The digital human industry is poised to take off, how will 8.8 digital break through in the second half of the Metaverse?

“Metaverse” seems to have become a new hot spot in the past two years. In the process of the death of giants and the accelerated construction of Web 3.0, as the link between virtual and reality, the virtual digital human who is most closely connected with people’s daily life is expected to become a more “value” industry in the Metaverse industry chain. According to the “2022 China Virtual Human Industry Commercialization Research Report” released by iiMedia Research in April this year, 16+ virtual human companies have completed financing of more than one million yuan.

Nanjing 8.8 Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2014 and is one of the largest virtual human technology teams in Jiangsu. According to Tianyancha , in April, 8.8 figures received nearly 10 million yuan in Pre-A round financing; in June, the company received several million yuan in Pre-A+ round financing; recently, 36氪 learned from 8.8 figures A new round of financing is currently under negotiation, and it plans to raise 50 million yuan, mainly for market promotion, technology research and development, etc. Why is the 8.8 number frequently favored by capital? 36Kr conducted an exclusive interview with Geng Guangxing, founder and CEO of 8.8 Digital.

“The reason why we started with virtual humans is that 8.8 figures believe that the most difficult technology and the most important fulcrum in the entire Metaverse are virtual humans. At present, virtual humans have been proven to be commercialized. To lay out the Metaverse is consistent with our earliest concept of creating an infinite world.” Geng Guangxing said.

8 years of deep cultivation of vertical track, accumulation and thin development

As a technology-based enterprise with full-link technology solutions for virtual human, 8.8 Digital has focused on the vertical track of virtual digital human since its establishment. Geng Guangxing said frankly that in the past 8 years, 8.8 Digital has built a complete virtual human technology team. “For us, the development and creation of virtual digital humans is not a new business. From the design of virtual images, the construction of scenes, and the interaction with artificial intelligence AI, these are our basic skills. With the blessing of the Metaverse concept, Let us stand at a new development node.”

The digital human industry is poised to take off, how will 8.8 digital break through in the second half of the Metaverse?

8.8 Digital related cooperation cases

Relying on technical capabilities and service standards such as self-developed virtual human video + live broadcast creation platform, self-owned motion capture studio + XR shooting studio, 8.8 Digits started a virtual world exploration journey under the background of the Metaverse, successively with ByteDance , NetEase, Lilith, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Estee Lauder, China Comservice, China Telecom and other customers to cooperate to provide virtual human-related services for 500+ customers such as cultural tourism, entertainment, government and enterprises, brands, film and television, and games.

“Human” is the core element of the Metaverse

Not long ago, the celebrity virtual person “Gao Yuanyuan” became the spokesperson of Clinique’s global brand with a new identity . “Gao Yuanyuan” comes from the hand of the figure of eight.8. What is more noteworthy is that long before the star virtual person “Gao Yuanyuan”, the virtual digital human IP “Jiu Li” created by 8.8 Digital has also become a benchmark in the industry.

“We want to create an AI creation and sharing platform for virtual human 3D content and live events. To achieve this goal, the first thing is to focus on virtual human.”

The digital human industry is poised to take off, how will 8.8 digital break through in the second half of the Metaverse?

As Geng Guangxing said, “people” are the core of building the Metaverse and the bridge between the real world and the virtual world.However, in order for the virtual digital human to have the facial features and body interaction of people in the real world, it is necessary to deeply polish the technical aspects such as facial recognition and motion capture. “The core technology research and development of each sector has been accumulated for a long time, especially the research and development breakthroughs in the underlying technology, the accumulation of technology in the AI ​​computing layer, and a lot of technological innovations in the real-time rendering layer.”

The digital human industry is poised to take off, how will 8.8 digital break through in the second half of the Metaverse?

