The first 4D Crypto Wealth Code in 2022:

1/204 As I promised, this is my 2022 cryptocurrency “shopping list” and an article on forecasts for the beginning of the year 2022. Let us analyze why certain assets are selected, how to operate these assets, and the bullish situation of each asset.

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2/204 First of all, this is a “shopping list” that I think will perform well in 2022. This means that I will not buy all these assets at once, but will give priority to “buying on dips”.

3/204 I think its performance will also outperform the index, the main asset (BTC) and its peers. This means that some good projects did not appear in this list. For example, Solana has made a breakthrough this year, but predicts that it will be difficult to break through next year.

4/204 Solana may also rise (or slightly above an index). Many projects in its ecosystem are also under the spell of FDV (Full Dilute Valuation), so even if they are great products, they are unlikely to perform well in the new year.

5/204 The conditions to appear on my 2022 cryptocurrency “shopping list”:

  • The product is in operation;
  • There is a catalyst to make it explosive in 2022;
  • There is room for growth compared with peers;
  • There is external cash flow.

6/204 There are still many great technologies and projects that have not entered this list, because 2022 is not the year of their outbreak at all. People have greatly underestimated the time required to build, promote, and sustain market growth.

7/204 I think these assets have good reasons to outperform. However, it is worth remembering that obviously not all of these assets will be impacted. You can’t put all your assets equally in a portfolio.

8/204 As a long-term value investor, I may re-allocate my investment portfolio. I am willing to have a 60%-70% error rate, hold the project for more than 5 years, and lose up to any assets I acquire 3 years.

9/204 Normally, I don’t have this kind of loss, but investing in physical assets that are not just hype is like investing in a startup company. You need long-term investment.

10/204 So, why are these assets on the list? The following is a summary of my article on forecasting the beginning of the year 2022:

Cash flow is king, infrastructure is the queen.

11/204 We have gone through another bull market cycle of bubbles and hype. It attracted many people into the circle and made a lot of money. In fact, everything is nothing.

12/204 When the traditional market experiences this situation, we see a shift from what we call “growth stocks” to “value stocks” because people seek real and stable returns to protect speculative currency returns.

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13/204 In most cryptocurrency cycles, we don’t have “value” stocks in the true sense. Almost everything is priced according to the “future” (to be honest, retail investors have no idea how much things are worth, especially in the future).

14/204 However, with the popularization of encryption technology, this situation has begun to change, and we are beginning to see that protocols can indeed bring revenue. The crypto asset analysis tool TokenTerminal gave us a good understanding of many protocols that are starting to drive real revenue.

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15/204 Even those agreements that do not bring revenue to tokens still have huge demand at present, such as lending agreements. In 2021, the borrowing interest rate has increased by an average of 10 times.

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16/204 It is very important and complicated to analyze the quality and source of income. But one thing is certain is that agreements with actual benefits often perform far less than expected in 2021.

17/204 Because 2021 is the growth cycle of cryptocurrency, when we are trapped at home with a check in hand and our eyes gleaming, we set our sights on the market together and thought “Yes, this Dogecoin may be future”.

18/204 So anything that is not loaded will be punished and oversold. Because the reality is that most people don’t realize the upper limit of time, complexity, cost, or potential for growing their business.

19/204 After all, the most important thing is cash and value. If you provide a valuable service that is worth protecting or controlling, people will buy it. If you have a profitable product, people will buy it too.

20/204 Because cash supports the construction team to build products that can bridge the gap and provide value. This is why you will see that many of the products I have selected for 2022 are classic DeFi products produced by a team that has spent more than 5 years in the market.

The 21/204 bubble will gradually disappear, and we will turn to products that can make money and have a broad, real, and value-added user base.

22/204 The second category is infrastructure. This year, with the help of L1, we learned that there are still many gaps in the tools.

23/204 I don’t think that we have done a lot of efforts in this area this year, and it is far from enough. But what we do is verify the requirements.

On 24/204, we saw the appearance of L1 and L2, which let us know how unusable and insecure the cross-chain bridge is. We have also learned that in L2 with lag, people are willing to pay high fees for immediate use.

25/204 From the earlier “Ultimate Battle” article of God V, we learned that the road ahead of Ethereum actually looks very much like a multi-chain world. When the forks exist, moving between them is a bit like moving between L2.

