The current Metaverse: a low-profile version of sci-fi game

After standing 30 years, look at the Metaverse today

At the end of the year of 2021, I can’t help but sigh the excitement of the first year of the Metaverse, from the Metaverse’s NFT avatar, to the Metaverse’s digital real estate, to the Metaverse’s tourist attractions, etc., as if the science fiction full of Metaverse has moved from in the blink of an eye. People’s conceptual cognition has completely descended into people’s real life.

All in all, as long as the metaverse is mentioned, the industry is full of joyous air inside and outside. After a short period of dormancy, the low-year Metaverse concept stocks became active again. As of press time, the daily limit of Zhewen Internet, Borui Communication, Caesars Culture, Digital Zhengtong, Mersun Culture, and Tianshen Entertainment followed the rise.

In fact, there are more optimistic estimates that the real Metaverse will take shape in 2050, 30 years later. Coincidentally, in 1992, 30 years ago, the term “Metaverse” was officially born in the science fiction novel “Avalanche” published by Neil Stephenson.

In the novel, human beings live in a virtual three-dimensional space through digital avatars, and the artificial virtual space is also called the Metaverse.

But if you look at the Metaverse today from the perspective of “Avalanche”, perhaps the words “Metaverse” are written on every page crookedly, but after a careful look at the middle of the night, it can be seen from the cracks in the text. Both are written with two words “low match”!

In fact, this Metaverse perspective that spans time and space is equivalent to standing 30 years later and looking at the current Metaverse.

Technology disenchants, the bonfire celebrating the Metaverse should not be lit at this time

Although the concept of Metaverse was proposed very early in science fiction, the accurate definition of emerging things in reality always has a certain lag, so people’s understanding of Metaverse is actually not unified.

This has caused people to treat the Metaverse as if they were blind people touching the elephant, and what they touched is nothing.

Roblox, the game platform known as the “Metaverse First Unit”, believes that Metaverse products should have eight elements: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anywhere, economic system, civilization, combined with Roblox’s UGC game platform From an identity point of view, the UGC game community seems to be the impression of most people on the Metaverse.

And some time ago, Zuckerberg changed Facebook’s name to Meta, the abbreviation of Metaverse, and demonstrated to the media a more immersive VR virtual meeting room, giving people a clearer understanding of Metaverse.

In China, on December 27th, Baidu recently released the first domestically produced Metaverse product “Xarang”, and realized 100,000 people interacting on the same screen and real sound effects of “10,000 concert-level”.

Earlier, the stranger social application Soul claimed that by providing users with a “virtual identity”, users can socialize and interact in the community built by Soul without being affected by the time and space and appearance of the real world. Created a social Metaverse.

In addition, there are cultural tourism industries such as scenic spots and ocean parks that have also blown the Metaverse wind, but no one seems to be able to say exactly what the Metaverse is. Anyway, as long as the publicity brings the Metaverse, it will reflect the capital. The market can set off a wave of stock price increases.

At present, whether it is UGC games, virtual meetings, or social interactions, they are only part of the functional level of the Metaverse, not the true Metaverse, or even the prototype of the Metaverse. Because aside from the gimmicks of the Metaverse, similar substitutes can be found on the market. For example, in terms of building a highly open and highly free virtual world, game products such as “Fortress Night”, “Original God” and “Minecraft” are not lost to Meta’s Metaverse platform “Horizon Worlds”.

In addition, the inclusiveness of Metaverse seems to be amplified in advance at the conceptual marketing level, which may have two effects on the development of Metaverse. On the one hand, for the nascent Metaverse, hot marketing has a sense of prestige, which helps Metaverse to gain more capital and market attention, thereby accelerating its development and evolution; but on the other hand, excessive hype on Metaverse, Perhaps it will breed impetuous market sentiment and cause the Metaverse industry to be mixed and fall into the “regulatory minefield” ahead of time.

However, from the perspective of the Internet, conceptual marketing is like rootless duckweed, which is difficult to last. All the magical sprites of the Metaverse will be self-defeating in the face of the real technological gap.

In fact, although the great imagination of the Metaverse provokes the major technology companies and the capital market to be restless, the leap and evolution of technology will not be able to break through in a short time, especially for the Metaverse that is built and intertwined by multiple technologies. , How much water can be in the bucket, may depend on any piece of the shortest technical board.

From the perspective of underlying infrastructure and terminal hardware equipment, Metaverse includes but is not limited to: human-computer interaction, design tools, real-time rendering, privacy computing, AI, industrial Internet, etc.; from the perspective of software and technology collaboration, Metaverse Including but not limited to: 5/6G communications, cloud computing, blockchain nodes, edge computing nodes, DPU and almost infinite computing power, etc.

In addition, on the user side, necessary hardware such as VR headsets, sensors, chips, etc. also require multiple technological revolutions to meet the needs of the Metaverse in an ideal state.

In fact, the entrance of the current Metaverse is almost recognized as VR, but VR is also the first technical threshold of the Metaverse.

2016 was once considered to be the first year of VR, just like the current “Metaverse”, it is hot on the conceptual level. However, due to real-world technical reasons such as internet speed, computing power, content, and scenes, the VR industry will be after 2016. The pace of development has become extremely slow.

