The development path of artistic NFT

On July 13th, 0x499 held an online live broadcast through Twitter Space. The theme of this issue is “The Evolution of Art Track NFT”, inviting Charlie Han (Outland Product and Asian Market Director), Hyphen (Co-founder and Art Director) of Therisverse), a total of two guests participated in the roundtable discussion. This is the 22nd issue of 0x499’s DeTalks column. The hosts are from Dinglun (NFT collector & investor) and MIKI (0x499 Core Contributor). The following is an excerpt from the live broadcast:

Dinglun(NFT collector & investor)

Welcome to today’s Twitter Space. Today, I am very honored to have Charlie Han (Outland product and Asian market leader) as a sharing guest. First, let him introduce himself.

Charlie Han (Head of Product & Asia, Outland)

Hello everyone, I am the product and Asian market leader of Outland. Today, I am very happy to have the opportunity to talk about the evolution of art NFTs. Welcome everyone to join the discussion.

MIKI(0x499 Core Contributor)

We also invited Co-founder Hyphen of Therisverse today. First of all, I personally like the concept of Therisverse very much, emphasizing the core concept of “crossing differences and embracing differences”, which has aroused strong resonance in Generation Z. Social issues are integrated into the concept of NFT artwork. At the same time, congratulations to Therisverse, after a year of preparation, all of them were sold out in the whitelist Mint stage yesterday, so please introduce yourself briefly to Hyphen.

Hyphen(Co-founder and Art Director of Therisverse)

Hello everyone, I am the founder and art director of Therisverse. I am very happy to have the opportunity to introduce the origin and concept of Therisverse to you today, and I am looking forward to chatting with you.


Hello everyone, I graduated from the School of Experimental Art of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and now I am mainly engaged in the creation of generative art.

Dinglun(NFT collector & investor)

Today, we all know that James Jeans NFT Holder can exchange physical prints online at Outland, who is eligible? Is it possible/how for non-holders or others to get involved?

Charlie Han (Head of Product & Asia, Outland)

Outland officially launched the James Jeans NFT project today. You can use your points to redeem a physical print corresponding to your NFT number. This print has an exclusive stamp and James Jeans signature.

There are two reasons for us to launch such physical prints. The first is to let everyone understand that NFTs can actually be linked and empowered through a new gameplay, that is, the cooperation between points and Merch. This point mechanism is different from the physical works and NFT destruction that have appeared before, such as the way Mr. Damian Hirst launched. At the same time, this is also a way we expect to incentivize NFT liquidity.

The second point is actually James Jeans’ own idea. He saw everyone’s enthusiasm, and for the second chapter, he hopes to give everyone more benefits and care, so that everyone can touch the art with their own hands, let the artwork into everyone’s living space.

For these two reasons, Outland’s launch of the Merch platform at this point in time is a small effort to give back to the community.

Dinglun(NFT collector & investor)

The biggest controversy about NFTs has always been that buying NFTs means buying JPEGs or even buying air, so activities like this exchange of physical prints can be regarded as a powerful counterattack to relevant remarks. How did Outland create a platform vision with leading artists around the world? What are your plans to share with you in the near future?

Charlie Han (Head of Product & Asia, Outland)

There is no technology and community like web3 blockchain before that can help artists connect with friends who are interested in their works and love their creations in the first place. For example, teachers like Fang Lijun, James Jeans, and the artists we will launch in the future, when they first learned about web3 and blockchain, they were more impressed that this is a technology, but in fact, when this technology is implemented in community construction, work research and development If I go to the process of publishing with the platform, I will find that it is very detailed.

We found that many artists are very willing to do more, to be able to form a connection with friends who love their work. Against such a background, we feel that it is not necessary to distinguish the clear boundary between the so-called NFT and offline artworks. We believe that when different industries and fields are implemented in web3, offline and online The linkage will be even tighter.

Under such a vision, the artist and the Outland platform have made a future plan together, that is to say, all the works that will be launched in the future must be forward-looking or innovative in some aspects. A platform such as an intermediate bridge that art brings to everyone’s life.

MIKI(0x499 Core Contributor)

I would like to ask Hyphen, did what you see and hear in New York have an impact on your artistic creation, why do you think about equality and the rights of people of different colors at this age? So what will theirs NFT empower in the later stage?

