it as a new generation of Internet world. With the landing of Metaverse, it will connect the real world and the Internet. In the future, people’s life, entertainment, education, medical and other industries will continue to be digitalized.

The meta universe is still in its infancy. The ultimate goal of the meta universe is to create a world that is the same as the real world. This vision requires the coordination of all walks of life. The deployment of “meta universe” by various technology giants is only the first step in a long march, and there is still a long way to go in the future.

For us ordinary people, we must be alert to the hype of the meta-universe concept. The meta-universe sector has obvious effects on wealth creation, but the market is mixed and needs to stay away. Regarding the future of meta-universe technology, just wait for the technology to land.

4. Future Outlook

Metaverse is a vast project, and its implementation is inseparable from hardware support such as 5G, VR, semiconductor, MEMS, battery, cloud computing, and technical support such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, distributed storage, and privacy computing. Construction cannot be completed overnight. With the development of technology, there are more opportunities waiting for us to explore in the future.

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