Until the end of October 2020, Facebook (now renamed Meta) released the Oculus Quest 2 VR wearable all-in-one device, priced at 299 US dollars (approximately RMB 1,904), and achieved cumulative sales of 3 million units three months after the release. , Now it’s just one step away from the VR device milestone of 10 million users. Coupled with this year’s Metaverse, the VR craze is coming again.

As of mid-December, there have been 145 VR industry financings worldwide in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 19.8%. Among them, China’s VR industry has 55 financing events in 2021. According to the data from Tianyan Check, there are more than 700 domestic companies that have launched Metaverse this year.

The current Metaverse: a low-profile version of sci-fi game

Although VR has regained the favor of the capital market, it may be too early to become the entrance to the Metaverse.

On the one hand, the current mainstream VR devices support up to 4K resolution, but the resolution above 14k can basically be recognized by the brain, and to achieve the most natural clarity of the human eye, at least 16K is required.

On the other hand, the parameter refresh rate of the device determines the smoothness of the VR screen, whether there will be delays and ghosts, and whether the user will experience dizziness and vomiting when using the VR device. The ideal refresh rate for VR devices is 180HZ, but most of the existing VR headsets have refresh rates between 70-120HZ.

It is worth noting that the current lack of clarity and refresh rate of VR equipment cannot meet the requirements of use. It is only part of the problems that VR needs to face as the entrance to the Metaverse. Intelligent interaction, head-mounted display weight, and product price all affect VR meta. An important factor in the development of the universe.

As the so-called glimpse is a glimpse of the whole world, the VR portal of Metaverse has not yet been fully opened, not to mention the deeper technical construction of Metaverse such as AI, 6G communication, and real-time rendering. In fact, the development of science and technology has its own laws. The Metaverse is like one of the civilization achievements intertwined on the evolutionary road of science and technology. Stably promotes the advancement of the Metaverse.

In short, the bonfire celebrating the Metaverse should not be lit at this time.

Take precautions, the law of the Metaverse shall be established

In the book “I, Robot” published in 1950 by science fiction novelist Asimov, he established the “three laws of robotics” ahead of time, and thus laid the “foundation of modern robotics.”

The first law: Robots must not harm individual humans, or ignore the dangers of human individuals.

The second law: the robot must obey the order given to it by the human, except when the order conflicts with the first law.

The third law: Robots must protect their survival as much as possible without violating the first and second laws.

Now, more than 70 years later, even if humans still fail to create advanced intelligent robots that can learn, think and have emotions on their own, this does not prevent humans from having to formulate a “constitution” to restrict robots. In fact, the laws about robots should have been born before advanced intelligent robots, and intelligent robots can only develop at the fastest speed in safe and compliant operating rules.

In fact, the Metaverse should be the same.

From the perspective of the Internet, the true Metaverse is essentially an infinite game. Once it starts, it will never “pause” or “end”, but will run in an open source manner and continue indefinitely. So, leaving aside the technical factors, I just broke away from the invisible concept and quickly landed in a concrete and sensible low-profile Metaverse, but it is not supported by the same operating rules as the three laws of intelligent robots. So how should the next step of the Metaverse develop?

From the many descriptions of the Metaverse at present, it can be known that the Metaverse should have a complete set of transaction currencies, economic order, social rules, system choices, and even value orientations. However, due to the lack of operating rules, people’s understanding of the Metaverse is actually as different as “a thousand readers have a thousand Hamlet”.

To give the simplest example, does the Metaverse world follow the laws of physics, such as Newton’s laws and so on.Because many people use the standards of movies or games such as “The Matrix” and “Ready Player One” to view and define the metaverse, which means perception bias. In the Metaverse, you can fly into the sky, but in the long run, will this affect the physical cognition in the real world and cause a series of tragedies?

In fact, this is not sensational. Because the most imaginative part of the metaverse lies in its unparalleled immersion, but the more realistic this immersion is, the more addictive it is, and the easier it is to subvert self-cognition. When people lose themselves and cannot distinguish between virtual and reality, the metaverse has actually lost control.

In addition, in the virtual world of the Metaverse, people and things are essentially a string of data codes. Each of your actions will generate a large amount of information and private data. How to ensure that everyone does not “run naked” or be attacked by information in the Metaverse , This also requires the establishment of the data security law of the Metaverse in advance.

In addition, there are many Metaverse issues such as the legality of blockchain currency and ecological content, which urgently need a set of Metaverse methodology to guide and solve.

In fact, looking back on the long history of the development of modern science and technology, it is not difficult to find that technology cannot solve all the problems of mankind. Especially for the “Pandora’s Box” of the Metaverse, which has not yet given birth to good or bad attributes, establishing the law of operation of the Metaverse in advance may guide the development of Metaverse technology on a path that is beneficial to the future of mankind.

Written at the end: If the Metaverse is really “squatting to the ground” in 2050 as optimistically predicted, then standing 30 years later and looking at today’s Metaverse, perhaps the enlightenment meaning is greater than the actual meaning, and the technology-oriented role is greater than the actual role of the product.

In any case, the first year of the Metaverse is about to pass, and what a new chapter of the Metaverse will look like in the future may be answered by time.

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