Hyphen(Co-founder and Art Director of Therisverse)

I went to New York about two years ago. I grew up in Taipei and received the American education system.That’s why I didn’t have this feeling in New York. I have been able to feel the cultural conflict since I was a child. When I was in school, I might have felt like an American. Although I didn’t feel like an American, I acted more American and came home. Chat will be more traditional.

So when I was growing up as a child, I didn’t have a lot of sense of belonging, and I couldn’t really deal with those people we call “very Taiwan”, but I couldn’t fully integrate with foreigners. School people are better.This feeling of lack of belonging became more prominent after New York. When I was a child, I thought it was only me, but when I arrived in New York, I found that everyone was like this, because there are very few people born and raised in New York, and all I know are people from different places in the world.

I think a very important part is that the world is becoming more and more international, every country is.Twenty or thirty years later, I wouldn’t be surprised that every country is filled with different people. Then I think it’s time to start preparing for this kind of internationalization. Because the place where I grew up was all Asian, there are many cultural differences when I go abroad, not only to respect, but also to learn. If you don’t study, you won’t know how to treat others. This worldview is quite important.

Asians or blacks, or asexuals, or LGBT people who are ethnic minorities in New York, these are not mainstream groups, I think we looked at the history of the United States and realized that it took so long to figure out this (equality) ) to the point of. When the world is slowly internationalizing and the Internet is pulling the world together, one thing we need to know is that we cannot repeat this mistake, repeating the idea of ​​which one group is stronger than the other, rather than just saying it. That’s all.

But now the racial discrimination may be more subtle. For example, when I came to the United States, maybe when I was speaking Chinese with my domestic friends, a white man told me that your voice in Korean is really nice. Actually I want to say that I have told you hundreds of times that I am speaking Chinese, and the two languages ​​sound very different to us.

Although they are not malicious, I think as Asians, we also have various prejudices against blacks and whites, so we need to remove these labels, including skin color, sexual orientation, gender, wealth gap, age difference, it is not that we can’t see the difference , but to appreciate and sublimate their culture, this is a very important character in Therisverse.

Dinglun(NFT collector & investor)

How do you view the impact of NFT on the art industry, and does web3 impact or help the creation of contemporary artists? Is there a fundamental difference between so-called traditional artists and NFT native artists? How can artists join the world of NFTs?


There is still a big difference between native crypto artists and traditional contemporary artists.

The first is that native encryption artists are familiar with the gameplay and rules of the entire encryption track. Even many encryption artists are programmers and are very familiar with computer aesthetics, code aesthetics and anonymity. Just now Hyphen mentioned the issue of racial equality, web3 equals everyone, I actually prefer anonymous artists to real-name artists.

Because after the real name, the identity and background information of the artist will be seen. Of course, it is still in the web2.5 stage, and the trust mechanism is not so perfect. Anonymity is a very important attribute of web3. No matter what background or qualifications you are, as long as you The works are good, the content expressed is very interesting, and the things provided to the industry are innovative, which is recognized by everyone.

Therefore, this is a very good thing, and it is also the most interesting part of web3, because there are many problems in the traditional contemporary art circle, such as the centralization of rights, by curators, institutions such as art museums, critics, galleries, auctions The entire system has formed a standard. If this standard continues, it will form a very monopolistic and elitist situation.

Of course, including Artblocks, this is a somewhat traditional way of outputting works. There are also some platforms that do not play this way. I think there will be less and less in the future, because now web2.5 has not completely removed these things.

Whether it is a contemporary artist or an encrypted artist, the underlying logic of code, program and blockchain technology is a medium and language, and they can create some good works based on this language. But it is relatively difficult for contemporary artists who are not familiar with web3. Just like the emergence of perspective in the Renaissance, the emergence of oil painting language, including being able to carry paint with you to quickly paint some outdoor landscapes, these are actually revolutions brought about by technology, and their essence is a language.

Contemporary artists have mastered this game in the traditional language system, and their language proficiency is very high, but encryption art is a new system and a new language, and contemporary artists need to be familiar with this language to create good works. For crypto artists, it is also necessary to be familiar with the gameplay and systems of some contemporary art and traditional art circles in order to create better works.

Of course, many people in the traditional art circle will be slapped in the face after entering the encryption art, because many of the ways and systems of the encryption art circle are different from the traditional ones.To a certain extent, NFT is actually an innovation and paradigm. Does it need to meet the standards of the original contemporary art? I don’t think it is necessary at all. These two fields may be parallel states of mutual integration and mutual promotion, and they do not fight.

