The cultural and tourism industry embraces the “Metaverse” and brings an immersive new experience

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Zhouhui and Li Cungen reported: On August 4, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Notice on Printing and Distributing Typical Cases of Digital Applications in the Field of Culture and Tourism in 2022”, announcing ten Based on typical cases of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, virtual reality, augmented reality and other technologies in the digital application of culture and tourism, it is for reference by all regions.

Throughout these ten cases, the application of new technologies has innovated the form of cultural tourism public services, providing more immersive interactive experiences for the masses.

Guangdong Provincial Zhongshan Library’s “Yuedutong” uses face recognition and image recognition network decoding technology, relying on the “Guangdong Provincial Affairs” platform of the Guangdong Digital Government and the Guangdong Provincial Identity Unified Authentication Platform, and gradually cooperates with libraries at all levels in the province. Realize the interconnection, interoperability and mutual recognition of user information in the region, effectively promote the sharing of public cultural resources and services between libraries, and provide readers with the convenience of enjoying the “one certificate” of public libraries throughout the province.

The “Digital Culture Station” of Guangdong Xinghai Performing Arts Development Co., Ltd. adopts immersive interaction, 5G, VR and other technologies, innovates cultural and tourism public service methods, and provides a variety of experience projects such as “VR + theater” “VR + museum”, allowing the masses anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the digital cultural travel experience.

The VR virtual exhibition of “Majestic Vientiane – Chinese Water and Land Painting Art Exhibition” of Guangdong Provincial Museum (Guangzhou Lu Xun Memorial Hall), through the technology of real-life reproduction, digitally restores the exhibition, and “moves” the offline exhibition to the Internet, online for People create an immersive viewing experience. If the audience is interested in an exhibit in the exhibition hall, they can click the hot button in the virtual exhibition hall to enjoy the high-definition pictures of the exhibit.

The concept of “Metaverse” is more used in cultural tourism projects. The reporter noticed that among the top ten cases, there are three closely related to “Metaverse”, including: “Metaverse in Guangzhou Intangible Heritage District”, “The first ‘Metaverse’ local arts and crafts museum in China”, “Unicom Digital Human Help” The cultural and tourism Metaverse is flourishing.”

Among them, the “Metaverse of Guangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage District” simultaneously displays rich elements such as intangible cultural heritage display windows, intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, and digital interaction. The project uses a full 3D refined sand table, creates a real mirror world based on a top game-level rendering engine, highly restores the Beijing Road Arcade, and conducts 3D ultra-high-tech digital modeling of representative works of intangible cultural heritage such as Guangcai and Guangxiu.

The “Chaozhou Arts and Crafts Metaverse Boutique Museum” jointly created by Chaozhou and Zhidu Group was officially launched on the “Meta Other Shore” APP, becoming the first “Metaverse” local arts and crafts museum in China, with collections covering Chaozhou porcelain, Chao embroidery and Chao carving , Zhu mud pot, wheat straw stickers, etc. In the first phase of the museum, 54 exquisite works by 46 Chaozhou arts and crafts masters were exhibited.

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