The fire of Metaverse began to burn towards the attackers

With Metaverse, can this class of gangsters still “fishing” happily?

In the “lying flat” era, “fishing” has become the consensus of all net workers.

The fishing guide for contemporary hunters includes: reading novels, talking about the mountains, eating snacks, developing side jobs, and playing games in the toilet. The “inspiring” hunters can obtain professional qualification certificates through the time of fishing.

The fire of Metaverse began to burn towards the attackers

The home isolation caused by the public health crisis that broke out in early 2020 has forced some workers to work online from home, although bosses have launched “photographic check-in”, “video check-in”, “daily newspaper” and other “services” in response to this problem. It also failed to stop the enthusiasm of beating workers.

However, the emergence of Metaverse seems to have broken the “gold fish bowl” in the hands of workers. Why does a virtual world that hasn’t landed affect the “fishing” of workers? When the “dimension wall” is really broken, what changes will happen to the working mode of contemporary workers?

The meta universe is more than just a game

On March 10, Roblox became the first company to write Meta Universe into its prospectus, recognizing the concept of “Meta Universe” in the entire market. However, within 9 months, this concept has swept the world. Bloomberg Intelligence predicts that the meta-universe market will reach 800 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. In this context, Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, Bytedance, Tencent, etc. Internet giants are racing to join the game.

The stock price of “Meta Universe First Share” Roblox has also risen. As of December 2 after the US stock market, Roblox reported a share of US$113.41, a cumulative increase of 152.02% during the year, and the total market value has reached US$65.646 billion.

The fire of Metaverse began to burn towards the attackers

(Source: Snowball)

Due to the short period of time, the meta-universe has not really landed yet, but games have always been regarded as one of the important entrances of the meta-universe . They build virtual identity, VR immersion, scene diversification, and economic system in the game. The establishment of the civilization of the meta universe, on the contrary, the accelerated development of the meta universe is also promoting the increase in the valuation of the overall game sector.

In addition, the two “meta-universe” movies, “Top Player” and “Out of Control Player”, have won billions of box offices with unique worldviews and interesting plot lines, making it easier for ordinary people to accept the form of games Know the meta universe. But in recent months, the “fire” of Metaverse has gradually burned from games to the office field.

I don’t know if you work from home or when you need to conduct a remote conference call.

At the beginning of 2020, due to the raging epidemic, “working from home” became a hot word on Weibo and Douyin lists. However, the working status of the beaters at the time was: set an alarm clock at 8 o’clock in the morning to wake up and punch a card, then sleep until 11 o’clock, get up for lunch, and in the afternoon, while watching dramas and drinking milk tea, while dealing with some work content, daunting. Drag the content that can be completed in three or four hours to nine or ten in the evening, and then post a circle of friends who clock in overtime.

With the popularization of home office and communication methods becoming more and more complete, remote conference calls have also become more common. However, those who have used related software know that firstly, both parties need to have better signals. Whenever there is a problem with the network, the stall or disconnection needs to adapt to the rhythm again. Secondly, due to network delays, coupled with the limited face to face, so often when talking to others will be interrupted, or the two sides together , said the embarrassment stop together. Finally, sometimes things that can be clearly expressed face-to-face with one eye and one gesture may take several times over the phone to explain.

The fire of Metaverse began to burn towards the attackers

(Data source: iResearch data, drawing: Mantis Observation)

According to data from iResearch Consulting, in 2020, China’s collaborative office will reach a market size of 44 billion, an increase of 43.5% year-on-year in 2019; the monthly independent activity of efficient office apps in the early stages of the Q1 and Q2 epidemic in 2020 has the most significant year-on-year increase. It can be seen that in the post-epidemic era, considering the current situation of repeated global epidemics, the above-mentioned scenarios may become the norm in the world in the future.

The explosion of the meta-universe brought a turning point for all this.

No longer a “brain in a tank”, the meta universe has become a “anti-lying flat” artifact

The development of all new things is constantly advancing dialectically, and so does the meta universe.

Among the opposing opinions, a view held by most people is that it is substituted into the “brain in the tank”, which magnifies the addictive nature of the metaverse . The hypothesis of the “brain in the tank” is Hilary Putnam in 1981 In his own book called “Reason, Truth, and History”, he put forward and elaborated, discussing the ability to judge the world in his own eyes as the real world?

Liu Cixin, a well-known science fiction writer and “China’s first meta-universe architect”, is a member of the official opposition. He believes: “The future of mankind is either to move towards interstellar civilization or to indulge in the virtual world of VR all the year round. If humans It will be a disaster to achieve a highly realistic VR world before moving into space civilization.”

However, in the view of Mantis Observation, the “metauniverse” that the opponents think will make people immerse themselves in the virtual world and rest on their own feet may be just one of the many directions derived from the future metaverse, not to mention the fact that the metaverse is still There are many addictive things, such as games, fishing, etc.

There are two sides to everything. To deny the full potential of the meta universe with the “brain in the tank” is a bit of “crashing because of choking.”

What’s more, leaving aside the level of pure virtual construction, many industrial directions of Metaverse have strong practical significance, and the “corporate metaverse” focusing on the office field is one of them.