26/204 We are beginning to see some plans for subnets that Avalanche is doing, and projects like Cosmos and Atom are also under consideration.

27/204 All of this confirms a huge critical issue. In a multi-chain world, the availability of data and assets is a huge gap. We need reliable data, across networks/chains/forks, and move assets quickly in this way.

28/204 Most solutions, such as multi-chain indexing, on-chain identification, or fully mature extension solutions, will not have their outstanding performance cases in 2022. I guess it will appear in 2023-2024.

But some real-world assets, on-chain futures and cross-chain may be ready for prime time.

29/204 Infrastructure investment is horrendous, and most of them will be mediocre.

Just like the AMM craze we saw after Sushi, 99% of companies will fail. But the winner will grab market share for many years like a robber.

30/204 In this year, other things may suddenly appear, maybe we will stumble upon a new raw data, or a new expansion technology, it will bring us real benefits.

But all these are short-lived for me, and I am not interested in investing in short-term projects.

31/204 On the contrary, 2022 is a year to focus on real value drivers. I think these drivers can break through and surpass the performance in 2022, and then maintain and maintain value moving forward.

Let us begin to analyze this cryptocurrency “shopping list” together.

32/204 This list is classified according to the game hierarchy list.

33/204 I will explain each category and the assets in it.

Remember, these are my personal choices and are meaningful in my stable long-term investment portfolio, with diversified risks, high risk tolerance, etc.

This is not investment advice, so keep it in mind.

34/204 I am not good at naming, these are my best choices in 2022, these products will perform well and remain strong.

They are basically assets that I bought, pledged or locked.

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35/204 A major driving force for such assets is not only that I personally believe that they will only appreciate significantly in the future, but that they have lucrative external return drivers that give them potential.

36/204 This means that the return obtained through pledge/locking of these assets has APY (annual income) expenditure, covering a large amount of cost risk of the asset, and is an external non-dilutive income.

37/204 More importantly, most of these assets are tokens large enough that you can borrow liquidity from multiple providers, allowing you to defer taxes while still performing other operations.

38/204 So my four choices include the following four assets:





39/204 $ETH

This should be obvious. I have been saying that ETH 2.0 drives a huge economic cycle.

As the merger approaches, the sound of the encrypted war drum will be louder. I think we have already fired the first shot in 22 years.

40/204 Before the implementation of EIP-1559, the same is true for the prediction of ETH 2.0 that really creates a price increase cycle, so this will be 10 times the potential.

41/204 With the growth of scaling solutions, ETH will be a difficult opponent to defeat in the burn of EIP-1559 and the upcoming merger. I think its expressive power will exceed any major asset .

42/204 $YFI

For Year, I will follow the best choice of last week.

Their growth, external revenue (above $100 million/year, excluding no incentives), changes in the token model, upcoming buybacks ($45 million) and use cases make me think they beat ATH this year.

43/204 $CVX

I have been in contact with CVX very early, and call it the “King Creator” of DeFi.

I think it may continue to be strong until 2022, but it did not appear on my outstanding performance list before.

44/204 Three things changed this:

  1. Votium bribe: Their growth rate is much faster than I expected, and verified this model;
  2. Curve V2: Get most of the AMM (Automatic Market Maker) volume for new projects;
  3. Convex extends beyond Curve (see cvxFXS).

45/204 I hope to continue to lock my CVX (about 50% of the annual income, about 2.4 times the price-earnings ratio), and CVX may increase twice this year.

46/204 With these changes developing rapidly at the end of this year, if CVX is 8 to 10 times its current value in the next few years, I still may not back down, which will still make it one of the most profitable P/E ratio assets.

47/204 I think that if it can also win other DeFi protocols, then CVX may be worth it, not to mention whether Curve V2 can win the AMM (automatic market maker) market.

48/204 For CVX, I just plan to re-lock my $CVX every cycle, delegate to the Votium application, and continue to reap the rewards when I take over the DeFi governance.

With the current return, CVX drops by 50%, and you can still break even on the pledge.

49/204 #KP3R

I wrote a post on Keeper last week as a selection of mine.

The general view is:

You bought two agreements with a single amount of money.

