The explosion is so cool, why can’t the social media of the Metaverse get up?

Why can’t the three most popular Metaverse social apps keep me?

The Metaverse has yet to take shape, and the Metaverse Social has begun to become a new battlefield for many manufacturers to compete for . 

Twenty-three years after Tencent launched the QQ Show , the QQ Show has evolved into a 3D “reality show” and is even tied to “Metaverse Social”. Baidu has also been favored by many manufacturers after launching the first Metaverse platform in China, Xiyang, and has also participated in China’s lunar exploration program. Metaverse concept stocks leaderTianxiaxiu launched the “Hongyuyu” APP in January 2021, and the stock price once soared. And Xiaoice released the “Little Iceland” social app as early as September 2021. 

The explosion is so cool, why can't the social media of the Metaverse get up?

▲Major manufacturers have launched Metaverse social APP

Among them, many Metaverse social apps have brought people some novel social experiences, such as virtual concerts, virtual character interaction, and even buying a house in the “Metaverse”. 

For example, in January this year, the Metaverse social app ” Jelly ” reached the top of the free rankings in the Apple Store within 20 days of its launch, becoming the first social app to surpass WeChat in the past two years. You know, the last social software that surpassed WeChat was Ali’s DingTalk. 

The explosion is so cool, why can't the social media of the Metaverse get up?

▲The jelly APP rushed to the top of the free list in the Apple Store

According to the report of data company Sensor Tower (2022), since the concept of “Metaverse” broke out, an average of one “Metaverse” APP has been added every day . From November 2021 to January 2022, about 552 apps added the word “Metaverse” to their descriptions, and 70 of them claimed to be Metaverse social apps. 

Although the number of Metaverse social APPs is constantly increasing, after some investigation and actual experience, we found that the concept of Metaverse social APP is still in a stage of savage growth , and the definition of Metaverse social APP has not yet been officially finalized

On the one hand, some common social software, after adding some virtual avatars and virtual scenes when the version is updated, call themselves Metaverse social apps. 

Other Metaverse social apps simulate the social space into a “xx universe”, “xx planet”, etc., so that users will settle in as new residents and start their own “Metaverse” life. 

The explosion is so cool, why can't the social media of the Metaverse get up?

▲Soul (left) and Slow Planet (right) represent two different Metaverse social apps

The former pays more attention to some changes in the scene and the appearance of the characters, while the latterpays more attention to the communication mode between people in the new social space. But no matter what kind of Metaverse social interaction is inseparable from the four elements of  virtual scene , virtual avatar , social interaction andpresence .

At the same time, whether it’s Baidu’s Xirong or the jelly whose downloads once overwhelmed WeChat, we have seen them cool down quickly after being popular for a while, and then lose a lot of users in the later period. The Metaverse social APP is in a stage where it seems to be popular, but it is actually a “fake fire”. 

Where did the wind of the Metaverse social APP blow? What do these Metaverse social software rely on to retain users? Which manufacturers are joining the Metaverse social track? In order to find the answers to these questions and explore the reasons behind the Metaverse social fire, we have also personally experienced a number of Metaverse social apps. 

01 What the hell is Metaverse social playing at?

At present, the social APP that mainly focuses on the Metaverse social Slogan has appeared various social play methods. The “Metaverse” version of Douban Group, QQ Home and Moments are emerging one after another. 

We have experienced several representative Metaverse social apps, and found that behind the Metaverse social is the exploration of new social models by many social manufacturers. 

1. Jelly: The Metaverse Social, which has rushed to the top of the list, is building a “global village”?

No one would have thought that it was a little-known social software-Jelly that put the Metaverse social on the hot list. 

This software, which was born out of nowhere and pulled WeChat to the top of the APP Store free list by itself, came from Beijing Dianshu Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd., which is also the parent company of the news information platform Dianxin. 

How did Jelly attract young people to socialize in the Metaverse? Presence and design may become the two most important keywords for the rapid growth of gel users. 

Open the software, and at a glance, you can see the cute and cute Q version of the virtual digital human waving at you. In terms of the appearance selection of the virtual digital human, Jelly provides users with more than ten different options to satisfy the user’s “face pinching” hobby. 

At the same time, users can also choose to publish the current status. Based on location sharing and status sharing, Jelly users can know the status and location of their friends even though they are in different places with their friends. 

Q cute and cute villain with various states such as “hungry”, “fishing”, “hug”, and vivid interaction, it seems that there is a kind of reunion with distant friends to play together. feel

The explosion is so cool, why can't the social media of the Metaverse get up?

▲Character status of Jelly

In addition, compared with some virtual digital people on common software, Jelly’s virtual digital people are more beautiful in terms of modeling and design proportions. 

