The Digital China Science and Technology Museum reshapes the cultural experience and restarts the world to create a Chinese cultural metaverse

The Metaverse upsurge is surging, and advanced technologies in various fields are included in the Metaverse category. The Internet product form under the Metaverse concept can better serve education, scientific research, cultural communication and other fields, including the construction of urban cultural scenes.

Under the normal prevention and control of the epidemic, Yunguan Exhibition has become a typical scene in the cultural field. Its form has evolved from initial pictures and videos to panoramic pictures, and “interaction” has become the main line of evolution, creating more and more immersive and real for users. experience. Recently, the digital version of the China Science and Technology Museum has been launched in Restart World. Starting from this, a blueprint for a “cultural metaverse” co-created and shared by all people has been gradually rolled out.

Digital China Science and Technology Museum: The first real immersive science popularization scene is online

The China Science and Technology Museum is the only national-level comprehensive science and technology museum in my country. It is a large-scale science popularization infrastructure that implements the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, the strategy of strengthening the country through talent and innovation-driven development, and improving the scientific quality of the whole people.

Real immersive space exploration

At the current stage, Restarting the World takes the space exploration exhibition area of ​​the China Science and Technology Museum’s “Challenge and Future” theme exhibition hall as the first stop, and digitally reproduces it, focusing on my country’s scientific and technological achievements in the aerospace field since the founding of New China. The audience uses mobile phones and tablets. Or a personal computer can explore the mysteries of Earth and space and appreciate the spirit of science in a truly immersive interactive experience.

Aerospace Achievement Exhibition

Entering the Digital China Science and Technology Museum, the first scene is the 1:1 restoration of my country’s first unmanned test spacecraft – Shenzhou-1 and its return capsule, which were launched in 1999. This is the first flight of China’s manned space project. It marks a major breakthrough in China’s manned space flight technology.

The Digital China Science and Technology Museum reshapes the cultural experience and restarts the world to create a Chinese cultural metaverse

In addition to Shenzhou-1, the exhibition hall also focuses on the Long March series of launch vehicles, Dongfanghong-1, Zhangheng-1, Beidou-3, Yutu lunar rover and other great aerospace scientific and technological achievements.

In the core area of ​​the exhibition hall, there is a projection of the “Earth-Moon System”, which intuitively displays the earth’s structure, the operation mode of the Earth-Moon system, and my country’s main satellites in orbit to the audience through real-time interaction.

The Digital China Science and Technology Museum reshapes the cultural experience and restarts the world to create a Chinese cultural metaverse

space travel experience

At the entrance of the exhibition area, visitors can change their space suits to simulate the “weightless” travel experience in the space environment. Not only that, the audience can play the operator in person, complete the rocket ignition and launch according to the guidelines, intuitively experience aerospace technology, and “touch” the stars in the deep space that are out of reach.

A towering aerospace monument

Decades of space exploration, passed down from generation to generation. The Digital China Science and Technology Museum recorded the outstanding contributions of Qian Xuesen, Liang Shoupan, Yang Liwei, Guo Yonghuai, Huang Weilu, Sun Jiadong, Ren Xinmin, Tu Shoue, Liu Yang and others in the aerospace field.

The Digital China Science and Technology Museum reshapes the cultural experience and restarts the world to create a Chinese cultural metaverse

Next, Restart World will launch more content around the China Science and Technology Museum, and continuously improve the experience, allowing the audience to experience the fusion of thousands of years of wisdom and culture of the Chinese nation and current technology in a truly immersive popular science.

The underlying engine empowers the whole people to create a “cultural metaverse”

The value of digital cultural content is highlighted, restarting the world and starting the layout

The epidemic has lasted for 2 years. Under normalized prevention and control, offline and cross-regional cultural activities have been suppressed. Especially in remote areas, the cultural experience of young people has been further narrowed. Immersion, interactivity and freedom are far inferior to the scene, and the digital cultural needs that conform to the characteristics of the times cannot be effectively solved.

The Metaverse is in the ascendant, but under a wide range of discussions, relevant industries have also made bold ideas for the production, life, consumption, entertainment and other scenarios of the future connected world. The Digital China Science and Technology Museum is an example of a digital cultural scene created by Restarting the World. Taking this as a starting point, Restarting the World hopes to join hands with users to jointly build a future digital cultural map belonging to China and create a “cultural metaverse”.

The end of the Metaverse has not yet been determined, but the industry has long agreed that the Metaverse should not be the work of one family, nor should it be used by some groups. Restart World deeply agrees with this, and is committed to serving various organizations such as governments, enterprises, and cultural institutions, and providing them with a full set of underlying solutions, engine capabilities and operational support. In this way, the government can maintain the guiding force in the field of digital culture, while enterprises, cultural institutions, and individual users will be responsible for the vitality of digital culture.

