The first blockchain industry financial service platform in Yunnan Province raised more than 9.4 billion yuan

2020 September, Yuxi City, in the province’s first official run block chain industry, financial services platform, will be dispersed in 149 enterprises involved in 29 departments of information industry and commerce, taxation, environmental protection and other imputation sharing large data blocks Supported by chain and artificial intelligence, it is open to banking institutions on demand to realize the integration of online and offline rapid “matching” financing. As of August 18 this year, there were 7,260 registered companies on the platform, 66 financial institutions settled on the platform, 107 financial products were released, and 667 credits granted by financial institutions, with a total of 9.423 billion yuan in financing needs.

It is understood that this platform is the first industrial financial service platform in the province that uses blockchain technology to solve the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises. It uses digital technologies such as “blockchain + big data + artificial intelligence” to pioneer “Internet + inclusive finance”. Mode, promote the use of supply chain finance to leverage the economic leverage of the industrial chain. Since the platform’s operation, it has effectively solved the problems of “difficult financing”, “expensive financing” and “slow financing” in the real economy. Expand the bank’s customer acquisition channels, shorten the due diligence time, effectively reduce bank credit risks, and realize the willingness and confidence to lend on the capital side; broaden the connection channel between enterprises and banks, and increase the opportunities for enterprises to obtain credit; government data credit enhancement effectively solves the problem of banks and enterprises The problem of information asymmetry has contributed digital power to financial support for the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises, and to activate new momentum for economic development.

The platform also launched a client App, expanded financing channels, expanded data sharing support such as electricity, improved user access methods, and continuously enriched application scenarios, providing a better experience for both banks and enterprises.

At present, this platform has become a highlight in Yuxi’s creation of a new benchmark for the province’s digital industry and the construction of a digital application pioneer zone. In May of this year, he won the “2021 Digital Government Management Innovation Award” issued by the China Information Association; obtained the national registration of blockchain information services, becoming the first industrial financial service industry application in our province to obtain the registration, and was selected as the financial support of the National Development and Reform Commission Typical cases of high-quality development of private enterprises.


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