The FixedForex project is actually the Curve built by the founder of Year Finance for international currencies.

50/204 TradFi Forex’s daily off-chain transactions are 6.6 trillion US dollars. Eventually, some will be transferred to the chain.

Keeper is developing rapidly in this market. It has helped to change the rules of the game for international users, because payment channels have bit us.

51/204 My other guess is that at some point, $CVX started to devour #KP3R, just like they would devour FXS. This will add compound interest value to both.

52/204 Strong advantages:

I believe that this type of asset has a key catalyst in 2022, which can strongly surpass the same type of asset.

Many of these assets have been oversold, but some have growth potential.

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53/204 So which assets fall into this category?

$FLX (Reflexer Agreement)






  • $RBN

54/204 $FLX (Reflexer agreement)

The creators of the $RAI stablecoin, I wrote a dedicated post for them. Probably the content is that $RAI is the purest stablecoin, but it has been neglected. It contains many key catalysts.

55/204 I think that in the long run, Web3 will adopt its own stable currency, and you will see the weakening of the dollar-denominated price. $RAI is the perfect candidate, this is its long-term driving force.

2022 will be its first breakthrough.

56/204 $CRV

I don’t have a specific overview of Curve, but the bullish side here is simple.

Although I think the output value of its stable pool (StablePool) is too foamy, Curve2.0 has changed all of this.

57/204 Currently, new projects are usually invested through the Sushiswap Onsen mining pool, while major projects are usually traded through Uniswap.

58/204 The complexity of UniV3 has caused many traders to lose money on and off. This is a good thing for professional market makers, but mainstream users don’t like its complexity.

59/204 Sushi is also going through its own chaotic period. Although I think it can get out of the predicament, it will take some time to gain a foothold. This has left a huge gap in the AMM market.

60/204 I think most of it is filled by $CRV, $BAL and $ZRX.

But the Curve incentive mechanism will easily become a new way for projects to incentivize their mining pools when they start.

61/204 This will bring new users to Curve, help them capture routing volume, and make more projects interested in Convex and Curve.

The only way that this will not happen is that Curve is too slow to launch more V2 mining pools, or governance hinders too many judgments.

62/204 Overall, this is a huge opportunity. I think they will easily seize these advantages and will bring significant advantages (measured by price appreciation + pledge return).

63/204 $ALCX

This is another project that I haven’t discussed specifically, but $ALCX is one of the few projects that I think has “growth” potential in 2022.

It is one of the most risky assets among these high-level assets, but it also has high potential.

64/204 AlchemixFi’s out-of-pocket loan is one of the best new DeFi designs we have seen in the past few years, but it is not without barriers such as token economy and efficiency.

65/204 They have returned to the development map, have been working on AlchemicxV2, solved many key problems, and made some ambitious additions.

66/204 When we consider growth rather than value, the most important question is “Can this become a basic primitive element used by other protocols?”

The answer is yes.

67/204 This self-repaying loan model creates huge opportunities for investors to take risks and leverage in an evolving system, but there is an upper limit on returns.

68/204 The addition of the new strategy model makes it essentially like a mini Yearn, you can borrow money from it, and then repay it yourself.

69/204 This is a project that I am going to pay for many years of losses, because I think it has changed the game mechanics. However, I think the release of V2 may change the rules of the game for $ALCX, and it will achieve better performance this year.

70/204 $BAL

Balancer is a classic DeFi protocol, but it has been over promoted and ignored.

71/204 But to sum up, whether someone visits the Balancer website or not, it has huge potential to become one of the most important AMMs in this field.

Balancer is good at creating incredible foundations and flexible technology.

72/204 Although this technology is still working hard to improve the efficiency of gas fees, it has become an incredible cornerstone, supporting some great use cases and high-performance capital efficiency.

73/204 Their cooperation with Gnosis on Cowswap will make them a key component of future asset management.

74/204 Although I think classic DeFi will have a strong year, I think $BAL has huge potential to surpass, especially as they move to the veToken model (which makes them another great Convex candidate).

75/204 Although they may perform well this year, I think their real advantage will be in the time frame of many years. I guess reversely that they will become Top AMM.

76/204 These are things that Balancer’s multi-asset capital efficiency cannot do.

