The father of antivirus, McAfee, has died, and the legendary life of the crypto-promoter

The life of this legendary figure is a mix of inspirational success in founding McAfee Antivirus and allegations of various crimes. It’s more like a real-life version of the “Desperado”.

Back in 2019, according to an AFP report, McAfee, then 74 years old and wearing short sleeves and shorts and sunglasses, announced on his white cruise ship that he was running for president of the United States in 2020, with the immediate goal of winning the Libertarian Party’s candidacy.

When he posted his tweet, we realized the intention of the man who has not paid taxes for 8 years: “No one will elect me as president, and I don’t want to be, but I want to talk about cryptocurrency, and I have the right to talk about it”, it turned out that his intention was to use his presidential candidacy to promote cryptocurrency.

The father of antivirus, McAfee, has died, and the legendary life of the crypto-promoter

The life of this legendary figure is a mixture of inspirational success in founding McAfee Antivirus and allegations of various crimes. The BBC said of him: “This is a rich man of technology, an eccentric American, a murderer, a drug addict, his story has almost all the elements that make it so appealing”.

A disillusioned man’s comeback

As a child, McPhee was often abused by his alcoholic father, but even though he used his son as a punching bag, McPhee’s father still couldn’t get enough of him, and when McPhee was 15, his violent father couldn’t handle the pressure and killed himself with a bullet.

The tragedy of the disillusioned often stems from family misfortune, and McPhee was no exception. The death of his father caused him a great psychological shadow, McPhee eventually became the same as his father’s “hooligans”, alcohol, drugs filled his youth.

The father of antivirus, McAfee, has died, and the legendary life of the crypto-promoter

But McPhee worked hard in his academic life, working hard and saving money, and by selling magazines, he managed to sustain his life and pay for his college tuition. But during his doctoral studies, in addition to reading, he was also passionate about researching . Once when he and his female classmates were studying the physiological structure of the opposite sex, they were discovered by the school and were eventually expelled.

Since then, McPhee has been on his own legendary journey. He has been to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) as a programmer, Xerox as an architect, and also willing to do the job of scheduling trains with IBM computers.

But still, McPhee was so influenced by his father’s eccentricities that he ran to work in the morning to dispatch trains after getting high on ecstasy. When he felt that ecstasy was not enough to enjoy, he began to try a hallucinogenic drug called DMT, which almost ended his life. Not only that, he also took up drug trafficking.

The father of antivirus, McAfee, has died, and the legendary life of the crypto-promoter

He was fired from the company many times because of drug addiction, and often clashed with others, the worst time, he was beaten by a drug lord and nearly lost his ability to reproduce.

At the age of 38, he finally realized that he had been living a Loser-like life and decided to change his ways and live a new self.

It took him four years to kick his drug addiction and sit in the lab of Lockheed Martin, the nation’s largest arms dealer at the time. But for McPhee, this is still far from the goal of life’s winners in mind.

Sure enough, things took a turn for the worse.

In 1986, the culture of copying software was so prevalent that Basit and Amjad, who ran a personal computer store, were so upset that they wrote the world’s first computer virus, C-BRAIN, to stop people from copying their software.

The father of antivirus, McAfee, has died, and the legendary life of the crypto-promoter

At this time, the 41-year-old McAfee stumbled upon a report about “C-BRAIN” ravaging the United States, the opportunity really came, McAfee’s eyes moved and smelled a business opportunity. McAfee, a former NASA programmer, developed the world’s first anti-virus software in just one year, and named it after himself – McAfee.

However, McAfee did not bring any real revenue to McAfee, except for a significant number of installations. McAfee realized that he could only make big money if big companies also used his anti-virus software.

The father of antivirus, McAfee, has died, and the legendary life of the crypto-promoter

So McAfee began to make a big deal about the dangers of computer viruses, going around on TV shows claiming that many companies were “on the verge of collapse” because of computer viruses, and also claiming, with great fervor, that a virus called “Michelangelo” was about to destroy more than 5 million computers around the world.

