The final conjecture of the second layer of the Ethereum network: the cross-Layer 2 protocol zkTube starts the mapping

Based on Ethernet Square zkTube agreement ZK Rollup technical route expansion program to build from, and achieved good test feedback stability, security and efficiency both in the test network running over the past six months in the past. According to the project’s official website, on September 3, zkTube announced the start of the mapping work, and all tokens will be mapped to the main network. According to the development progress, it is expected that the mainnet will be launched in a week, and the mainnet mining will be started at the same time. 

Layer2 conjecture who will be the dominant one

Although the Ethereum Foundation is actively promoting upgrades, the huge ecosystem has slowed the progress of work. As an alternative solution, Layer 2 plays an important role in Ethereum. It not only undertakes a large number of complex ecological DAPPs for Ethereum, but also greatly reduces handling fees and improves transaction efficiency.

Nowadays, the Ethereum Layer 2 ecology has fully blossomed, and various technical routes are emerging in endlessly. Sidechains, state channel Lightning Network, Plasma, Rollup and other programs have appeared in turn. What is the best Layer 2 solution? Or in other words, what kind of Layer 2 projects are most worthy of our attention?

According to the market data platform, the total market value of the Layer 2 track has exceeded 100 billion US dollars, and it is still growing. Among them , the market value of Matic , Near and other projects ranks in the forefront. There is no denying the high-quality performance of these projects, but the increase of Matic and Near has exceeded a hundred times. To some extent, there is little room for speculation.

Looking at the Layer 2 ecology, if you want to select the next value item, you must first accurately locate the subdivision track.

Among all the Layer 2 technical routes, ZK Rollup is the most popular route. Large projects such as Sushi, Curve, Balancer, etc. all plan to adopt the ZK rollup route. V God has also publicly supported this solution many times. In the future, if Ethereum wants to implement privacy technology, ZK rollup is the only option. Many analysts even believe that a dominant project in the future must be under the ZK Rollup route.

Who is the number one player of ZK Rollup

Among the previous projects of ZK Rollup, Zkswap, zkSync, zkTube, and Loopring have attracted a lot of attention. Zkswap is a single DEX application, which has great limitations; zkSync has recently announced the delayed release of the project, and users will not be able to use it in the short term; although Loopring has been done relatively early, the token performance and ecological development have been tepid.

In the end, zkTube is left. Will this project that is about to launch the mainnet be the top player of ZK Rollup? 


zkTube announced the start of the mainnet mapping work, which means that users will soon be able to use the mainnet, which has priority over similar projects in terms of time. Occupy the time advantage, but does it also occupy the technical advantage? The same is the ZK Rollup solution, what is its superiority?

More performance excellent ZK Rollup sets the block size to 12M, and the calculation and data storage operations are placed in L2 processing, and then sent to Layer1 for verification through zero-knowledge proof technology. The throughput can achieve more than 3000TPS, which is almost in the current Layer2 solution. The fastest one.

Costs more affordable zkTube plans to further improve on the advantages of ZK Rollup technology’s low fee. After reducing the single transaction fee, it is only 1% of Layer1 transaction fee, which is almost equivalent to free.

Technology is more powerful. This year, the zkTube development team was invited to participate in the development of Uniswap V3 and has accumulated rich experience in application development. If Uniswap announces the migration to zkTube in the future, the development team will be familiar with the work. zkTube has always emphasized that it is not an alternative to any Layer2. In the Layer 2 ecology of a hundred schools of thought, zkTube intends to become a linker of the ecosystem. Immediately, the development team added a cross-Layer 2 technology to the main network. This mature technical solution will connect the various protocols together, learn from each other’s strengths, and finally form the Layer 2 ecological integration.




The ecology is more abundant. In the test network launched in April this year, zkTube attracted 13,000 people to deploy test nodes. Earlier, the official reward task released by Bitcointalk attracted more than 100,000 users to participate. zkTube’s ecological wallet PayTube has absorbed many applications such as NFT, Swap, lending, etc., and users can experience one-stop application services in the wallet. Users can also perform manual mapping through PayTube for the mapping steps that have been opened.

The background is stronger. In terms of finance, zkTube has received tens of millions of yuan in institutional financing, which is enough to support a huge development and deployment. Just last week, the zkTube Foundation and   more than a dozen capitals such as ONE UNI Capital, a major North American institution , jointly established a seed incubation fund to help the development of popular tracks such as GameFi.

The space is even greater. If the best project loses investment space, it will become worthless. As a brand new project, zkTube has a total issuance of 330 million. According to the official valuation model, its total market value is only 50 million US dollars, which is 300 times the market value of Matic. The industry rumors that this sentence is called “specializing the new, not the old”, and zkTube is the best new choice.

zkTube joined the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance very early, working with the Ethereum Foundation, Microsoft, Visa and other institutions to promote the development of blockchain technology. It is worth mentioning that zkTube has received financial support from the Ethereum Foundation. At the 6th anniversary celebration of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, the CEO of zkTube had a wonderful conversation with God V. God V affirmed the cross-Layer 2 solution of zkTube. Plan, and emphasized that Rollup’s TPS will reach more than one hundred thousand levels.

This conversation was once interpreted by the media as: The Ethereum Foundation may acquire the zkTube agreement in the future to use it as a basic interoperability agreement for Layer 2. ZkTube officials did not make an affirmative or denial response to this.

The ambition of zkTube is far more than the Layer 2 field. After the performance is realized, from a longer-term perspective, zkTube, as an infrastructure service, is a window to open up payment and value transfer, and provide more ecological access to applications such as Metaverse, NFT, GameFi, etc. Provide a better development environment.

At the moment, zkTube has opened the mapping function on the ecological wallet PayTube, and testnet users can go to the wallet to perform mapping operations in order to start mining stubbornly after the mainnet goes online. As we all know, among all kinds of mining projects this year, the top mine is the gold mine! The total market value of the side chain project Matic has reached 15 billion US dollars. What kind of explosive performance will be expected after the launch of zkTube, let us look forward to it together.

The secret of Ethereum Layer 2 is hidden in Rollup, and zkTube is hidden in ZK Rollup. I found zkTube, the number one player, and found the biggest password for Layer2.


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