Therefore, if they execute it correctly, this is a market that suits them perfectly.

77/204 $ZRX

0xProject is another neglected DeFi infrastructure component, I think it will make 2022 a breakthrough year, mainly driven by the adoption of end-user wallets.

78/204 This is actually the two components of my 2022 opening article, because it has strong external benefits/adoption, and is also a key pillar of the multi-chain future, because 0x is the strongest competition for building cross-chain DEX tools opponent.

79/204 If we link $ZRX with the CEHV blockchain OSI model, I think 0x will be located at the lower level of the infrastructure and become a tool for most public chains and wallets to fill orders.

80/204 Currently, when users trade in MetaMask and other major wallets, they use 0x without knowing it. As we have seen, the expansion of retail territory in L2 through accessibility, this trend will continue.

81/204 I think that with the expansion of L1 and L2 in 2022, MetaMask tokens may be launched. Requests for quotes (RFQs) and some key tool upgrades for cross-chain transactions will make it a driving year for 0x, but there is also one Long-term consideration.

The 82/204 token economy is unsatisfactory for some people. This will definitely make the price oversold, but I think 0x will be as ubiquitous as leading banking software in the future, which will strongly promote the rewards of node operators , And in turn pledged.

83/204 $FXS

I added Frax to this encrypted “shopping list” a few weeks ago, and its performance has exceeded my expectations.

To sum up, Frax may be the best integrator in the stablecoin space.

84/204 I have underestimated them for a long time, but they have proven time and time again that they are powerful executors in trying new financial models, and they are definitely in establishing diversified value-added cross-chain bridges with other agreements. the best.

A recent example of 85/204 is their collaboration with Convex on the integration of Frax FPI and cvxFXS, which will be airdropped in the coming weeks.

86/204 If there are two things in this field that are not worth underestimating, they are ruthless builders and ruthless cross-chain bridge builders.

Frax includes both.

87/204 $RBN

Ribbon is one of the few assets I like, and it is in a difficult position in FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation).

But I think the token economy, distribution model, upcoming lock-in model and external benefits are enough to make up for this.

88/204 My theory is that no matter how hard we try, we cannot teach 99% of people to make the right choices.

A joke from CMS illustrates this point well:

I am a professional trading option, but I still think that I should not be allowed to trade options.

89/204 But this does not mean that if used properly, options will not bring huge profits.

90/204 users participate in and benefit from the use of a pre-defined pre-built option strategy fund pool.

As we saw in Year, the best strategies for the treasury are those very complex strategies, and even if you know what they are doing, you can’t really copy it.

91/204 I bet that 90% of the treasury holders on Ribbon cannot replicate their treasury strategy, but they may be happy to get a 30% return on projects such as ETH and USDC.

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92/204 This means that Ribbon will drive value through external rewards rather than just the distribution of $RBN.

Moreover, since it is not engaged in mining like the Year’s treasury, its model can obtain considerable returns in the bull or bear market. This is very unique to this field.

The 93/204 token economy and the upper limit of the fund pool hinder their development, because the reality is that you cannot get unlimited returns from options.

But that’s why I think Ribbon is interesting.

I think this may be the only way to achieve a fork.

94/204 Just like a large number of retail investors cannot establish advanced mining strategies and need Year’s assistance, most people cannot establish a selection strategy, but need Ribbon’s help.

Ribbon needs more option participants to help it grow.

95/204 Most option agreements require the growth of a magnitude provider and cannot easily attract users on a large scale.

Therefore, Ribbon and the upcoming on-chain option protocol actually make each other feasible.

96/204 Not to mention that Ribbon is redesigning its token economy and switching to the veToken model, which is another major candidate for future Convex integration.

97/204 These are my “safe” operations in 2022. I don’t think that most of them will achieve 10x growth, but I think they will provide strong growth, less downside risk and clear value.

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98/204 The list also includes some games that I think will fall into this category in the future, but they are still in the early stages of gestation.

The list of 99/204 outstanding assets is as follows:





Euler Finance (note that there is a similar naming agreement and tokens also exist)

100/204 $FTM

In the L1 collection, Fantom is favored by its peers.

Unlike L1, which is heavily owned by other venture capital, and projects owned by venture capital, Fantom feels more like early Ethereum.

