The cryptocurrency circle is shrouded by all kinds of negative, are you afraid?

After the 519 plunge, both the average and macd and other various indicators have been out of order.

The cryptocurrency circle is shrouded by all kinds of negative, are you afraid?
  1. Daily analysis

Falling below 42,000, the risk has increased!

Btc Analysis.

We as early players of bitcoin, in this market for so many years, well versed in the way the dog banker manipulates the market, a rise is all good, stimulating leeks to follow up, to their own sedan chair, a fall is all negative, cheat leeks off, take the opportunity to buy low-priced chips, a back and forth, the dog banker earns a pot full of pots, the poor multiple army either to zero or a substantial shrinkage of funds, this wave of decline is first Musk mutiny, then is The mutual regulatory commission regulation, to today’s xmex exchange termination of operations, the market is shrouded in terror. The thing is inevitable, Yang Sheng is Yin decline, Yin Sheng is Yang decline, everything alternate cycle, trading investment is also this reason, we recommend that we overcome the fear in the heart, continue to batch bottoming at low.

After the 519 plunge, whether the average or macd and other indicators have failed, we think the significance of the reference, but not great, this is the time to test the experience and courage, if you have the courage, you will follow us in 519, 520 the two days of the bottom, basically the lowest position, the market experienced a big drop, need time to repair indicators and accumulate popularity, we think the short term The probability will be a wide range of oscillation of a trend, up and down a twenty-point fluctuations, it is recommended that you buy low, after the shock will start a new round of rising market. Support level 38000, pressure level 46000.

eth analysis.

eth closed long lower leads for two consecutive days, indicating a strong consensus to plunge, we recommend continuing to lay out in batches at low. Support level 2500, pressure level: 3000.

bch analysis.

bch rebound momentum is very strong, yesterday closed long lower lead of the positive, do more volume is also more than sufficient, we believe that after a period of wide adjustment, will continue to rise, the operation recommended to continue to lay out on the low. Support level 700, pressure level 900.

bsv analysis.

bsv we drew a black support line, the probability will not effectively fall below, operationally it is recommended to refer to the support line support to go to the low layout. Support level 165, pressure level 225.

ltc analysis.

ltc yesterday is also the volume of rebound, refer to the trend after 312, we think ltc will also continue to wide oscillation adjustment, you can take advantage of the opportunity to lay low, waiting for a new round of rise. Support level 190, pressure level 220.

link analysis.

link has rebounded 50% from the lowest point, congratulations to follow our bottoming partners, link’s bank is a strong bank, we believe that after the adjustment will have a very good performance, the operation is recommended to lay out low. Support level 28.0, pressure level: 33.0.

sushi analysis.

sushi daily double needle bottoming, the needle inserted very deep, the probability of determining the $10 is the recent lowest point, it is recommended that small capital to participate in the low. Support level 13.0, pressure level: 17.0.

ada analysis.

ada’s banker is more powerful, from 519 lowest point, the highest are almost doubled, copied to the bottom of a large position can be out of part of the profits, did not copy the bottom of the continued low layout. Support level 1.5, pressure level: 2.0.

xrp analysis.

xrp short force has been exhausted, we believe that just experienced a big drop, but also will not directly up, the probability of a wide range of oscillations, the operation is recommended to lay out low. Support level 1.0, pressure level 1.3.

zec analysis.

zec is basically also a wide range of oscillation, through the oscillation of the finishing accumulation of upward force, operationally recommended to lay out the low, support level 155, pressure level 200.

xtz analysis.

xtz rebound is also relatively fierce, yesterday do more volume is more than sufficient, Yang Sheng is Yin decline, it is recommended to continue to lay out low. Support level 3.6, pressure level: 4.6.

dot analysis.

dot has an advantage, the card slot auction favorable just recently, after this thorough washout, we think the favorable landing before will be stronger than other mainstream coins, the operation is recommended to retrace the focus on the layout. Support 26.0, pressure level: 32.0.

uni analysis.

uni these two days closing line is good, are relatively long lower lead, indicating that the bottom of the more, operationally recommended to low layout. Support level: 23.0, pressure level: 30.0.

Key Note: The trend of flower analysis are valid for 24 hours, suitable for short term traders, if you can not insist on reading the article every day, it is easy to miss the operation guidance and cause losses. Buddhist coin holders can ignore the short-term trend and take a year, making money is probable.

2、Daily Coin News

Daily hot news interpretation

Regulation is one of the biggest risks for cryptocurrencies, and regulatory outbursts are both a release of risk and beneficial to the regulation and long-term development of the whole industry. Recently, the Biden administration’s proposal to strengthen taxes also included cryptocurrencies, meaning that every transfer of cryptocurrencies worth more than $10,000 would need to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In this report on the proposed tax enhancements, the U.S. Treasury Department writes, “Businesses but with cryptocurrency transactions worth more than $10,000 would need to report them as if they were cash transactions.” The current press release from the U.S. Treasury Department comes as part of the Biden team’s policy pronouncements intended to combat tax evasion as well as promote compliance. In terms of detailed actions, the U.S. Treasury is considering propositions that include adding IRS funding and skills, as well as increasing penalties for those who evade taxes.

According to estimates from the U.S. Treasury Department, in 2019 alone, there will be a difference of close to $600 billion between the taxes payable to the U.S. government and the taxes actually paid. Judging from the introduction of the new U.S. digital currency bill, the new U.S. administration may fill the gap between the various regulatory agencies, which could be a double-edged sword; on the one hand this could help with enforcement, but on the other hand it could also help with policy development, access to more resources, and recognition of the crypto space.

In the future, as the Biden administration’s proposed policy of taxing the wealthy takes hold, the staunch holders who remain in the field will likely hold their coins for the long term or turn to crypto financing with a longer investment return cycle in order to avoid paying high capital gains taxes. At the same time, for those who have a need to liquidate, it is likely that short-term pledging of assets to borrow and liquidate will be the future “trend” in the crypto market. The above two points will further accelerate the development of the industry’s financing and lending business, while greatly reducing the overall volatility of the crypto market, which will help guide the market capital to focus more on value investment and push the cryptocurrency market forward in a more stable manner.

3、Recent Recommendations

Follow the trend and be a trend follower

When we fell below the 120-day line before, we were firmly bearish on mainstream coins, and also suggested to change the wave of boca ecological eating, which is considered to have escaped the top. The day before yesterday, we clearly said the bottom conditions, daily rsi around 20, btc point around 30,000, which was perfectly realized, and also considered to have copied the bottom. This wave of operation 6 take off ah. Congratulations to the profitable pollen, we believe that this wave of broken head is to deleverage, too much leverage, to a wave of big broken head to continue to rise healthily, boiled over the first two days, the next is a wide range of shock cleaning low-priced chips, the pullback is the opportunity to batch bottoming!

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