However, due to various reasons related to privacy protection, Gel is being removed from the shelves and will not accept new users for the time being. Therefore, the coverage of the current population is limited, and it is impossible to experience richer social gameplay. 

2. Xirong: Build a virtual digital human in one sentence

After the release of Xiyong, many manufacturers began to use this platform to try the “Metaverse” gameplay. 

According to incomplete statistics from Zhixi, more than ten companies and institutions have settled in Greece. On the map of Xiyang, you can not only see schools such as Communication University of China, but also many companies such as NVIDIA, Lynk & Co, FAW and so on. 

The explosion is so cool, why can't the social media of the Metaverse get up?

▲Many companies have settled in Baidu Xiyang

Before entering Xiyong, you need to create an avatar for yourself. Unlike other software that only provides a single virtual character model, Xirong provides users with three styles  of cartoon , anthropomorphic and realistic .

The explosion is so cool, why can't the social media of the Metaverse get up?

▲Baidu Xiyang’s virtual digital human

The way Xiyong generates virtual digital humans is also different. Thanks to Baidu’s virtual digital human platform, you can build your own virtual avatar with just a sentence or even a picture . For example, if you say “cool girl”, Xiyang will randomly form a “cool girl” virtual character from its character library. 

However, after our actual experience, the image of Xirong’s virtual digital human model is relatively simple , and the appearance is not beautiful enough . Compared with cute or cute characters in other social software, Xiyang’s virtual digital human still has room for improvement in visual design. Moreover, when communicating with friends, Xi Rong temporarily only provides a way of communication by phone and voice , and the usage scenarios are very limited. 

In addition, in terms of gameplay, Xiyang currently only supports running the map, brushing the scenery, watching exhibitions, etc., and cannot experience some more unique gameplay. 

3. Little Iceland: Build your own island with AI

“Everyone on this island thinks they are real people, but only I know that you are real people.” As soon as you enter Little Iceland, Xiaobing will tell you as a god’s assistant that this is a human and a virtual digital person living together The place. 

The explosion is so cool, why can't the social media of the Metaverse get up?

▲Little Iceland APP interface display

AI is the core of the Little Iceland app. The main gameplay of the Little Iceland APP is not only to create multiple AI friends, but also to create novels, music, etc. with AI through keywords. At present, Little Iceland has opened two skill options, Literary Club and Recording Studio, as well as three gray options to be unlocked: Studio, Appearance Committee, and Fairy Tale Factory. 

The explosion is so cool, why can't the social media of the Metaverse get up?

▲Little Iceland APP

In daily communication, it is almost difficult for you to tell whether the other side of the network cable is a real person or a virtual digital person. After all, their circle of friends is almost the same as our daily circle of friends. Some people share music, some share news, and some people also write in the circle of friends. short essay. 

There are too few gameplays and no strong content attraction, which is a pity for the small Iceland APP. Whether it is communication with virtual digital humans or novels or music created by AI, there is no more distinctive, attractive and competitive than real content. 

The explosion is so cool, why can't the social media of the Metaverse get up?

▲A collection of poems created by Little Iceland

On the whole, these Metaverse social apps attach great importance to the feature of virtual avatars , and have taken different routes on this basis. Little Iceland provides a “Metaverse” mode of coexistence between humans and AI; Xirongprovides three types of virtual digital people for users to choose from; Jelly provides more status options for 3D Q version characters to enrich character details . 

However, the shortcomings of the Metaverse social APP are also obvious. Several APPs are in the testing stage or in the early stage of release, and many modules have not been fully unlocked. After playing for a day or two, due to various reasons such as fewer interactable objects and simpler gameplay, I got tired of the existing experience content of the Metaverse social app and chose to uninstall it. 

02 Do you want to be popular with social media in Metaverse? Three major problems to be solved

Although Metaverse Social is gaining more and more attention from manufacturers and investors, after some experience, we found that the Metaverse social app is still in a very early stage, and most of the Metaverse social software is still in the beta stage. At the same time, the current Metaverse social software has certain pain points in terms of gameplay, business model and innovation. 

First of all, the current Metaverse social software does not bring a new way of social interaction in the core gameplay.

Whether it is location sharing or island-based social networking, similar products have appeared in the early days of Internet development, and after market selection, such products have not become the mainstream of social software. limitation. 

Not only that, our current mainstream social software or the longest online social software have strong tool attributes and can be applied to various office scenarios. However, there is still a certain gap between the current Metaverse social software and efficiency tools. It can even be said that they do not have any functions that can be closely related to the office scene. 

Secondly, some apps under the banner of Metaverse Social are aggressively harvesting users’ “leeks” in subscription services and recharge services.