The 101/204 aBFT model provides strong scalability, pledge provides reliable lock-up (and considerable annual interest rate rewards for holding), it has many early-stage projects, and good builder incentives.

102/204 I think that as users look for more L1 after the end of the L1 boom, Fantom has attracted a large number of new users and builders, and this year has been rewarded handsomely.

103/204 $AVAX

Avax’s breakthrough was earlier than I expected, so I took a wait-and-see attitude, thinking it might be difficult to continue to perform well.

But to be honest, if you put it in a single basket, I think it will still perform better.

104/204 Compared with Polkadot, Cardano, Polygon, etc., Avax has the clearest expansion path for any major asset based on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). I really think that the subnet model is a game changer.

The 105/204 subnet model is basically like a mini version of the fork, allowing anyone to build a purpose-driven application chain, so I think many of the early experiments on the Ethereum fork that we need will be carried out in the Avax subnet.

106/204 Grasping this innovation will benefit, so I think Avax will still perform well in the coming year.

107/204 $ZEC (Zcoin)

I respect but disagree with some of Barry Silbert’s statements (although they are at least well-founded), but the Zcash token is a token I fully agree with.

108/204 The privacy advantage of ZCash is one thing, but the large amount of research that ZEC has done that is critical to the ecosystem is the real magic.

109/204 ZCash was already studying zero-knowledge proof before most people in the industry had heard of the term zero-knowledge proof.

110/204 As early as 2018, Zooko and the founder of Zcash and ZEC proposed a vague concept of how to merge Zcash and Ethereum:

In other words, the merger of 3 tokens is very interesting. The idea is “Zcash Frontier Edition”, which is to merge the balances of ETH and ZEC coins, combine ETH PoS (Proof of Equity) + fork, and integrate with ZEC’s first-level snark architecture, then “pure Zcash” may be more conservative.

111/204 This does not sound like the Zcash integration we are going to do today, but it is the core idea that drives my personal investment in ZEC.

112/204 As we become more and more clear about the future of the merged, forked, sidechain, and multi-L2 world, it is clear that there is a huge opportunity for the second-layer ZK transmission protocol on Ethereum.

The specific details of 113/204 are not yet clear. It can run in L2 style like the Starkware application, or run on the L2 cross-chain bridge like rollup (Arbitrum/Optimisim).

114/204 In the end, my opinion is that Zcash finally built the privacy transfer/zk-snark layer that Ethereum has always needed, but the rest of the world ignored it and thought it was an independent thing.

115/204 Maybe it will just continue as an independent chain, and we will get better in terms of cross-chain interoperability. However, I think ZEC will be integrated into the world of Ethereum at some point, and either way will become a key part of the value transfer of Web3.

116/204 Gearbox protocol

The governance token of exists, but it cannot be traded yet. It looks like it may continue to airdrop/use mining from the protocol.

117/204 The agreement is basically to help bring leverage/margin for DeFi.

As we know, the leveraged trading volume of CEX exceeds the spot trading volume by at least 5:1 on average.

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118/204 But this advantage is lacking in DeFi, which also means that in the early stages of investment and construction, when the token has not been launched on the centralized exchange, it is already missing.

119/204 Suppose you find a new token you want.

You have a pledge of 100 dollars.

On CEX, you can make more than $2,000 in tokens, but in DeFi, you can only use the $100 to mine.

120/204 With the Gearbox agreement, you have the opportunity to open a credit account, let you borrow leveraged positions and use them in various DeFi applications, so that you can stay in a decentralized environment for a long time.

121/204 This is a game changer, not only for Gearbox, but I actually think Gearbox will promote the growth of classic DeFi 1.0 blue-chip stocks in this cycle.

Just like perps/futures has an effect on CEX volume, it will also have an effect on DeFi volume.

122/204 Although the token cannot be traded yet, I think it will perform strongly in 2022.


Euler is likely to be the first major transformation of the lending model since Aave.

This is a whole new imagination of the loan agreement.

124/204 A smart contract/account model and the ability to create independent pairs from a set of different oracles including AMM mining pools creates huge opportunities for different asset growth.

125/204 One problem with most loan agreements is that their strength depends on their weakest assets.

This is why we see Cream facing so many destructive behaviors.

