The creators of the S2F model are ready for ‘Round 2’ of the Bitcoin bull market

PlanB proposes the S2FX model, and future research may focus on adding more assets to the analysis.

After a harsh correction period, the mysterious analyst named “PlanB” predicted that Bitcoin would reach unprecedented heights.

And that’s what his famous and oft-cited flow inventory model (S2F model) predicts, and so far, everything seems to be going according to that plan.

PlanB points to a “point of no return” for Bitcoin, showing that we are approaching the moment when Bitcoin will enter a bull market that will leave the entire world speechless, a phenomenon we have discussed in several previous media outlets.

The creators of the S2F model are ready for 'Round 2' of the Bitcoin bull market

The chart above demonstrates what the “point of no return” looks like, where the leading cryptocurrency by market cap, Bitcoin, has increased in value by 600% to 800% since then.

A similar increase from current levels would put the price per bitcoin at around $250,000 to $350,000, which is not unrealistic given the targets predicted by experts from all walks of life.

This figure is not far off from the $288,000 that PlanB predicted when he released his revised Bitcoin S2F cross-asset model (S2FX) in April 2020. For this updated model, he removed the timing data, but included other underlying.

Bitcoinist notes, “Analysts offer two models. the S2F model is a time series that only considers bitcoin stock flows.

The S2FX model is completely new, it is not a time series and takes into account bitcoin, gold, silver, diamond and real estate data. The first projection states that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by the end of the current cycle, and the second projection states that Bitcoin will rise to $288,000.”

Are we sure that’s what’s going to happen? However, while Bitcoin’s price trajectory appears to be perfect, no model is perfect. For all we know, it could disrupt and make the price of Bitcoin higher, or it could rise slightly based on the previous S2F model.

The creators of the S2F model are ready for 'Round 2' of the Bitcoin bull market

PlanB described it this way on Twitter, “Can’t wait for the second wave of the bitcoin bull market.”

The point is, PlanB is also in the race and he is maintaining his prediction, even though things don’t seem to be going well right now. Because Tesla’s push seems weak, dogcoin has been inexplicably rising, and we’re in the middle of a deviant market cycle, but that doesn’t mean it’s all over.

In any case, the S2F model has its main detractors. It is being attacked left and right by experts in this field. A few months ago, New York Times bestselling author Marin Katusa published a lengthy article criticizing PlanB’s model.

Bitcoinist summed up his view, “It’s not about Bitcoin, it’s about PlanB’s model being ‘a fragmented mess with no real correlation’ and more stable and familiar assets gold is not available.”

Marin blames the S2FX model, which predicts an “infinite market cap” rather than “translating into an infinite price.

The creators of the S2F model are ready for 'Round 2' of the Bitcoin bull market

Remarkably, PlanB takes a humble approach to this accusation and offers his new model.

“I think the S2FX model is a valid hypothesis, just like the S2F model. Future research could focus on adding more assets to the analysis.”

Of course, that was before the first round of this bull market followed the S2FX charts perfectly.

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