The end of the universe is Tieling The end of the Metaverse is on the bottom of the sea

The end of the world is Tieling, and the end of the Internet is the Metaverse.

Metaverse is on fire

This year the concept of “Meta Universe” was written into the prospectus, causing a surge in stock prices and detonating the technology and capital circles. After that, the concept and articles on “Meta Universe” quickly flooded various media and became the hot word of the year. But many people started to gibberish without knowing what the meta universe was.

In fact, Metaverse itself is not a new word. In 1992, the concept of Metaverse was born in the best-selling book “Avalanche.” The book depicts a huge virtual reality world. In the real world, the male protagonist is a little brother who delivers food. When he arrives in the virtual world, he becomes a superhero. This virtual world is the meta universe.

The end of the universe is Tieling The end of the Metaverse is on the bottom of the sea

We all have fantasies about how powerful we are and how easy we are to live. We are in control of all the protagonists. This fantasy is the “meta universe” with our brains as the material carrier.

In the real world, it is a digital universe, a parallel world.

However, in the past two to three decades, Metaverse has been a tepid word. Not many people know it, and the market has not paid much attention to it. Why has it suddenly become popular this year?

This is also related to the popularity of VR/AR technology in previous years. The rapid development of cloud computing, chips, 5G, and artificial intelligence technology has also stimulated the concept of meta-universe revival; it is the development of technology in recent years that provides support for the realization of meta-universe.

Therefore, Metaverse is based on digital technology and is inseparable from IT and CT technology.

The end of the universe is Tieling The end of the Metaverse is on the bottom of the sea

This is how technology develops. People who put forward concepts early are lunatics; those who seize the opportunity and put them forward are geniuses.

Roughly speaking, Metaverse includes several technologies-chip technology, network communication technology, virtual reality technology (VR/AR/MR/XR), game technology (game engine, game code, multimedia resources), AI Artificial intelligence technology, blockchain technology.

With the help of a set of high-tech equipment that contains a combination of display technology and sensor technology, you can enter the virtual world; your consciousness thinks that you have passed through, but your body is still in the real world.

In this virtual world, you can create, entertain, display, socialize, trade, and work. Many things that cannot be achieved in the real world can be achieved through the digital universe.

Data center, the heart of the meta universe

However, to support the operation of the huge meta-universe, extremely powerful computing power and algorithms are necessary.

And what is the basis of computing power and algorithms? It’s a data center! (Abbreviated as IDC)

The development of the Internet has directly brought mankind into an era of information explosion. Massive data has changed all aspects of traditional business, scientific research, and daily life.

With the rise of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, the data center has also become a very popular concept. Whether in the communications industry, financial industry, IT industry, or government departments, the four words data center can be seen everywhere.

Jack Ma has always said that our world will soon enter the DT era from the IT era, and DT actually refers to the world of data.

To enter the DT era, it is inseparable from the most popular data center.

As of the end of 2020, the total scale of in-use data center racks in my country has reached 3.15 million, with an average annual growth rate of more than 30% in the past five years; more than 180 large-scale or larger data centers are planned to be built, and the scale of racks exceeds 3 million, maintaining continuous Growth momentum. It is estimated that in 2021, the total scale of data center racks in use in my country will reach 5.87 million, and the scale of data center racks above large will exceed 4.5 million.

The end of the universe is Tieling The end of the Metaverse is on the bottom of the sea

Human activities generate data all the time. Your activity trajectory is data, your body changes are data, your words are data, and your every move can be quantified with data.

In the past, relevant data was in the past tense, but now these data can be saved in the data center in real time.

For example, the transaction information generated by your mobile payment and consumption every day can be stored in the data center in real time. Throughout the year, these transaction information has formed a huge amount of data. Through statistics of these data, you can analyze your consumption habits, consumption time, consumption category, and accurately portray your portrait.

The prerequisite for realizing this statistical analysis is to establish a data center that stores your personal data.

The end of the universe is Tieling The end of the Metaverse is on the bottom of the sea

The same is true for the meta-universe. In order to achieve a high degree of simulation and high intercommunication between the virtual world and the real world, and even become the ultimate form of the Internet and even digital technology, its stable operation depends on huge data operations and storage, and the data center is undoubtedly true The heart of the meta universe in the sense.

If roads, houses, and bridges are the infrastructure of the real world, then the data center is the infrastructure of the virtual world of Metaverse.

Without computing power, without a data center, Meta Universe is just a nonsense concept.

Submarine data center, the big blue ocean in the field of science and technology

To do this, Meta Universe must have a data center with strong computing power and guaranteed security.

But for data centers, energy consumption has always been a big problem, especially in the context of carbon neutrality.

The proportion of electricity consumption in the industry, the traditional big electricity users, 8% of steel, 8% of non-ferrous metals, 6% of chemical industry, 2% of textiles, and 2% of rubber and plastics. The less conspicuous data center will account for the total electricity consumption in 2021. 3% of total electricity consumption in society! It is a proper energy consumer.