The Digital China Science and Technology Museum reshapes the cultural experience and restarts the world to create a Chinese cultural metaverse

As a 3D content creation and interactive experience platform in China that best fits the concept of the Metaverse, Restart World is trying to use an editor developed based on a self-developed physics engine to give everyone the ability to create freely, so that it can be based on the typical Beijing cultural space that exists in reality. Create a cultural interactive experience scene, give the online scene an experience comparable to or even surpass the offline space in some aspects, let users across the country, especially teenagers, experience Beijing culture without leaving home, and understand the history, culture, and technological development of the capital in the form of interactive participation , to create a digital cultural “business card” and help the construction of the capital’s national cultural center.

Based on the physical engine, open up the digital cultural content creation link

Restarting the world takes the physics engine as the core, can easily restore the physical effects of the real world, has a high degree of creative freedom, can lower the threshold for creators to create content, improve production efficiency, and has built a UGC content community.

The Digital China Science and Technology Museum reshapes the cultural experience and restarts the world to create a Chinese cultural metaverse

The Restart World Physics Engine was officially established at the end of 2016. After four years of difficult research and development, a large number of technological breakthroughs have been achieved, filling the technical gap of domestic physics engines, which has created a solid technical base for the real immersive digital cultural experience of restarting the world.

On the user side, Restart World has two products: Restart World Editor and Restart World Client.

In the conventional creative process, to produce digital content of the same magnitude and experience, the author needs to complete the back-end code and front-end functions by themselves, complete the production and go online, and access the cooperative application platform as appropriate.

Restart World provides a completely different creation method. By encouraging users to use the Restart World editor to create and share spontaneously, the creative blowout from real users helps Restart World occupy the high ground in content subject matter, quantity and experience.

Restart World provides a low-code, low-threshold creative environment. Even users without programming, art and other skills can use computers or mobile phones to create digital cultural content – Restart World editor provides many packaged Modules, in terms of art resources, there are also many materials shared by other creators in the editor, which can greatly shorten the creation cycle. After the user’s creation is completed, it can be published with one click, and there is no need to connect to various platforms, and the online speed is greatly accelerated.

Reboot World will also launch a mobile editor to further lower the threshold for creation and make creative realization simpler and more convenient.

The Digital China Science and Technology Museum reshapes the cultural experience and restarts the world to create a Chinese cultural metaverse

Based on content quality, popularity, etc., creators can obtain incentive resources such as restarting the world recommendation and cash subsidies, and truly realize a one-stop solution for UGC content creation, launch and operation.

In terms of digital cultural content experience, users only need to download an APP and register an account to create virtual characters and experience different types of works on most smartphones.

From the physics engine to the editor to the client, Restart World has achieved full coverage of underlying support, digital cultural content creation, and experience.

Restart the ecological empowerment of the world and stimulate the growth potential of the “cultural metaverse”

Thanks to the platform’s natural UGC advantages—everyone participates and shares resources , restarting the world has fostered an open ecosystem where everyone can contribute to creation and sharing. Up to now, with the continuous contribution of creators, Restart World has accumulated more than 10,000 digital contents on the shelves . Among them, there are many cases where users dig around landmarks or cultural scenes for re-engraving: they love their motherland and hometown, are eager to express and create, and are good at Drawing and releasing inspiration, they are the main force for restarting the world’s ecology, and they are also gaining ecological empowerment.

The Digital China Science and Technology Museum reshapes the cultural experience and restarts the world to create a Chinese cultural metaverse

The Digital China Science and Technology Museum reshapes the cultural experience and restarts the world to create a Chinese cultural metaverse

It is for this reason that restarting the world has established a virtuous ecological cycle, which has the advantage of continuously expanding the digital cultural experience. With the blessing of the community ecology, Restart World hopes to use urban culture as the main element to attract a wide range of users to participate in the joint construction and sharing of digital cultural content experience.

Rebooting the World has launched many creative competitions with fruitful results. Under the restarting of the existing ecology of the world, the challenges and crowd creation initiated by the government, enterprises and cultural institutions around the “cultural metaverse” are highly feasible. Taking the government as an example, relevant departments of culture and tourism can organize local cultural creation competitions by restarting the world, and endow local culture with digital communication capabilities.

Next, Restart the World will also focus on the content of Beijing’s cultural tourism, select urban cultural landmarks, such as various museums, art galleries, historical sites, architectural groups, urban landmarks and typical local spaces, through low threshold, high performance, high stability The engine and multi-dimensional empowerment will stimulate users’ digital cultural content creation power, map cultural space and content in the “cultural metaverse”, continue to improve the cultural metaverse experience, and provide Chinese excellent culture with more vitality and openness. At the same time, it opens a global communication window for Chinese culture, allowing global users to appreciate the breathtaking charm of Chinese culture.

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