126/204 Euler carefully balances four types of markets:

Mortgage, cross, isolated and protected.

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127/204 This will allow them to maintain the independence of risk markets, but without requiring permission, while still allowing them to use pledges to borrow key and diversified assets.

128/204 Not only do I think this will make Euler itself competitive, but just like Gearbox, I think it will create benefits for the blue-chip DeFi tokens.

129/204 It is difficult to borrow money on many new agreements where user funds are locked.

Euler will release a large amount of idle capital for more diversified markets, which will inject a lot of life into the blockchain field.

130/204 Value-driven / years of outstanding performance:

I don’t know whether 2022 will be their breakthrough year for this type of pledge, but I can strongly prove that it is possible. I believe that even if they do not make a breakthrough this year, they will surpass most assets in many years.

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131/204 These assets include:









132/204 If you are a value investor and have believed in this field for many years, take the time to study it in depth.

133/204 $MKR

With huge cash flow, $DAI has not disappeared. It is one of the few organizations that has survived multiple iterations of the community and leadership and pushed it to the real world.

134/204 I would rather they insist on pure money, but I cannot open up a profitable path in front of them, and this path can be steadily rewarded every year.

135/204 As we move to a market dominated by institutions and bankers whose rate of return target is lower than that of cryptocurrency traders, they will continue to eat these assets steadily.

136/204 $HNT

Is this a bubble? Yes.

Is 2022 the year of their rise? Leave it to destiny.

137/204 They still have a long way to go, but the global coverage of Helium nodes is impressive. We see the way telecom companies explore 5G and the way they pursue Helium in the physical connection layer of 5G and the Internet of Things. deep impression.

138/204 I am willing to accept the fact that 2022 cannot be their outstanding year, but it is still on my “shopping list” because I will use other profits throughout the year to buy it because it has obvious Long-term competitive advantage.

139/204 $LDO

Having an LDO basically means having an index of all possible L1 and L2 solutions.

It can quickly consume these resources and is a way to profit.

People are worried about FDV (fully diluted valuation). This is a rare situation, I haven’t encountered it.

140/204 The chance of gaining 10% of all L1/L2 captures is worthwhile.

Many early pre-sale items have changed hands off the market at higher prices and years of lock-in.

141/204 In addition, there is a future path to swallow pledge/node operations for non-L1 protocols.

For me, $LDO is a thing I buy, so I don’t have to pay attention to what the next profitable L1 is, I can only own part of it.

142/204 $COMP

Lending giant, a team that is good at solving problems.

First, explore multiple chains by selecting application chains.

They ran into difficulties when dealing with substrate.

143/204 But the team is still continuing to execute, and I have no doubt that they have been working on the application chain model.

144/204 Here is the rest.

145/204 Multi-chain Dapps are also good.

But application chain Dapps are where interoperability needs to arrive in order to achieve efficient use of funds in the future.

In this regard, I am afraid that there is no more confident team than Compound Labs.

146/204 One of the only Dapps we have seen that builds itself in this way is Luna.

147/204 Operating your own application chain has huge benefits and flexibility, and $COMP will become the basis of validators on their application chain, which is why they have a lot of over-the-counter market transactions.

148/204 I am a little looking forward to their infrastructure on the Avax subnet, but no matter how it is implemented, I think the COMP chain will dissolve because it has been oversold.

149/204 $RARE

There are two major auction houses in the classic art world (Sotheby’s and Christie’s).

They are all aware of the growing market for NFT and digital products.

150/204 Sotheby’s has been actively exploring the world in a way that shows that they truly understand the world.

But in these two competitions, I think one of two situations will happen.

151/204 No matter which auction house takes the lead in NFT trading market share, it will buy a market to consolidate this leading position.

Or, the lagging party will catch up by buying the market.

152/204 This acquisition will focus on the native NFT game market that is most similar to the traditional auction house’s brand, professionalism and user settings, so I think this will be the future of the $RARE token.

153/204 I think they are either acquired by a classic auction house or at least a large number of shares have been acquired by a classic auction house.

I guess it will happen in 2022. But it is only possible.

154/204 $SNX

In previous Frax, I said that you should not underestimate ruthless builders or cross-chain bridge builders.

SNX, too, was greatly oversold.