Charlie Han (Head of Product & Asia, Outland)

In the process of contacting artists at the beginning, we found that especially some older artists may not have a clear concept for the entire blockchain and NFT technology. However, taking my contact with Mr. Fang Lijun from the planning stage as an example, contemporary artists have an advantage, that is, to rebel, to innovate, and to break through the consciousness of systemic shackles. Realizing that being able to use technology to do these things has something to express in a new context. In this process, we encountered many difficulties, and after resolving the difficulties one by one, a basic situation of the current project was formed.

But what I want to talk about goes a little deeper, which is what art is. In my opinion, art is something that can touch people’s hearts. Whether it is a contemporary artist or a web3 native artist, there must be something that moves you. There is a project by a young man from Indonesia. He took his daily photos for a year and put them on Opensea, and they sold very well. In fact, in my opinion, this thing has a moving place, that is, a thing that won’t attract everyone’s attention in web2, and it gets a value affirmation in web3.

So I think we should find something, whether it is modern or traditional, that is a tool that can help us penetrate discrimination and injustice, and make everyone aware of a good atmosphere and interesting places, this is what web3 touched me place.

web3 breaks through the boundaries of the original works and connects the boundaries of the works with those who actually buy NFTs. The process in the middle is actually very innovative, allowing artists to connect with people who are interested in their works.

From this point of view, this is also in line with the laws of art. In the past, the innovation of art only happened inside the work. In the future, in the field of NFT, the innovation can be changed from a unilateral process of creation to a completely two-way or multi-directional process. I believe this is a very friendly place for both contemporary artists and crypto artists.


Hello guys, I am very honored and proud to invite such a young artist as Hyphen to have an AMA with such a great platform as Outland.

Actually I am a holder of James Jeans NFT myself, Hyphen knows I like him very much and buys his prints all over the world. But I have to say that I think the fragmented narrative style has not broken JJ’s narrative. One thing I like very much, his paintings are very interesting, with a lot of details, every flower, every corner, every thing has a poetic narrative ability, but when it is disassembled into NFT, it becomes Different narrative fragments can actually be disassembled and put together, so the transformation of art into NFT is a particularly dreamy linkage.

For example, artists from 16 countries have not met each other, and more of them are created together through a core narrative, and randomly generated by machines, giving birth to a unique appearance in the world. So if you open Opensea and see how ugly those pictures are, when a scientist randomly finds a local dog project on Taobao, you really think that art should enter the NFT, because we hand over the whole art to rich buyers around the world , Many businessmen finally rely on buying art to show their brands, and some businessmen will open art galleries named after themselves, such as there are many in New York, USA, for everyone to enjoy. You will find that art has always been a very expensive thing, but through NFT, it is a very romantic process to let every young person enjoy aesthetics, hold aesthetics, and have unique and random aesthetics in the world.

Hyphen can also share that when he was working on Therisverse, he actually had a big core idea. He believed that art is not a process of selfishness and self-satisfaction, and every holder participated in the creation. I think NFT and the future of art should be closely tied.

Hyphen(Co-founder and Art Director of Therisverse)

I think a very important point is the decentralization concept of web3, which is not only technically decentralized, but also conceptual. No longer look at what is mainstream, what is non-mainstream, what is correct aesthetics, what is incorrect aesthetics.

The slogan of Therisverse is “Imperfect is perfect”. This perfection does not mean that everyone has their own perfection. Now society has only one consistent definition of perfection. At the same time, this definition is changing. Many people go back and blindly follow. Especially on the web2 social media, many people go to the Internet celebrities, retouch their pictures and make them look completely unreal, all of them are very selfish. Everything about web3 is related to your environment and community. The non-mainstream is the real mainstream. Everyone can find people who like their artistic creation form. I think this is very important. This is the most promising place for web3.

Many people have doubts about web3, which is understandable. I often think with my friends whether a mobile phone is good or bad. The good thing is that you can talk to relatives, friends, and lovers at any time. It is very convenient and developed, but at the same time, there are privacy issues, which ultimately depend on the user.

I can’t make a guarantee with web3, but I can guarantee that our community is centered on connecting people, I hope to do an interactive art, not everything is about me, like seeing a pair in an art gallery work. I probably felt this way when I first started painting. Instead of creating art with a selfish attitude, I used a communication attitude, an interaction that is more sublimated than words. So Therisverse is an equal multicultural community.

