The digital collection industry is developing rapidly, can the domestic top digital collection platform go further?

The term “Metaverse” originated from the science fiction novel “Avalanche”, which refers to the integration of the real world and the virtual world using technological means, and is supported by the related technologies of the two spaces to realize the connection between the virtual and the real world . The explosion of the concept of “Metaverse” has spawned countless related enterprises and digital twin economies. The picture of the future it depicts is so beautiful but so ethereal that neither experts, scholars or related companies are vague about the figurative future it depicts, but when the claimed vision is clear, we must be in technology Beyond the facts, it is also understood as an ideology. The concept of “Everything is possible in the Metaverse” is the main culprit behind the development direction of the Metaverse. We should be cautious about the over-hype of the “Metaverse”.The concept of “Metaverse” originates from a dystopia science fiction novel. The complex in the book takes place in a future setting in which real humans and virtual humans live together in a virtual space through VR devices. It encourages people to escape from the real world”, which seems to be acceptable under the current situation of people fleeing from reality in the era of the new crown epidemic, but in the post-epidemic era, it lacks its necessity and urgency, and the illusory vision of long-term goals also makes people It is difficult to grasp its context, thus showing doubt and confusion about it. In addition, investment in the new media industry is often driven and distorted by the “hot word economy” and “traffic economy”, so the excessive valuation of some “Metaverse companies” should be treated with caution .

From the current point of view, the current Metaverse is in the stage of envisioning and preliminary exploration. Most of the related Metaverse companies are still following the wind, without core technologies, and more of them are the products of capital and social hype. The compliance of digital collection platforms and digital copyrights is still the key to the development of the current industry. At present, the industry is still in the initial stage and exploration stage . There are no unified standards and regulations for the supervision of digital collection platforms. Many emerging digital collection platforms will inevitably appear. Problems such as uneven qualifications, unclear boundaries between sales operations and hype, and induced consumption. Having the awareness of digital copyright and paying attention to the compliance operation of the platform has also laid a good foundation for the long-term development of the platform. For example, the current head platform for digital collections, “Huanzang”, has reached long-term cooperation with many museums, cultural and creative institutions, well-known IP and celebrity artists at home and abroad, and the maintenance of digital copyright also provides a guarantee for the further development of the platform. , develop steadily and healthily in the chaos of the development of digital collection platforms of mixed good and bad, and have its own place in the future Metaverse sector.

The attempts and creations of “Metaverse” related companies have also enabled human society to explore a new form of fusion between the virtual world and the real world. The new embodied understanding of the surrounding virtual environment and the new identity tension within the virtual world brought about by somatosensory interaction reshape our cognition of virtual and reality. The digital twin support from social relationships, commercial advertisements, valuable collections, etc. from reality also re-evaluates many value structures in reality in the mutual mapping between hetero-space and hetero-space. While the new Metaverse of society is still in the imagination, various technological, economic, social, political, and cultural forces have begun to push in this direction . Perhaps in the near future, the construction of scene-based social interaction and multi-dimensional space-time can become a reality, sharing space and time, interacting in time, and the isomorphism of virtual and reality will become a common concept and thing that is not surprising.

The comprehensive interweaving of virtuality and reality under the “Metaverse” has also spawned numerous “meta-economy”, and the chaos of digital collection companies is also the product of capital seeking profit under the Metaverse economy. With the deepening of the integration of virtual and real, new forms of illegal crimes in the Metaverse will also pose a huge challenge to supervision work. Government regulations and supervision are also the foundation of the long-term and healthy development of digital collection companies, and officially supported digital collection companies should also receive longer-term market and capital assessments. As the ecological landscape of the Metaverse gradually matures, the shell companies that are driven by profit and follow the trend will eventually ebb. Only digital collection companies that truly master core technologies and are supported by the government can develop in the longer term . After the tide goes out, we will know who is swimming naked, and the list of the Suren Big Data Research Institute also provides data for us to discover potential companies and “naked swimming” companies.

Among them, a domestic digital collection platform worthy of attention is “phantom collection”. Based on the application of blockchain technology in the field of intellectual property and the development of the digital art industry, the Magic Collection Art Platform realizes the digital confirmation and circulation of collections. Although the products and technical positioning of the digital collection platform are relatively similar, on February 16, 2022, Jiangxi Oenyi Technology Co., Ltd., the operator of the platform, officially joined the Metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation, and in February 2022 On the 22nd, he was elected as a member of the Standing Committee of the Committee. Having official support has also laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of “Magic Collection”.

The digital collection industry is developing rapidly, can the domestic top digital collection platform go further?

In the context of the current prospects of the digital collection industry, leading companies in the industry such as “Whale Scout” and “Magic Collection” should take on the responsibility of leading the industry to a more compliant and healthy development path. In the process of development, more respect for the market, respect for digital copyright, and respect for consumers can go a long way.

Therefore, in the development process of Metaverse, only through the joint efforts of the government, the platform, creators and consumers can provide the development direction for Metaverse enterprises, establish relevant policy guarantees, standardize market behavior, make the platform more healthy and compliant, and let the Consumers are more at ease, in order to help Metaverse enterprises achieve longer-term development .

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