The end of the universe is Tieling The end of the Metaverse is on the bottom of the sea

The data center has an indicator that is used to measure energy consumption and emissions. It is called PUE, which is the power usage efficiency. The smaller the number, the more environmentally friendly. The limit is to achieve PUE=1, which represents the maximum efficiency.

At present, there are two types of systems (air-cooled and water-cooled) in land data centers, and the PUE is 1.55 and 1.35 respectively.

The end of the universe is Tieling The end of the Metaverse is on the bottom of the sea

On July 14 this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Three-year Action Plan for the Development of New Data Centers (2021-2023).” Among them, it is proposed that the PUE of newly-built large-scale and above data centers should be reduced to below 1.3, and that in severe cold and cold areas, we will strive to reduce it to below 1.25.

The end of the universe is Tieling The end of the Metaverse is on the bottom of the sea

But what is the reality? Since 2019, the PUE of newly-built data centers is mostly between 1.3-1.4, and the upper limit of the PUE of the reconstructed data center is 1.6, while the current domestic average PUE is 2.2.

The end of the universe is Tieling The end of the Metaverse is on the bottom of the sea

In other words, none of the current data centers on land can reach the index below PUE1.3!

Even if it is like Ali, pushing the data center to the bottom of Qiandao Lake, the actual effect of water cooling is not very good, because the area is not enough, the fluidity of the water is not enough, and the cooling effect is limited. At the same time, liquid cooling on land actually requires enough liquid cooling cabinets, plus related equipment, its PUE far exceeds 1.3 .

The end of the universe is Tieling The end of the Metaverse is on the bottom of the sea

However, since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology puts forward the goal of reducing the PUE to below 1.3, it shows that there is still a solution.

At present, the best way is to engage in submarine data centers .

In short, it is sinking the data center into the ocean floor, using the heat dissipation technology originally developed for submarines, and using the low water temperature of the ocean floor to dissipate heat for the data center.

In 2014, Microsoft began to study the feasibility of placing the data center underwater. Over the past few years, the experimental data of the subsea data center has shown advantages far beyond the land.

The end of the universe is Tieling The end of the Metaverse is on the bottom of the sea

First of all, through heat exchange with seawater and using flowing seawater to dissipate heat from IT facilities, energy and resources are effectively saved. Therefore, the PUE value of the submarine data center can be controlled below 1.1, which is infinitely close to the theoretical value of 1, and can fully meet the energy consumption requirement below 1.3.

Second, the failure rate is extremely low. Electronic equipment is not suitable for working in the environment of human life. Oxygen and moisture in the air are not conducive to electronic equipment. These substances can cause parts to corrode and eventually lead to server failure.

Placing the data center underwater can undoubtedly create a relatively stable environment, and its failure rate is only 1/8 of the failure rate on shore.

In 2020, the Microsoft Sealed Submersible was salvaged and placed on the bottom of the sea for 4 years without any failure.

Moreover, the construction period only needs 90 days, while the entire construction period of the land data center is about 400 days, so the cost of construction and maintenance is very low.

In addition, placing a data center on the seabed can greatly save land costs . A cabinet covers an area of ​​about 4 square meters. A large Internet company like Ali Tencent has hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands of cabinets. The rent on the seabed is comparable to that of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The rent in a place with an inch of land and an inch of gold is not known how many times cheaper.

Someone has done calculations before, and the operating cost of a single cabinet for a year will save RMB 12,408 on the seabed compared to a land-based data center. For example, Baosight Software has 180,000 cabinets. If all of them are replaced by subsea data centers, the annual cost savings will be 2.23 billion. You know, Baoxin’s annual net profit last year was only 1.2 billion.

It is not difficult to understand from this that the submarine data center spans the two tracks of meta-universe and carbon neutrality, the heart of meta-universe and the soul of carbon neutrality.

The end of the universe is Tieling The end of the Metaverse is on the bottom of the sea

At the same time, the submarine data center project was also included in the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Marine Economic Development in Hainan Province (2021-2025)” as a major project and included in the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the Construction of a Digital Province in Shandong Province”, and “Xiamen “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Marine Economic Development”, “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Marine Economic Development of Guangdong Province”.

It is estimated that in 2022, the scale of my country’s data center business market will exceed 320 billion yuan, and it will enter a new round of outbreak period. Even if there is no meta-universe concept, in the current era of big data, the demand for data centers will only increase and there will only be more and more data, so the requirements for related infrastructure will naturally rise.

Coupled with the technical advantages of high power density and green energy saving of the submarine data center, it perfectly meets the requirements of dual control of carbon and energy consumption, and the market space can be imagined.

At present, there are only two companies in the world that can do subsea data center business, one in the United States, and Microsoft. The other is in China.

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