The first domestic digital cultural and creative self-discipline convention was released. Ant Group,, Tencent, etc. participated in the formulation

On October 31, the National Copyright Exchange Center Alliance, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou Internet Notary Office of Zhejiang Province, CCTV Animation Group, Hunan Provincial Museum, Ant Group, Jingdong Technology, Tencent Cloud and other institutions jointly issued the “Self-discipline of Digital Cultural and Creative Industry” in Beijing. Convention”, strengthen industry self-discipline, jointly build a benign digital cultural and creative industry development ecology, and help the development of China’s cultural and creative industry.


It is understood that this is the first domestic industry convention in the field of digital cultural creation, including 11 consensuses, namely: empowering the real economy, promoting national culture, promoting industry development, adhering to original and genuine, guaranteeing value support, and protecting consumers The rights and interests, the alliance chain technology are controllable, the maintenance of network information security, the elimination of virtual currencies, the prevention of speculation and financialization risks, and the prevention of money laundering risks.

The “Convention” proposes that it is necessary to adhere to the original intention of blockchain technology to serve the development of the digital cultural and creative industry, and provide innovative solutions for the confirmation and circulation of digital cultural and creative works, so that creators’ works can better reach the market and promote the prosperity of the original cultural industry. develop. Fully use blockchain technology to protect the copyright of digital cultural and creative works on the chain and protect the reasonable rights and interests of creators.

Resisting speculation is an important consensus of the “Convention”: resolutely resist any form of digital cultural and creative works as a gimmick, the actual issuance and hype of virtual currency; resolutely resist any form of malicious speculation on the price of digital cultural and creative works, and prevent speculation and financial speculation. Chemical risk.

Li Heng, chairman of the National Copyright Exchange Center Alliance, said: “We have seen a brand new industrial opportunity. Digital technology represented by blockchain helps the cultural and creative industry to radiate new vitality and bring traditional Chinese culture into the lives of ordinary people. Through the issuance and implementation of the Convention, we hope that more institutions and social forces will participate in the standardized development of the digital cultural and creative industry, and jointly create a clean, fair and healthy development environment for the development of the cultural industry.”

In recent years, with the help of digital technology, Wen Entrepreneurship is undergoing a new round of industrial transformation. As one of the main types of digital cultural creation, digital collections uniquely identified by blockchain technology are favored by young people. Through blockchain technology, digital collections and other digital cultural and creative products have realized the authenticity and credibility of the entire life cycle of issuance, purchase, collection and use, and effectively activated the derivative value of the work on the basis of protecting the rights and interests of creators.

Recently, the high-quality IP of the National Museum, the Palace Museum, Hangzhou Asian Games and other institutions have cooperated with AntChain to explore innovative forms of digital collections through digital technology and spread culture to a wider public. Tencent and ByteDance have also explored the content of digital collections based on audio and video respectively.

But at the same time, there are some malicious hype in the market in the name of protecting traditional culture, which has seriously affected the healthy development of the digital cultural and creative industry. “Under this background, the issuance of the Self-Discipline Convention for the Digital Cultural and Creative Industry is very necessary.” Professor Pan Helin, Executive Dean of the Institute of Digital Economy, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said that digital technologies such as blockchain help the cultural industry to release New vitality is gained, but the hype violates the basic law of value, and the rise of false fire is harmful to the society. A new industry needs to work together to protect the rights and interests of consumers and promote the healthy and compliant development of the industry to resist risks and temptations. .

Leading companies in the industry have taken steps in self-discipline. In September of this year, AntChain issued a statement on the “three don’ts” of digital collections, reminding consumers of risks: resolutely oppose all forms of digital collection hype, and resolutely resist any form of digital collections in the name of virtual currency related activities Resolutely resist any form of malicious speculation on the price of digital collections, and use technical means to ensure that commodity prices reflect the reasonable market demand; resolutely resist any form of illegal transactions such as equity transactions and standardized contract transactions in digital collections, and oppose digital Collection of financial products. Tencent Magic Core also stated in October that Magic Core has been committed to the digital collectibles business in the compliance framework and resolutely resists illegal activities related to virtual currency.

Public information shows that the National Copyright Exchange Center Alliance is an industry organization approved and established by the Copyright Administration of the Central Propaganda Department. The members of the alliance are composed of 16 national copyright exchange centers across the country. The issuance and implementation of the “Convention” will play a positive role in guiding the development of the digital cultural and creative industry.

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