The exchange NFT segment could be the new infrastructure for e-commerce

Later use blockchain to realize decentralized e-commerce platform, open store that is mining, buy buy buy that is mining, double 11, 618, double mining.

Back in 2014, the Bitcoin community began discussing a project called OpenBazaar (abbreviated as OB below), wanting to make a decentralized Taobao. In early 2016 OB released the first available node software and I opened a store on it.

After more than 5 years of development, by now the project’s influence is almost gone.

Last year the developers of OB made an announcement that they were giving up on the project because of funding issues. Later, with the donation of the BCH community, the OB project was maintained again.

E-commerce is one of the biggest application scenarios of the Internet, which is currently designed with a centralized architecture. Blockchain enthusiasts have been coveting this market for a long time and have been trying to adopt a decentralized design to reconfigure e-commerce.

Now various exchanges are starting to hit the NFT track, coinan has gone live with an NFT board, and opensea has been operating for a long time. Go in the exchange open NFT board, which is a typical e-commerce platform, only now selling electronic artwork. The next step is to replace these electronic artworks with real paper and frames for paintings and sculptures. Having come this far, isn’t that an e-commerce platform?

And will these NFT platforms evolve further to capture today’s e-commerce business? In terms of general trends, the idea of decentralization will definitely go to try to change more of the way humans live.

Cryptographic digital currencies have changed the way we look at money and wealth, and DeFi has added a new dynamic to the financial world. There’s no reason why blockchain shouldn’t fxxk up e-commerce and get a little social. The most important modules in the design of e-commerce platforms (Taobao, Amazon, Jindo) are information display, guaranteed payment, evaluation system and logistics system. The information display piece is the easiest to achieve, and it’s easy to design using a decentralized approach. However, to achieve the artificial intelligence recommendation and complex traffic business of the current e-commerce platform, this is not a decentralized ability.

However, this actually annoys a lot of buyers and sellers, and there may exist a market space that does not want these things. oB has successfully implemented guaranteed payments, and OB has used multiple signature payments and a decentralized arbitration market to successfully implement the awarding of penalties when buyers and sellers disagree. With Ether’s smart contract system, guaranteed payment that’s even easier. But the evaluation system of e-commerce is important, and this has not yet found a decentralized solution.

The e-commerce platform has to rely on the rule of law system in addition to its own adoption of centralized and strong power to rectify counterfeit goods, brush orders, water army, and professional bad reviewers. The Taobao platform often explodes with extortion cases taking bad reviewers to court. This want to find a decentralized solution, so difficult.

In the technical framework of the blockchain, users can exist completely anonymously, think about fake goods, professional bad reviewers these problems is insoluble. But you can do acquaintance business ah. Logistics system to also not difficult, Shunfeng will not care whether you are the blockchain e-commerce express or Taobao express. So I feel that from the technical implementation, the use of blockchain to achieve decentralized e-commerce is definitely not a natural rift.

Blockchain also has a more powerful advantage, is the decentralized equity distribution system. In e-commerce, we have to solve the problem of whether there is a chicken (merchant) or an egg (buyer) first. Taobao is initially tilted to the merchants, so that the merchants rise, Jindo is tilted to the first buyers, are done up. But after the e-commerce business is done, merchants and users do not enjoy the equity dividend of the platform, but become the pigs to be slaughtered by the platform, although they are the most important resources for the platform.

The “mining” model of the blockchain world is the biggest decentralized killer. “The company’s deposits can be mined and loans are mined, making the company the largest commercial bank in the defi. defi is a variety of mining, all of which is the shareholderization of the user.

Perhaps in the future, the NFT on Coinan will sell paintings that are mining, and buy paintings that are also mining. In the future, use blockchain to realize decentralized e-commerce platform, open a store that is mining, buy buy buy that is mining, double 11, 618, double mining. Really make the world no difficult business.

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