As if that wasn’t enough, McAfee wrote a book called “Computer Viruses, Worms, Data Fraud, Program Killers and Other Threats” to deepen people’s fear of computer viruses. But in fact, the “C-BRAIN” at that time was not yet so deadly.

The father of antivirus, McAfee, has died, and the legendary life of the crypto-promoter

This simple and brutal campaign proved to be very effective.

In just two months, McAfee’s sales skyrocketed by 10 times, and in six months, McAfee’s company profits rose 50-fold, with more than half of the world’s top 100 companies using his anti-virus software.

In less than four years, McAfee went from a Loser to a $100 million bully.

In 2010, McAfee sold McAfee Inc. to Intel for $7.6 billion.

Suspected of killing neighbors, the escape is comparable to a blockbuster movie

The successful McAfee decided to retire and chose to enjoy his retirement in Belize, a small country in Central America.

On November 14, 2012, McPhee became a wanted man by the police in the small Central American country of Belize. According to the head of the Belize police’s anti-triad unit, McPhee was suspected of killing American immigrant Gregory Farr, who was shot and killed in his own home.

Farr, a neighbor of McPhee’s, was 52 years old and, like McPhee, Farr had also immigrated to Belize from the United States. Local residents revealed that Farr was a popular construction worker and that he had a long-standing grudge against McPhee. Police revealed that Farr was found lying on his back in a pool of blood, with a bullet hole in the back of his head from a gunshot. A 9mm Luger pistol shell casing was also found at the scene.

McPhee was known to keep a pack of vicious dogs in his waterfront home and to have a large stash of illegal weapons and ammunition. McPhee admitted that his neighbor Farr had been displeased with the vicious dogs, which led to a confrontation, but he denied that he killed Farr.

“It was really hard to take.” In an interview with Wired magazine, he denied he was the killer, “I don’t know anything about it, I just heard he was shot.” McPhee also added that he feared that the people who shot Farr would also shoot him. “I thought they were coming for me and just mistook Farr for me. They had the wrong house. Farr was dead and they killed him and that scared me into running.”

Belize police then searched McPhee’s house and confiscated some weapons, and they believe McPhee is the prime suspect in Farr’s murder. But to McPhee, this was nothing more than an excuse, and he refused to communicate with any police in this country. I don’t want to talk to the police in this country under any circumstances, and you can call me paranoid, but they’re going to kill me, there’s no doubt about it,” he said. For months they have been trying to arrest me, they want to silence me. The prime minister doesn’t like me, I’m a thorn in their side, a thorn in their flesh.”

In McPhee’s view, he became a suspect only because he did not donate to certain political organizations and he was a victim of political persecution. He offered a reward in his personal blog to find the real perpetrator of the murder, hoping to prove his innocence.

In an interview with the U.S. media, McPhee also said that if he was caught by the police, he would surely die and therefore decided to start a life on the run.

Live broadcast of the escape experience

He started a blog called Whoismcafee, dedicated to documenting his time on the run, how he was portrayed in the media, and the “harassment” of the Belizean police.

The longer McPhee was on the run, the more suspicion the police had. He didn’t know how the drama would end. “I don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, and I will continue to fight until something changes. And I’m not going to stop fighting, and I’m even less likely to end the blog.”

For the software security mogul, there are only two ways the story can end. Either he is arrested or he flees the corrupt government.

He claims he hid himself by dressing up in disguise and secretly watching police search his room. But it’s hard to tell which of these apparently mischievous actions by McPhee are real and which are not.

At one point, McPhee even updated his blog to show his elaborate plan to hide his whereabouts in Mexico.

In his blog, McPhee wrote: “The McPhee in Mexico was arrested for improper advance planning, and he was nothing more than a North Korean passport holder with the same name as me.” He said, “But he was thrown out of jail due to police neglect. In this way he did not achieve the purpose of trying to help me escape.”