There is no room without money, and the inability to experience the function without charging money has become the default configuration of some Metaverse social software, resulting in poor user perception. On the other hand, the Metaverse social APP is also based on the previous business model of social software, and no Metaverse social APP has gone out of its own business model. 

Among them, Baidu is slightly different. It is trying to find a new business path for Greece

An industry source engaged in marketing scene agency revealed that Xiyang is currently accepting scene marketing in different industries, and can undertake Metaverse publicity programs such as Metaverse press conferences, immersive exhibition halls, immersive shopping, and scenic re-engraving. As we have seen, many companies have settled in, which is a manifestation of the commercialization model of Xiyong. 

The explosion is so cool, why can't the social media of the Metaverse get up?

▲FAW Pentium settled in Xiyong

In addition, these so-called Metaverse social apps are basically limited to mobile phones in terms of hardware ecology, and even some of them only support the Android system

For example, although Baidu Xirong also supports VR headsets, it is limited to Pico Neo 3. Therefore, the user group covered by the Metaverse social APP is not comprehensive, and there are fewer users who can experience it. 

This is far from the Metaverse social vision that everyone mentioned in Meta CEO Zuckerberg’s speech that people can use smart watches or smart glasses to “go to the sky”, and even realize people in the virtual world and people in the real world can communicate with each other on the phone. . How to make a Metaverse social APP adapt to different hardware like WeChat is also a difficult problem for social manufacturers. 

03Testing the waters of “Metaverse Socialism”, domestic and foreign giants are looking for new ways to socialize

Despite these shortcomings, tech giants are still actively deploying the Metaverse social track. After carefully reviewing the recent actions of domestic Tencent, ByteDance, foreign Meta, Snap and other social giants, we found that the big manufacturers have made different choices on how to achieve social transformation. 

As the big brother of the social Internet, Tencent is adding some 3D elements based on the existing situation of its two major social products QQ and WeChat through small changes and fine -tuning, so as to connect with the social media of the Metaverse. 

If we talk about the earliest virtual digital people in memory, I don’t know how many people think of QQ show. In the memory of the post-80s and post-90s, creating a glittering QQ show is one of the reasons why many people become QQ members. 

Today, with the upsurge of “Metaverse”, QQ show has been upgraded to a 3D version of virtual digital human. According to the information disclosed on the official website, in the version update on January 11, QQ built a 100M Unreal Engine module to provide more exquisite digital people. 

The explosion is so cool, why can't the social media of the Metaverse get up?

▲QQ Xiaowo

At the same time, WeChat has also begun to emphasize its “presence attribute”. Although there is no 3D virtual digital human like Gel, new interaction methods such as WeChat Farm and WeChat Status provide a new “presence method” between people. “. 

Meta, which also owns a number of social software, has not forgotten its basic business, social software, in addition to investing heavily in hardware such as VR headsets. 

Meta not only launched the Metaverse social software “Horizon”, but also plans to launch a new version of “Horizon” based on Web XR, so that people can experience the charm of Metaverse social interaction on different devices as soon as possible. 

The explosion is so cool, why can't the social media of the Metaverse get up?

Both ByteDance and Snap, who are sitting on the No. 1 chair of the traffic entrance , choose to invest money to find the entry key to the Metaverse social era. 

ByteDance first invested in a virtual digital human company, and then on January 27, ByteDance also launched an island-like APP, “Party Island”. At present, “Party Island” is still in a closed beta stage, and only a very small number of people can experience it. 

Snap’s shot is even more generous. In 2021 alone, Snap has acquired six AR companies in order to get a ticket to Metaverse Social. 

It can be seen that some social players plan to create a brand-new social software, step by step, to connect with the Metaverse, while some social giants hope to gradually “transform” existing products into social software that can be adapted to the 3D Internet. 

The initial layout of the “Metaverse” by the social giants is a little different, and maybe 10 years later, they will take a completely different path and create their own completely different Metaverse social ecology.

04 Conclusion: Metaverse socialization, it is too early

Taking advantage of the Metaverse’s tuyere, more and more manufacturers aim at the social track of the Metaverse, and have launched a variety of social software such as Hiron, Little Iceland, and Jelly. But at the same time, the Metaverse social software is essentially an upgrade or 3D transformation of some old gameplay, and it does not meet some rigid needs of users. 

With the normalization of the epidemic, the communication between people has gradually mainly passed through the Internet to transmit more information, and the number of people online and the time spent online have surged. On the other hand, WeChat, QQ, DingTalk and other social software have not had much version and gameplay updates in the past 10 years, and social gameplay has also entered a period of burnout, and many users are actively trying new social software. 

Overall, the Metaverse social interaction is still in the relatively early stage, and there is still a long way to go before it becomes even hotter. 

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