The establishment and reflection of DAO: Why set up a DAO for developers?

Cedge DAO decided to become an autonomous organization for developers, so that developers can enjoy the results brought about by the development of the entire blockchain industry.

This is an article that has been delayed for a long time. It should have been written at the beginning of DAO.

As I communicated with more and more developers, I realized multiple social identities and demands, and DAO did not escape the vortex of struggle for interests. With a series of experiences and hearsay events, this article was born.

The essence of human beings is the sum of social relations, and the people in DAO create closer social connections, which virtually adds more “people”.

The establishment and reflection of DAO: Why set up a DAO for developers?

About DAO

I understand that DAO comes from the cryptocurrency community. Bitcoin can use code to ensure the issuance mechanism. The birth of Ethereum has allowed more developers to see the opportunity to use code to ensure the trust relationship of work.

From The DAO, an interest in decentralized ways of expressing self-rights.

From the establishment process of MetaCartel, an idea from Peter. Accompanied by several like-minded community developers, after 2 weeks of discussion, a Demo was developed at the Denver Conference.

In short, based on some codes, these codes reduce the cost of trust by increasing transparency. Let everyone work together better. This is a more flexible way to improve basic efficiency in the digital society, reducing the threshold for more companies to be established.

Of course, it is very interesting to get together with a group of interesting people. The essence of human beings is the sum of social relations, and the people in DAO create closer social connections, which invisibly adds more ” people”.

About Cedge DAO

I am very happy to see that the establishment of Cedge seems to be orthodox. An interesting product IDEA, a WEB 3.0 guardian tool, a group of small partners who are willing to contribute to this tool, and investment from venture capital companies. Manager, DeFi project product manager, back-end development of the public chain, a series of people with different backgrounds participate. After participating in several hackathons, I guess we might be an interesting group of people.

After cooperating with many hackathons, in DeFi Summer, I realized that doing things with interesting people is the best way to gain personal development in the industry.

  1. Blockchain is a comprehensive industry, and what is needed is the comprehensive ability of people. Currently, people with extensive experience in the company are usually professionals, and they do not have the opportunity to improve other abilities in an organized manner.
  2. People in the blockchain industry know that investment returns are far greater than wages, and those who only have wages may not spend a lot of energy on project innovation.
  3. The deep understanding of the technology comes from the development of yourself instead of reading the documentation. Ethereum (the entire blockchain) is a dark forest, and there are more unknown pits waiting for everyone to step on.

So Cedge decided to make a BULID for developers.

The purpose is based on my judgment of the future world, so that every developer can enjoy the benefits of the entire blockchain (token revenue) instead of just wages.

The establishment and reflection of DAO: Why set up a DAO for developers?

Appendix 1: Reflections on the project system within the DAO

Just like the birth of the company system, the DAO system is also to adapt to the current economic operation mode, making it more flexible and transparent. The emergence of digital nomads is an important booster for the development of DAO, but at present, it is impossible for a DAO to be participated by pure DAO friends. Some DAO friends may also have multiple identities from the company. When a DAO idea is born and has a certain economic return, the DAO system and corporate system groups will compete for this economic behavior. In the face of most ideas that use information monopoly as a way to obtain income, the DAO system is transparent And fairness will be surpassed by the centralized company system (the interests of DAO friends are plagiarized by other DAO friends).

Therefore, under the DAO system idea, it is more suitable for project development in the form of honor and prestige and community governance, rather than commercial projects. Therefore, we agree that DAO members will develop more projects based on chain infrastructure, or supplement the peripheral plug-ins of the project in the form of hackathons, so as to enhance the industry reputation and development capabilities of DAO members.

When friends in Cedge DAO initiate some commercial projects and even have information barrier projects, it is more recommended to publish in the form of foundations and laboratories.

Appendix 2: Cedge DAO’s comprehensive openness reflection

DAO is a people-based organization. In the process of participating in the organization of DAO in the past, following the development of DAO, I found that DAO is divided into different modules, such as investment, product, community, etc. DAO members engaged in a single job have gradually lost the right to understand other parts of the DAO. A front-end developer of a DAO does not know what investment the DAO is making. In fact, the benefits of such a front-end developer in the DAO are far less than the same time spent in the company. Therefore, we hope that based on some positive information, DAO’s information exchange is in a transparent state, whether it is Hackathon information, staking information, or technical information discussed by others in the DAO, all DAO friends can learn freely.

Appendix 3: The detours we have traveled

I misunderstood the meaning of publicity, Jixi and the decentralized group generated by the number of DAO members, multi-centralized communication. In fact, this is anti-human. It is an inappropriate way for us to actively invite others to join. We put the DAO in a passive position instead of attracting others to participate with a good DAO itself. The invitee will think that it is the entire DAO begging everyone to join, which will lead to injustices in the DAO access system, and these injustices will lead to pressure and escape from DAO members.

Cedge DAO is currently undergoing the first DAO rectification, so stay tuned.

Written by: 0xmiracle, member of Cedge DAO


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