The first battle of the Metaverse era, the talent war between Apple and Meta

The end of the battle in the mobile Internet era is also the prelude to the competition in the “Metaverse” era; the same story of competition is also happening in the Chinese market.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman is too sensitive. Previously, it was this man who first predicted that Apple would release its 10-year masterpiece-Apple Hybrid Glasses before the end of 2022.

This is also the person who first and decisively predicted that the retirement plan of “the strongest successor CEO in history” Cook should be released in the mature work of Apple’s hybrid glasses, that is, one day after 2025. He believes that Cook will not wait for iCar anymore.

As we all know, it is different from Jobs’ preference for major newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine. Cook has always been baffled by Bloomberg’s constant fake news. Apple and Cook’s special nodes are released by the media. Gullman’s reports on Apple products and personnel have always been eye-catching.

The first battle of the Metaverse era, the talent war between Apple and Meta

Cook’s final work, Apple glasses have attracted much attention

In several recent reports, Gullman mentioned a phenomenon. Apple is competing fiercely with Facebook, which has just been renamed Meta. Behind the war of words on privacy concerns smart watches, smart glasses, and home devices. Wait.

Not long ago, “Wisdom” also introduced the story of Gullman’s plan for Apple’s hybrid glasses. The iPhone killer ends, Cook’s final battle

Cook throws coins and waits on golden handcuffs

Gullman’s exclusive report mentioned that Apple recently launched a bonus plan for its technical team. This is an unexpected option incentive plan ranging from US$50,000 to US$180,000 for a period of 4 years. The rewards include engineers in chip design, hardware, software, and operations departments.

Gullman believes that this is the result of an intensifying battle for talent between Apple and Meta. In the past few months, Meta has poached hundreds of people from Apple.

Apple is not a good stubble either. Some core employees were also dug from Meta, but the example cited by Gulman is rather funny-the head of PR of Meta’s virtual reality department may join Apple.

Many media have cited this action, but the label of the person’s LinkedIn website has not been changed.

The journal quoted an anonymous person as saying that this unexpected stock incentive plan was not small, and nearly 20% of the engineers in the corresponding department were rewarded. Prior to this, Apple mostly used cash to reward its employees.

In order to retain the engineering and technical teams, Apple also revised the regulations on office work during the epidemic. Apple previously wanted employees to work in the office three days a week, and hardware engineers would need to be in the office four to five days a week. This is much stricter than Meta and Google. Bloomberg believes that this will cause the engineering team to be unstable.

This month, Apple has promised that employees can stay at home as much as possible. In addition, Apple also offered a subsidy of $1,000 to each employee to help them purchase office facilities that may be used.

The prologue of the Metaverse era, the giants’ competition opens

The talent war between Apple and Meta is a mirror. The battle has stretched from the mobile Internet era to the yet-to-be-reached Metaverse era. At first, they intersect, and rain and water merge; at the end, they fight, and fire and water are incompatible.

The first battle of the Metaverse era, the talent war between Apple and Meta

The victory or defeat of the competition for talents is the first battle in the Metaverse era.

Gulman mentioned that Meta has realized that the failure of its smartphone era is irreversible. In the past 10 years, Google once hoped to challenge Apple’s position, and half succeeded. Android has succeeded, but Google phones have not improved.

Meta’s choice is to take preemptive actions before the next hardware era arrives. Much like Google back then, Meta acquired Oculus for US$2 billion in 2014.

In November 2021, Meta launched the Project Cmabria platform, a true hybrid display product. In addition, Meta also plans to launch three smart watches to challenge Apple’s monopoly.

In front of Apple, can Meta achieve better performance than Google? After the iPhone, there has never been a product that has received so much attention like Apple glasses. Besides, this may be Cook’s final work.

In addition to the battle between Apple and Meta, the Chinese market is playing a similar scene. The battle between several major Internet companies and mobile phone giants is extremely similar, focusing on hardware, games, and the Internet ecology.

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