The entire network exploded $850 million BTC hold the $30,000 mark

BTC bottomed out and rallied, and the bottom was solidified again after a short term success in recovering $30,000.

Important news:

  1. Goldman Sachs started trading on JPMorgan’s repo blockchain network.
  2. PayPal and Visa joined Blockchain Capital’s $300 million venture fund.
  3. U.S. Treasury nominee Nelson: will prioritize the implementation of cryptocurrency regulatory rules.
  4. MicroStrategy’s latest bond falls below par on bitcoin sell-off.
  5. Grayscale CEO: You’re crying while I’m buying.
  6. Theta mainnet v3.0.0 code released, hard fork upgrade to launch on June 30.
  7. Senator Lummis supports cryptocurrency regulation: “I want a level playing field”.
  8. Fed Chairman Powell: Fed won’t preemptively raise interest rates, 5% inflation is unacceptable, digital ID is part of the discussion about digital currency.
    9.Bakkt launched a crypto debit card that allows customers to make retail purchases using cryptocurrencies.
    10.Uniswap has hired Mary-Catherine Lader as its first Chief Operating Officer.
    11.Norway’s financial regulator issued a warning to consumers about cryptocurrencies, saying they need a legal framework to protect consumers.
  9. Digital asset bank Wyoming Deposit & Transfer (WDT) has been granted a banking license by the Wyoming Department of Banking.
    13.Iranian police have confiscated 7,000 mining machines used for illegal cryptocurrency mining.

Market Roundup.

According to statistics from Golden Fruit, the total amount of bursts across the network in the past 24 hours was $850 million. The largest blowout order was a BTC perpetual long blowout worth $3.6 million, which occurred on the BitMEX exchange. The contract exchange with the highest blowout amount was the Bybit exchange, with a blowout amount of $374 million.

BTC stopped falling in the short term and opened a rally, and if it stabilizes at 33300 during the day it can be seen up to 34700.

According to OKEx investment research analysis, yesterday BTC continued to drop in volume after being blocked at 33300 in the morning, falling below 31000 and 30000 integer hurdles in a row. The single-hour retaliatory release at 8:00 pm made the coin price once fall below the daily level bottom of 29000, but the subsequent bottoming funds entered and the price quickly stood back to the key position of 31000. As of now, although the buying has weakened briefly after the coin price broke through 33300, the shorts apparently do not have the will to continue selling. Fundamentally, all kinds of recent shortages have not effectively pressed the coin price below 29000, and with the short term rally opening, the panic disc is gradually shrinking. Investors need to pay attention to the short term support of 33300 during the day, not to break the probability to continue to test 34700 or even 36500, or continue to pay attention to the effectiveness of 31000 support. On the current form, short-term continue to bearish or need to be cautious, it is recommended that should be mainly bullish.

ETH in all the way down to 1700 integer mark, ushered in the rebound, from the historical effectiveness of the point, with a very strong support, break down for a small probability event. The resistance can be temporarily focused on 2050 and 2160. SOL rebounded stronger after falling to 20, the upper resistance can be temporarily seen to 33.5, short-term support focus on 25.6. DOT rebound is relatively weak, the upper resistance temporarily focus on 18.5, support focus on 14.9.

According to CoinGecko data, an international third-party statistical agency, the OEOKEx platform 24-hour contract trading volume of $38.5 billion.

Huobi Exchange.

BTC bottoming out and rebounding during the day, focus on 36000 and 31000 breakout in the afternoon

According to Huobi Global Station data, BTC suddenly dropped last evening after trading sideways around 31,500 USDDT, reaching a low of 28,800 USDDT, below the 519 plunge low. During the night multiple parties started to fight back, pulling the price up again above 32000USDT at almost the same speed, and the trading volume in the evening and night was significantly higher than the recent average. From the daily level, BTC closed a medium negative line with a long lower shadow yesterday, and although it touched a new low after the 519 crash, the volume was only half of what it was then; today’s K-line is now a medium positive line and forming a bullish engulfment.

