The first domestic digital collection live auction was successfully held

On the evening of November 5th, the first domestic digital collection live auction was successfully conducted on the Ali platform. This event was undertaken by Yuan Songguo Studio, a new digital collection development and operation team. The purpose of this live broadcast is to help traditional art collections move toward the emerging Internet, to the general public, and to young people. The innovative form of digital collection auction has broken through the art barriers on and off the chain and sounded the clarion call of the meta universe.


The program invited the current domestic senior art connoisseurs, famous sports experts and digital industry research scholars to come together to talk about the development process of digital collections. Everyone agrees that as the world’s largest auction platform, Alibaba Auctions has the most authoritative and high-quality user traffic, and it will inevitably become the “number one player” in the field of digital collections. The head of the Yuansongguo Group stated that it hopes to unite with leading technology platforms and, under government guidelines, use digital technology to drive the development of the real economy, empower the upgrading of traditional industries, and give birth to new products, new models, and new business formats.



This live broadcast with novel themes attracted a large number of curious audiences. After fierce bidding, all the digital artworks were finally successfully shot, which was a great success.


The future has come, and the future of digital collections can be expected!

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