Dinglun(NFT collector & investor)

Since Beeple’s NFT auctioned a sky-high price of $69 million, it seems to represent that NFT has begun to take the art industry to another new direction, but Merch means that the value of art is moving closer to tradition. How to treat this kind of A combination of rebellion and return?

Charlie Han (Head of Product & Asia, Outland)

At the beginning, we actually asked artists like Beeple, who are very successful in web3, about the future development direction of the art track. At the same time, many other friends contacted us to talk about whether or not to enter the field of encryption art. I believe that when things related to entertainment, movies, and popular popular culture are implemented in web3, our current discussions may no longer be a problem, including whether it should be more inclined to online or to be linked with offline. , I think it is no longer a problem. At that time, I am looking forward to the realization of the Internet of Things and the popularization of blockchain as the underlying technology for more convenient life scenarios. At that time, there should be no traditional art or web3 art, only the existence of Art that everyone likes or dislikes, whether traditional art like crypto art rebels or vice versa, can happen and be accepted at any time.

For example, a project we are about to launch next may be like the NFT that James Jeans launched from the concept story, and there is a close connection between it and the real thing. Now this project is technology-oriented. We have obtained a lot of inspiration from generative art such as Artblock. At this point in time, we should superficially push the art in which direction. In the absence of a work that is native to the blockchain attribute, we communicate with the artist to create such a work, and use the AI ​​algorithm to judge the character according to your transaction and make changes on the timeline, even after the transaction can be remembered. Living with the characteristics of a master, this is also a very different perspective, a very native web3 perspective to cooperate with artists.

So we don’t actually limit ourselves to be traditional or web3. We prefer to see more interesting projects appear in various ways. When there are more and more such things, it may be this problem. will disappear.


I am actually quite regretful. When everyone mentioned Beeple, they were all concerned about the high price that was sold. Is it the first art NFT, but no one has seen this painting. I don’t think there should be anyone like me who seriously opened 5,000 paintings and looked at them. In fact, he painted a painting every day of his fourteen years of life. After becoming digital art, it can be held in pieces. Imagine that I am a rich person who bought this NFT. I projected these 5,000 paintings on the wall of my house. This is a bunch of digital images, but when I put it every When one opened, there were several paintings that I liked very, very much. I hope that before you understand art, you need to understand how it moves people.

Although Therisverse was lucky, it was sold out within 4 hours of release, and 0.18e is not cheap in the bear market. Many freemint projects have not been released and no one has received them. We were fifth in Opensea in 24 hours. But I still hope that everyone can see these 16 young artists, the souls behind each series, and each painting they have painted for a long time. We did a total of 4 builds, which is unparalleled in other projects, including Hyphen who insisted on something. So regardless of the grades, the whole Therisverse art creation took a whole year, and Beeple took 14 years, no one knows, thinks he is just an ordinary illustrator, his wife is pregnant, he didn’t have it when he was too poor people see.

So that’s what I really like about Outland, the role it plays in the entire web3 industry. When you open the little fox wallet in a bear market, it is not a work that is too ugly and has no aesthetic significance. You know that this is the artist’s time and effort, the dialogue with the world, the reconciliation with himself, and the struggle with the world. When Hyphen was painting, he was a Kafka reader, a nihilistic child. He painted Therisverse like rolling his eyes. I’m afraid it won’t sell, but he has his struggles.

Therefore, behind every art is not casual. One of the things I regret is that the painter behind BAYC has been almost completely forgotten, and she is still Asian. Therefore, there must be reforms in art, to squeeze out those local dog projects and imitation disks, and to give full play to Satoshi Nakamoto’s concept of true decentralization, so that more young artists do not have to wait until they are 45 years old or longer before they have the opportunity to come out and follow. Everyone communicates, this is the greatest value of web3.

Hyphen(Co-founder and Art Director of Therisverse)

I seem to be around 15 years old, and I started to like French philosophers, I was very interested in ontology, and I read books like Kafka. One theme that struck me was that our human existence came before our reasons. I was a little devastated when I read, humans are such intelligent creatures, with so many endless choices, we actually live in the worst universe. We have so many choices, but instead we live in so much anxiety and panic, operating on a decadent politics, girls can’t control their own bodies, and if they don’t want to have a child, they have to get an abortion illegally. So at that time, I wanted to make another universe, and everyone could better make their own version, which had a great influence on my growth.