He then formally requested to enter neighboring Guatemala from Belize to seek political asylum. “Yes, I want to clarify that I am seeking asylum not because I committed a murder, but because I am now being persecuted by the local government.” McPhee gave this explanation to the Associated Press regarding his asylum seeking.

Belize police deny that they are persecuting McPhee and say there is no reason to issue a warrant for his arrest. Belize’s prime minister even questioned McPhee’s mental state. There would not have been any restrictions on McPhee’s normal travel, so they are unclear as to why McPhee has sought asylum in Guatemala.

McPhee did not go into detail about how he entered Guatemala from Belize City. He had said he had planned to go to the United States and was not going to leave Belize for Guatemala, but he felt so badly about being in the United States that he finally chose to leave.

But soon after, just hours after he claimed to be seeking political asylum, the software mogul was arrested by Guatemalan police on charges of illegal entry.

A “love affair” with cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin were the main currency in circulation for dark web transactions in the early years, and McAfee, a programmer, was one of the early users of Bitcoin.

A life in exile has made McAfee desperate for government, and McAfee states bluntly, “The government controls and regulates all sorts of subtle things in our lives that have to do with our personal interests.” This is why McPhee has always been fascinated by cryptocurrencies.

Once living on a small island, he was once broke, but his exposure to cryptocurrencies led to a second career.

In 2014, McPhee started an anti-spyware company, D-Vasive, in order to resist smartphones because he didn’t like being controlled. the company was acquired by MGT Capital in 2016, which then announced that it was making McPhee its CEO, and MGT Capital’s stock price then guaranteed 500%.

It is probably because of his strong influence that he has also been standing up for cryptocurrencies since then. in 2017, McPhee even sold stand-up ads for cryptocurrency projects for $105,000 on his Twitter feed.

Its influence is far less than Musk’s this year. McPhee stood up for SAFEX fees in 2017, and the price of the project’s tokens soared double after posting the tweet; and later, after standing up for BURST, the tokens once got a stunning 350% increase.

He even predicted in 2017 that the price of Bitcoin would go up 10 times, to 1 million a piece in 2020, and if it didn’t, he would …….

The father of antivirus, McAfee, has died, and the legendary life of the crypto-promoter

The fall of an antivirus legend

In October 2020, the 75-year-old McFee was arrested and jailed. There is a litany of charges against McPhee, including that he evaded taxes from 2014 to 2018. In addition, McPhee is suspected of cryptocurrency fraud. in October 2020, the SEC accused McPhee of charging fees to advertise cryptocurrency transactions on social media without informing the public that it was an advertising campaign. The SEC said that McPhee ostensibly pretended to be independent and public, but actually profited from it to the tune of more than $23 million.

The old man’s life behind bars appears to be one of contemplation:.

“I could see a small patch of sky above the tall concrete walls of the prison yard. In contrast, the wall seemed to frame the deep blue sky and the fluffy clouds that drifted across it. It turned the tiny skylight into an exceptionally beautiful jewel.”

–McPhee tweeted

This is in stark contrast to his early life, when he started a successful antivirus software company that grew his net worth to $100 million, and he even owns a $5 million mansion in Colorado Springs, where he sleeps with seven beautiful women every day.

According to several foreign media reports, John McAfee, the founder of the world-renowned antivirus software McAfee, was found dead in a prison cell in Barcelona, Spain, on June 23, local time. According to a lawyer who spoke to Reuters, the cause of McAfee’s death was suicide by hanging.

Since then, the antivirus legend and cryptocurrency promoter has fallen from grace.

It is also a sigh of relief that a once reigning figure ended up in a tragic way due to suspicions of tax evasion and bitcoin fraud.

This is true for the world, no matter how many contributions you have made in the past and what you are the father of, it is not enough to offset the problems of the present.

The previous contribution, society has returned in various ways, name or profit, whether it is worth more or equal or devalued, are returned.

And new transgressions still have to pay the price, and are shining in the light of the past halo, once again in the limelight, only in a negative way.

The father of antivirus, McAfee, has died, and the legendary life of the crypto-promoter

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