First, in the initial conception of the “enterprise meta-universe”, it was to realize a “virtual office” or “virtual meeting room”, where each worker would have his own upper body avatar, except for In addition to reducing commuting time, what you are doing and your progress can be seen at a glance. The era of wanton “fishing” and “laying flat” will be gone forever.

Second, in the “virtual meeting room”, people can experience an “immersive meeting”. By breaking the “space dimension wall” through cloud video technology, people can share content immersively . The addition of virtual images with gestures and expressions can restore face-to-face scenes one by one, which can not only reduce interruptions, chatter, and silence Wait for the emergence of awkward scenes, and with the help of gestures and expressions, work efficiency can also be improved.

The fire of Metaverse began to burn towards the attackers

Third, as the underlying supporting technologies of the six meta-universes, including blockchain technology, interactive technology, artificial intelligence technology, Internet of Things technology, network and computing technology, and electronic game technology, become more mature, it can also contribute to the “enterprise meta-universe”. Content, function, communication network and other aspects provide a better audio and video conference experience.

According to “Mantis Observation”, as the number of entrants increases and the technology becomes more mature in iterations, it is not empty talk that users from all over the world can remotely collaborate and carry out content production through the creation of virtual reality workspaces. In fact, some companies are already A certain breakthrough has begun in the field of “meta universe”.

Technology, applications, and scenarios work together. Who can take the lead in catching the “big fish” of “enterprise meta-universe”?

At the beginning of November this year, when Metaverse was mentioned at the Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft Chief Administrative Officer Satya Nadella mentioned:

“The metaverse allows us to embed calculations in the real world, and embed the real world into calculations, bringing real existence to any virtual space. The most important thing is that we can show our humanity, choose how we experience this world, and who we want to interact with. .”

Work is a content that occupies a lot of time for everyone in a day, and office has become the focus of meta-universe players. At present, from the perspective of “Mantis Observation”, there are three main entry points:

First of all, it is reflected in technology. Take 263, which has made achievements in the field of network communication, as an example. This company mainly focuses on the exploration of a new generation of audio and video underlying technologies for the corporate office meta-universe.

Based on the core technology of cloud video, Er Liu San intends to launch more immersive VR/AR wearable devices, allowing users to access and create exclusive and independent identities, images and hierarchical backgrounds anytime, anywhere, and easily make friends, work, and collaborate.

Secondly, it is reflected in the application. In the field of conference solutions, UCaaS and CCaaS, many enterprise office software companies, communication companies, and cloud service companies have gathered. Take Zoom as an example. As of the end of July this year, it has 505,000 enterprise-level customers. As a software developer with the world’s leading market value, Zoom not only leads companies that are doing “enterprise meta-universe” in providing multi-person conferences, large conferences, voice and information services, but also a large number of companies. Peers, it is of great help for him to cut into the office field of the meta universe.

On August 19, Zuckerberg also promoted the holographic virtual meeting software “Horizon Workrooms”. Here, users only need to put on the Oculus Quest 2, a head-mounted device owned by Facebook, and they can enter the software work interface, make an “avatar” for themselves by “pinching their face”, and then appear in the meeting as a three-dimensional image.

The last and most important thing is the scenes. Those who have watched the two movies “Number One Player” and “Out of Control Player” can find that there are many scenes in the world they draw, such as the battlefield where the protagonist group of “Number One Player” earns money. , The bank where the hero of “Out of Control Player” works. These scenes, as important elements of the meta-universe, are like the characters of “water and air” in the real world. Although they are colorless and tasteless, they are indispensable.

In the process of “enterprise meta-universe” layout, Master Lu, who has a great voice in the field of evaluation, is also working hard. On the one hand, using his accumulation in the field of evaluation, he can evaluate the related applications and functions of the enterprise meta-universe, and hold on The first “checkpoint”; on the other hand, the company is also trying to create a face-to-face communication scene in the office field. Everyone has an avatar and corresponding gestures and actions. The size of the sound will also be differentiated by the distance. , Communication is more efficient.

Overseas giants have also taken corresponding actions. In March of this year, Microsoft Mesh, a mixed reality platform supported by Azure, was officially launched, which allows users to join a collaborative and shared holographic experience through smartphones, laptops, and VR headsets.

According to official disclosures, the Mesh for Microsoft Teams launched by Microsoft has so far had more than 250 million global monthly active users, covering 181 countries. And it is expected that as soon as the first half of 2022, users can experience immersive meetings and more immersive remote collaboration in the preview version of Mesh for Teams.

The fire of Metaverse began to burn towards the attackers

Unity Korea also announced that it has reached a commercial agreement with LG U+. In the future, it will cooperate on Metaverse technology, aiming to develop multi-domain Metaverse services and completely change the online consumer experience. Their cooperation will also start from the virtual office.

All in all, with the joint efforts of these players, you may not need to commute. You can enter the virtual office and the meeting room with VR glasses in the morning and start a day’s work in the not-too-distant future.

Of course, this may not be friendly to the “lying flat” hitters.

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