155/204 In this year alone, they have substantially increased demand, and the ecosystem is piloting 5 new products, all in sUSD.

It also integrates well with FixedForex, so I think the benefits of KP3R also help to promote them.

156/204 If one of their ecosystem projects or partners has a breakthrough year, then SNX is the same.

They have a lot of shooting opportunities, so this bet depends on data and confidence in the builders.

157/204 $SYN

The cross-chain bridge infrastructure is vital, and the benefits are also very important.

Users are willing to pay for Synapse because it is the best cross-chain bridge between L1 and L2.

158/204 They need to expand their matching products, but I decided to try every cross-chain bridge this year.

This is the cross-chain bridge we are going to use.

159/204 $GNO

Judging from the current products, Gnosis will be the only product that can achieve MEV scale.

After the merger of xDAI, leading products with their own expanded network will be pushed into each Gnosis Multisig.

160/204 Can you think of a project worthy of attention without using Gnosis Multisig?


All the largest fund banks, the best builders, and the largest funders will be at the forefront of GNO expansion and MEV prevention.

161/204 Adventurous but with potential:

I don’t know if this type of asset will succeed.

We are now in a high-risk world. If they do not occupy the market, they may lose, but these products have great potential.

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162/204 For example, we know that the amount of perpetual contracts moves on the chain. CMS holdings has been shouting on the roof for many years, but we don’t know who will win most of the market.

163/204 may be some players got some small breadcrumbs, but 1-2 players seized the opportunity.

As an industry, the performance of perpetual contracts on the chain will definitely be better.

164/204 If you can spread your bet to every potential participant, then the huge gains from the winners (especially multi-year gains) will make up for the underperforming ones.

165/204 So who falls into this category?









166/204 $PERP

Perp has a strong lead in this area, and DyDx undoubtedly destroyed their momentum, but as I said earlier, I think they have a clear path to victory.

167/204 Perp really needs to quickly execute the long tail of on-chain futures, but if they can do it with Curie (their V2), then 2022 will be a breakthrough year for them.

168/204 $FST

Futureswap (futures trading) is another important futures operation.

What I like is that it directly integrates with Uniswap V3 positions to achieve capital efficient positions on AMM.

The simplicity of its mining pool may be a key driver.

169/204 $CAP

This is a 100% loser in this game, and I like it.

I was skeptical of them at the time of the release, but the execution of an anonymous team driven by the community is very reliable.

I don’t think it takes the first place in perpetual contracts, but it has a lot of upside potential.

170/204 $MCB

MCDEX is too difficult for me, I am only half sure.

I think this is the least likely to win first place. But considering the upside potential of all perpetual contracts and high-quality user experience investment, if it really wins, it is still worth pledge.

171/204 $DPX

If someone can provide mainstream users with choices in an accessible and extensible way, then Dopex is the best choice.

It is the best on-chain setup and user experience.

The 172/204 Dopex game and Ribbon are well integrated.

Ribbon needs the expansion of Dopex, and Dopex also needs the expansion of Ribbon, so there is huge potential here.

173/204 $HND

Hundred Finance may be the earliest/highest risk of this type of asset.

It only appeared on my shopping list recently, and I haven’t started shopping yet.

174/204 But this is vfat0’s cross-chain lending, which is still in its early stages.

If anyone knows the inner workings of the mining token economy, it is vfat, so this is an issue worthy of attention.

175/204 As the market enters the new year of recovery, I plan to invest a lot of money in this field and expand the size of my position as liquidity grows.

176/204 $API3

Another asset that I think can hold the thigh.

As we enter the future of multi-chain and bifurcation, we do need more oracle diversity and new types of data availability.

177/204 I think API3 is easily overlooked, but I think they have established a solid foundation for a complex problem.

So 2022 is a year of success or failure for them. Considering the long-term infrastructure needs, I think the odds are even greater.

178/204 $ANGLE

As I said on FixedForex, if you are an American, you may not know the pain points of international users when facing currencies in this market.

The goal of 179/204 Angle is to be like MakerDAO, but starting with a decentralized euro.

My intuition is that they have expanded their business to other currency areas and established important partnerships with Convex and KP3R, thus consolidating their position.

180/204 The only reason they rank so low is that they already have strong overperformance.

