The end of the era of no regulation means the return of the bull market

Market sentiment will get lower and lower the more you shake, just be patient and wait for a change in the market.

The chairman of the U.S. Financial Services Commission said that a thorough examination of the cryptocurrency market will begin to ensure that ordinary investors are not exposed to the risk of manipulation and fraud. The US FinCEN has made cryptocurrencies a national priority, regulating all illegal practices in cryptocurrencies. The US attitude towards cryptocurrencies basically indicates that the era of no regulation of cryptocurrencies is over, and in the future both exchanges and project parties will be included in the regulatory framework by the good old US. Each country will also introduce its own regulatory plan one after another. When the world regulates cryptocurrencies, it means that cryptocurrencies will become legal and compliant investments, and that time will be the heyday of the crypto industry, and all investment institutions can enter and participate with confidence. The brief pain today is also the inevitable way to the light.

Nexon, a game company, has lost 4.5 billion yen in 2 months in bitcoin invested by its Japanese headquarters, losing 40% of its principal, which can be considered a heavy loss. This is what many people say, cryptocurrencies are extremely risky, and for us, this risk is the same. The Japanese government, for its part, said that even if El Salvador recognizes bitcoin as legal tender, Japan still does not recognize bitcoin as a foreign currency, which is basically the same as not recognizing El Salvador as a sovereign state, and little Japan is talking too wildly and waiting to make a fool of itself.

Financial advisory firm Betterment is considering launching a cryptocurrency portfolio, the company has roughly $30 billion in assets under management, not great, but flies are meat.

Thai real estate company Sansiri accepts cryptocurrency payments, and currently does not support foreigners paying with cryptocurrencies, for the same reason that foreign exchange controls are still in place and the era of global cryptocurrency commonality is getting closer.

The management company of the Soros Fund has given the green light for bitcoin trading in recent weeks, and its fund has started trading bitcoin, another big family of financial giants has entered, and the market is getting more complicated as it gets bigger.

The managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore said it would not stop the growth of cryptocurrencies, and after hinting at the risks yesterday, it said it didn’t care, this is very Singapore, a small island of financial freedom.

NYDIG placed a full-page bitcoin ad in the Wall Street Journal, though the impact has been minor because there are already enough investors in the U.S. Conversely, it would have been more effective if it had been placed in some countries with less popularity. For example, only 1% of Portugal’s population made crypto investments in 2020, and 1% would be a huge upside if it rose to 15%.

The first employee of Coinbase and founder of Polychain Capital spent $28.5 million on a mansion in Los Angeles. Early investors in the crypto market have made a lot of money due to the growth of the crypto industry, we are still in the mid-term and there are many opportunities ahead.

USDT’s share in the stable coin market dropped to about 50%, which is mainly due to the rising share of USDC. In the future, USDC is likely to surpass USDT, so if you pursue the stability and security of stable coins, you may want to consider using USDC, which is a 1:1 anchored stable coin regulated by the US.

Firecoin OTC issued a new announcement, all OTC bought assets need 24 hours to withdraw coins, and some users’ OTC bought need 36 hours to withdraw coins. This shortfall is far lower than expected. The previous expectation of an outright shutdown did not occur, and the landing was a short-term positive.

Bitcoin exchange supply ratio has reached the lowest level in nearly 6 months, the supply continues to decrease, the current chain data continues to show the accumulation of signals, only relatively slow, indicating that supply and demand is still relatively balanced, the overall is in a slow build cycle, so the large oscillation pattern remains unchanged.

Panic 28, pretty good.

Market Analysis


Bitcoin anchor coin circulation exceeded 260,000, more and more bitcoins for Defi use, plus value storage and lost bitcoins, overall supply still continues to decrease, long term bullish. Short-term is still in a large box oscillation, 31000 has some support, 36000 is short-term pressure, repeatedly tossed on the line.


Ether 2.0 collateral number is close to 6 million, lockout continues, patiently wait for the upgrade in July, in the meantime, the overall will be stronger than the big pie.


Recently began to be some attention, or yesterday that strategy, small level if there is a burst of pull, chase in, shock market we will not participate.


Go not strong, linkage.


Continue to oscillate at high levels.


Can hold for now.


Short-term weakness, linkage oscillation.


Mask came shouting again, shouting like a mad dog, but in fact has shouted not move, this coin is also difficult to have any big breakthrough, it is not recommended to go after high.

The end of the era of no regulation means the return of the bull market


Now the chain trading volume, only BSC and Polygon can exceed the Ether, and Polygon’s token is Matic, so there is still some expectation, at least for now, the L2 leader is still him.

Other than that, the market sentiment will be the more shocking the lower, patiently wait for the change on the line.

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