Four-hour level, the recent EMA10 formed an obvious pressure, this morning K-line consecutive breakthrough EMA5, EMA10, EMA20, EMA5 or will form a golden cross with EMA10; K-line upward breakthrough of the middle rail of the Bollinger band, the Bollinger band has a closing trend; price rebound has some momentum, or will be at the end of the rebound shock for a period of time. Last night MACD line through the signal line, but both are negative, the price downward pressure tends to slow down. RSI showed the bottom exhaustion action, and broke through the downtrend line and is approaching 50, the market is returning from oversold state. The market is returning from an oversold state. The market will continue to rise in the afternoon and the breakout above 36,000 USDT and the support below 31,000 USDT.

According to the Firecoin Global Station data, ETH also experienced a V-shaped bottoming out last night, reaching as low as 1700 USDT, before starting to rise this morning. The four-hour level, the K-line continuous breakthrough EMA5 and EMA10, EMA5 may form a golden cross with EMA10; K-line close to the middle rail of the Bollinger band, Bollinger band opening slightly contracted, the price trend remains to be seen. MACD line through the signal line, but both are negative, the price downward pressure tends to slow. In the afternoon, we will continue to pay attention to the continuation of the rising market and the breakthrough of 2270USDT above and the support of 1700USDT below.

In terms of contracts, the big data of the Firecoin contract shows that the BTC contract position decreased slightly, the turnover decreased slightly, and the contract market was not active. The basis difference of the delivery contract increased slightly.

The ETH contract position decreased slightly, the volume decreased slightly, and the contract market was inactive. Spreads on delivery contracts increased slightly. Exchange perpetual contract trading data: BTC fell below $29,000 overnight, watch out if the market rally can stabilize

According to contract trading data, as of 10:15 on June 23, the BTC/USDT perpetual contract was quoted at $33,772.05, while the spot was quoted at $33,820.63.

The BTC/USDT perpetual contract funding rate (only listed in the 8-hourly settlement) is 08:00.

The BTC/USDT perpetual contract funding rate (8-hourly settlement only) was (-0.000169) at 08:00 and (0.000055) at 00:00 of the previous session.

The BTC/USDT perpetual contract has a long/short ratio of 44.73%:55.27% in 30 minutes, with total positions and transactions reaching 20,347,896 USDT,

From the 30-minute line, the BTC contract price took another setback to the downside last night, but in the

After stepping back below $29,000 during the night, the “bottoming out” sentiment gradually rose, and then it rebounded all the way to $34,000 above

After falling back to consolidation, the trend continued upward resulting in MACD indicator double line in the morning after a brief intersection of bonding again toward the dispersion of the run, the short-term is still by more

Military dominant position, but in view of the continued increase in retracement pressure, and the overall market policy environment for the time being no real change, the market if not stabilized in

If the market does not stabilize above the $33,000 mark, the intraday market still has a greater possibility of retracement, and the recent market volatility has increased, so please pay attention to risk control operations. perpetual contract quotes (up or down to 24H system display) BTC: $33,772.05 (+3.52%); rate (-0.000169)

ETH: $1994.85 (+2.35%); rate (-0.000133)

DOT: $16.13 (-0.97%); rate (0.000077) XRP: $0.5892 (-5.36%); rate (0.000052) DOGE: $0.2077 (+6.17%); rate (0.000042)

Contract market data.

  1. Volume, positions on each exchange.

The market has shown a slight rebound in BTC over the past 24 hours, with simultaneous contraction in volume and positions across exchanges.

The entire network exploded 0 million BTC hold the ,000 mark
The entire network exploded 0 million BTC hold the ,000 mark

Long/short ratio of positions on major exchanges

OKEx long/short ratio: The long/short ratio started to retrace within 24 hours, with the value oscillating back from 1.17 to around 1.11.

Bianace long-short ratio: The number of long-short positions continued to fall in the 24-hour period, currently falling from 2.11 to 1.41.

Among the elite accounts of the three exchanges, OKEx and Huobi Exchange are short dominant while Bianace Exchange is long dominant.

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