I think their performance will greatly exceed their performance over many years, but key drivers are needed to achieve it in 2022.

181/204 High risk: This is my 50x or 0x game.

If they appear, they will perform well. I don’t think most people will show it. This is the absolute risk assigned to you.

The first 4D Crypto Wealth Code in 2022, please check

182/204 Who is in the most risky boom or depression period?









183/204 $GEL

Automated smart contracts. I think other technologies such as KP3R and OpenZepplin Defender can make money for them, but if they can build the right libraries and integrations for any major updates, it will be a victory for them.

184/204 If I were them, I would focus on finding every big user of KP3R or OZ Defender, and then go to those agreement competitors and let them use Gelato.

The enemy of the enemy can be a friend.

185/204 $NFTX

The adoption of mainstream NFTs may continue to grow.

Mainstream players will not push up the ceiling price because they will not buy $100,000 in PFPS.

Segmentation is the reason for the transfer of tokens.

186/204 When 100,000 people can buy an extra small unit, retail prices will fluctuate.

NFTX provides this possibility, it can combine between different projects and gamify them.

If we do see the CEX market causing the prosperity of NFT transactions, NFT transactions will also benefit.

187/204 $RAMP

I like cash-driven consumption channels.

This is the only viable token.

188/204 $THALES

$SNX play option space. The perfect robust product. Not as attractive as Dopex, but the price is also very low.

189/204 If Ribbon really breaks out, then it will indirectly develop all option providers. Because it needs to push capital into new markets.

Given the pricing of $THALES, it is necessary for me to get some exposure here.

190/204 $PICKLE

Another area where I can’t get started is due to low liquidity. The automatic staking of liquid mining pools, oversold and part of the Year ecology, have not been popular recently.

191/204 This is still a good product. I think as we see the growth of more capital pools, it has a chance to become popular because of its low market value and the ability to generate external income.

192/204 $BABL

Infrastructure mechanism.

I think certain aspects of the issuance and token economy are trivial, but they can solve the problem. The product user experience is confusing, but the technology is reliable.

193/204 As we enter an increasingly retail-oriented world, I think wallets/interfaces like Zapper and Argent will find more integrations in the style of treasury strategies for their users.

194/204 $PREMIA

This is the least interesting choice, but it is still a high-quality product.

Considering my strong argument for Ribbon, it may perform better in the context of Ribbon growth.

195/204 $PENDLE

I love Pendle, I think it’s great.

I think most users don’t even understand what it is trying to do, let alone how to use it.

If Pendle focuses on education and integrates it into the strategic product of the treasury, it will be a huge benefit.

196/204 I made a mistake that I overestimated the financial sensitivity of users, so their performance was below my expectations.

I think there is a clear path for them to get the growth they deserve in 2222.

197/204 Possibility of mining:

As potential tokens are coming, I think this type of agreement may be worth interacting with, but nothing has been announced yet.

The first 4D Crypto Wealth Code in 2022, please check

198/204 These categories are not broadly classified, but I still share them with you:


Element Finance


Cozy Finance



199/204 This is my selection and cryptocurrency “shopping list” for 2022.

It needs to be reiterated that this is not financial advice.

You should not imitate blindly and expect to win.

200/204 I tend to track assets and maintain my shopping list, which I update approximately every three months. I adjust my positions proportionally to balance different levels of risk.

201/204 In general, I think 2022 will be an exciting year for cryptocurrencies. The rebirth of classic DeFi blue-chip stocks, exciting new DeFi models, and some technologies have begun to bridge the gap.

202/204 There are many assets that are not on this list but perform well, especially when the overall market is performing well. These are just my personal bets on assets that have a “chance” to beat the market.

203/204 As a standard disclaimer, I obviously have a financial interest in many/most of these tokens (or all tokens as you read it) and have my own biases.

204/204 I hope this article will help guide your own research starting point and ideas for constructing evaluation projects. Let us toast to the exciting 2022, no matter what this crazy world will bring us.

Posted by:CoinYuppie,Reprinted with attribution to:
Coinyuppie is an open information publishing platform, all information provided is not related to the views and positions of coinyuppie, and does not constitute any investment and financial advice. Users are expected to carefully screen and prevent risks.

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