NFT is purely digital and classic physical works of art. There is a word in it called presence. Many artistic creations are printed and seen completely different from your on-site appreciation. Does NFT have “presence”? The presence is still very low. When you use your eyes to look at a mobile phone or a screen, the range is very small. If AR/VR is developed in the future, if you look at it in the Metaverse, the scene will be different. So the physical object still solves some of the problems of presence, that is, the difference between what you watch on the screen and when you take the physical object to scrutinize it, I think this is a very interesting thing.

Dinglun(NFT collector & investor)

Outland is a very well-operated platform for art NFTs. It pays great attention to online and offline communication and the construction of community culture. May I ask art NFTs to buy art for those who cannot buy art from art galleries and auctions (high net worth customers, high unit price of goods) ), what do most people bring?

Charlie Han (Head of Product & Asia, Outland)

This is also a problem that traditional art will face. There was a chat with Mr. Fang before. Some big-name artists entered a misunderstanding. When there is a very powerful person behind him, he can support his achievement of creative freedom. In the original centralized era, they did one thing. It is to value the long-standing art history. The endorsement of this thing is far greater than the efforts of one party. If outland only builds a bridge from the perspective of operation and market value, in fact, it still needs a new promotion based on everyone’s consensus. In the past, many Tugou projects have something worth learning, that is, they can abandon many different opinions in the process of building consensus. In fact, this thing does not appear in traditional art at all. How should we look at it? You found that although many Tugou projects went down in a few days, they did not completely return to zero as everyone imagined. Instead, they were projects that were very well constructed at the beginning, and may not operate well in the end. Especially good. So what is the core and most important, this is a very interesting question.

On the other hand, the inertia of high net worth users and people before entering art is determined by the limitations of this era. I have also chatted with many offline investors and collectors. In fact, they are not very satisfied with the traditional art museums. After the emergence of NFT, I still have this view. Now there is a clear distinction between the objective situation, but the follow-up development may not be able to bring the more valuable works of web2 to web3. For example, in our arrangement after March, Mr. Fang may be willing to take out his own prints from different periods and bring them to March, so that everyone can experience the coming of the web3 era from the perspective of value.

MIKI(0x499 Core Contributor)

I would like to ask Hyphen how you collaborated with more than a dozen artists around the world, how did you lead the design of these pfp, what is the significance

Hyphen(Co-founder and Art Director of Therisverse)

The most important part of our design process is all hand-painted. Every artist chooses to do a collection, and everyone will study it for a long time. One of the core concepts is that if we want to tell a story that is not ours, a story that is not historically and culturally rooted, it must penetrate to the essence of expression. I am very obsessed with the process of research and development. One of the collections is quite impressive. I thought it would be very exaggerated and feminine. After seeing it, I felt it was very good. There are no inherent presets, and it is between me and that The artist did not collude at all.

There is another collection that can especially reflect the confusion and depravity of the current young people. Living in a world with a sense of technology, but may be destroyed by war and politics at any time, I think it can reflect my longing for the future and the current situation. Disappointment hit me hard. I didn’t ask the artist if he had such creative intentions, but I saw it myself. This is why I find art so interesting, because everyone has their own interpretation and profound experience.

MIKI(0x499 Core Contributor)

We know that Theirsverse plans to set up a young artist fund and has already held youth forums around the world, can Hyphen share something specific?

Because Shi Ling’s light flashed at the beginning of this project, at first I opened a buyer’s store with my mother, and put some famous brand products. I just thought that these brands are already so famous, do you still need our help to sell them? Just go to the flagship store and buy them. I think that this kind of buyer store needs to give more platforms to young artists, not only for clothes, but also for music, art and so on. At that time, I felt that I would like to create a platform for young artists to publicize their works to media around the world.

Because I think the traditional art class is very clear. If you are popular, you can continue to be popular. If you are not popular, you will never be popular. The great thing is that after so many years, we have a technology and opportunity like web3, and we have established a young The Artists Foundation supports artists who are more talented than me but don’t have as many resources.

We will organize various forums, everyone has to communicate with the world, the first is to get to know people who are different from you, and the second is to see the emotions we feel even if we grew up in a completely different system It can be the same, every moving story can resonate, and we do this platform to resonate differently, and that’s what’s important to me, to find a universal language that lets people around the world resonate. Artists tell stories, everyone can tell their own story, and you can learn that your story is being heard. After telling stories in such a safe place, you can go to the real world to tell more stories.

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