The first day of issue was “grabbed” by the mainstream exchanges, ICP has been among the top eight market capitalization

DFINITY has changed the way and content of building application services.

The first day of issue was "grabbed" by the mainstream exchanges, ICP has been among the top eight market capitalization

On May 9, Coinbase announced that it will launch the Internet computer project DFINITY token ICP on May 10 and will start trading at the first time of ICP circulation. Coinbase, which has always been cold and strict in the crypto market, was the first to “grab” the ICP, which has a significant demonstration and driving effect on other mainstream exchanges. On the same day, Firecoin Global announced that it would open ICP top-up at or after 0:00 a.m. Singapore time (GMT+8) on May 11, and would open trading as soon as the liquidity conditions were met. Later in the evening, Coinan also announced that it would go live with ICP.

In addition, FTX, Coinlist, CionEx, BigONEU, and KUCOIN have also announced that they will go live with ICP. ICP went live on Coinbase, opening at $286 and rising as high as $497, now at $388.50, up 35.8% from the opening price. As of press time, ICP is currently ranked eighth in market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap data.

The first day of issue was "grabbed" by the mainstream exchanges, ICP has been among the top eight market capitalization

According to DFINITY’s official statement, ICP will be officially launched at 0:00 on May 11. This means that the big exchanges, which previously had a strong position, are grabbing on the ICP, and this scene is really rare in the circle.

Animal coins are “very hot” and DFINITY is the return of the king

In the current crypto market, the launch of DFINITY is not only a hilarious event, but also a sign of reversing the investment trend.

Since Musk recommended dogcoin on Twitter, a large number of retail investors started to pour in, and the crypto market started a “animal coin boom” with the flavor of new “leeks”, the most prominent one being SHIB (Shiba Inu Coin). The most prominent one is SHIB (Shiba Inu Coin), a so-called dog coin killer, which has risen 2,000 times in two months since its launch, and is highly sought after by global retail investors.

In addition to SHIB, there are various animal coins, such as Akita dog coins, pig coins, etc. These also imitate SHIB to V God address to play coins, currently V God address there are dozens of various types of animal coins, many people jokingly call V God has become a “zoo keeper”.

Many old investors in the circle are wary of this hype, especially those who have experienced the ICO bubble and other kinds of windfall in 2017. 2020, the traditional financial market is gradually paying attention to and laying out cryptocurrencies, and the attitude is slightly moderated. And if the crypto market moves toward short-term speculation again, it may deplete the efforts of the previous people on the impression side.

And DFINITY, as a diva-level project in 2018, has extremely high visibility and recognition both at home and abroad, and after several years of polishing, its technology has become mature, and its listing now will have a profound impact on the blockchain industry, and in the short term, it will also pull investors’ attention back from “air”, celebrity effect and shouting orders to focus on the product, technology and ecological construction.

DFINITY main online, announcing the official opening of the Internet computer era

What is so special about DFINITY that the market has high expectations for it?

Dominic Williams, founder and chief scientist of DFINITY Foundation, has described the innovation brought by DFINITY in this way: This is the third major innovation in the blockchain industry, it is the first true, universal blockchain computer that allows us to re-imagine, the way we build everything, a seamless, infinite performance blockchain.

This quote from Dominic briefly describes the three main features of DFINITY: the ability to build all kinds of applications, seamless connectivity, and unlimited performance. On DFINITY, developers can build programs and applications directly on the Internet ontology, without the need for cloud services, databases or payment interfaces, etc. Developers can build applications seamlessly because they do not need to consider a lot of middleware.

While much time, effort and money are spent on middleware and maintenance for traditional Internet products, DFINITY gives developers maximum freedom to focus on product development, and many creative products are expected to explode.

DFINITY Foundation has developed an application similar to Jitterbug, CanCan, with less than a thousand lines of code in order to show developers that they can build all applications on DFINITY. The requirements are very high.

At present, the main network of DFINITY is already online, and there are dozens of ecological projects built around DFINITY, involving social applications, DeFi applications, NFT applications and infrastructure applications, etc. The main projects include Fleek, CanCan, Capsule, Canistore, Distrikit,, and Openchat. and Openchat.

The first day of issue was "grabbed" by the mainstream exchanges, ICP has been among the top eight market capitalization

DFINITY will bring a huge new windfall for startups

Public chains exploded in 2017, and after market selection, Ether is already the absolute leader, and many emerging public chains are currently taking on more of Ether’s spillover value. However, DFINITY is not limited to focusing on performance and financial applications, but allows developers to stop focusing on issues such as middleware construction, which is equivalent to reducing the burden of development and allowing creative products to be tried and tested at low cost.

It can be said that DFINITY changes the way and content of building application services and is a paradigm shift. This will not only bring great rewards for entrepreneurs and investors, but is also expected to inspire new application forms and lead the blockchain industry out of the circle.

Although DFINITY brings us unlimited imagination, after all, the main network has just gone online, and the final success or failure will depend on the ecological development, such as whether there are phenomenal applications landed, whether it can bring a new business paradigm, and whether it can create new business value. What is certain, however, is that the mainstream exchanges have taken practical action to vote for DFINITY.

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