8.8 Digital self-developed virtual digital human IP “Juli”

According to the data of research institutions, the overall market size of my country’s virtual digital human industry is expected to continue to grow and reach 270.3 billion yuan in 2030. Among them, identity-based virtual digital human will occupy a dominant position, with a total scale of about 174.72 billion yuan, and service-based virtual digital human beings will occupy a dominant position. The development of people is relatively stable, with a total scale of about 95.54 billion yuan. According to 8.8 digital public data, in 2022, the company’s virtual human business Q1 sales will reach 10.6994 million yuan.

The digital human industry is poised to take off, how will 8.8 digital break through in the second half of the Metaverse?

8.8 digital platform product interface

Geng Guangxing revealed that in terms of virtual human asset content, 8.8 Digital has achieved a high degree of process flow, and the cycle has been reduced from several months to an average of 7 days per piece. The standardized virtual human video content has also achieved 30-second medium-high precision dance beauty short video production. , The output only takes 7 hours. “In the future, the application scenarios of virtual digital humans will be more abundant, and live e-commerce, online recruitment, and online diagnosis and treatment will all be expected to become possible, realizing the digital and intelligent transformation of services and marketing.”

Create a virtual human full-link service platform

On the evening of July 25, the sci-fi action movie “Mechanical Player” used virtual avatars to hold an immersive Metaverse meeting in the high-simulation virtual theater of the 8.8 digital X-Men platform. The Metaverse Cinema Gallery has also added a limited-edition digital collection for “Mechanical Players” and a 1,000-piece welfare collection area. All the meeting sessions are fully interactive in the virtual space. This is the first Metaverse live broadcast event in China that truly realizes the interaction of immersive XR virtual and real scenes since the concept of the Metaverse exploded. It will undoubtedly become an important milestone in the development history of the domestic Metaverse.

The digital human industry is poised to take off, how will 8.8 digital break through in the second half of the Metaverse?

Geng Guangxing said that the X-Men platform creates a general solution for the industry through the “people and goods yard” way of thinking. The platform consists of six modules: anthropomorphic system, editing system, video system, live broadcast system, social system, and asset system, which are mainly divided into three major parts. A series of application scenarios: X-Men Live is mainly aimed at the application scenarios of Metaverse live broadcasting, realizing the migration of offline activities to online; X-Men Video is oriented towards virtual IP incubation application scenarios, users can create unique digital human IP according to their own needs, enrich The form of brand communication in order to achieve a wider range of brand communication; X-Men AI is oriented to the application scenario of virtual customer service training, using digital customer service, digital guides and other digital people to achieve intelligent and digital services, and improve service efficiency and quality. “The X-Men platform reshapes the relationship between people and goods, and at the same time, it has opened up the standardization of user creation methods. Through the X-Men platform, any scene content can be created, truly reducing costs and increasing efficiency and content fission.”

At the moment when platform-level products integrating digital human production, content creation, and business configuration services are emerging in the Metaverse field, the large-scale implementation of digital human still faces many difficulties. The high cost of content production and the long cycle have become the industry’s fastest One of the main pain points. The reason why the 8.8 Digital X-Men platform can realize online real-time interaction of large-scale users comes from the powerful cloud editing and creation computing power of the platform.

Geng Guangxing pointed out that technically, X-Men has 8.8 digital self-developed editing software, self-developed rendering algorithm and self-developed custom format on the web side. Based on webgl cloud editing technology, the “visual editing + module” provided by 8.8 digital The overall solution of “integrated composition + dynamic editing + real-time rendering”, users can obtain 3D virtual human models with simple operations, which greatly reduces the user’s hardware threshold.

“Our earliest positioning is to create an infinite world, which is related to the number 8.8 in our company name, because the reverse of ‘8’ represents infinity, so we hope to use CG digital technology to create an infinity in the Metaverse virtual world.”

In the future, 8.8 Digital will continue to enrich the X-Men platform Metaverse business format, extend its applicable scenarios, improve platform product iteration capabilities through technological innovation, and provide users with low-cost, intelligent high-quality virtual reality through standardized creation methods. content.

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