The core of the Metaverse layout-Omniverse

The core of the Metaverse layout-Omniverse

The core of Nvidia’s layout of Metaverse is the Omniverse Avatar platform. At present, the platform has established cooperative relationships with many large enterprises such as BMW, Ericsson, Foster Construction, WPP and so on.

Omniverse officially proposed in 2019 and launched the Omniverse beta in October 2020. More than 17,000 customers have tested the experience. Many companies including BMW, Ericsson, Volvo, Adobe, Epic Games are participating in Omniverse cooperation . A real-time graphics and simulation platform based on NVIDIA RTX GPU and Pixar Universal Scene Description (USD). The purpose of the launch is to change the workflow of the engineering and design industry and speed up project design and production efficiency.

According to data provided by Nvidia,  after the public beta version of Omniverse Open Beta went live, as of mid-November 2021, about 50,000 users have downloaded it , of which there are close to 10,000 users in the Chinese market. The Omniverse platform has two systems: Omniverse Avatar and Omniverse Replicator.

Among them, Omniverse Avatar integrates Nvidia’s accumulated technologies in voice AI, computer vision, natural language understanding, recommendation engines, and simulation technologies to create a technology platform for interactive AI avatars; Omniverse Replicator is a synthetic data generation engine, The synthetic data for training can be continuously generated based on the existing data.

The application of Omniverse is more inclined to engineering and construction. It can build a “virtual reality” digital space through the improvement of computing power and reasonable ratio, which can simulate many characteristics of the real world in the space. Create shared virtual spaces for designers and engineers in different fields, and then change the work flow, etc. The fields behind actually represent the application market of its technology in the future Metaverse.

According to Nvidia’s introduction, Omniverse can help solve multiple core pain points in the industry (citing the original text):

1. Data collaboration There are many 3D collaboration software on the market, such as 3dsMax, Maya, Substance, Unreal Engine, Blender, etc. However, data lacks a common data stream carrier in these software, soOmniverse chooses to embrace a lightweight language such as USD .

2. Teamwork Omniverse provides solutions that can collaborate with employees all over the world to present WYSIWYG rendering effects, and combine push streaming to realize instant viewing. This allows many teams that are unable to work face-to-face due to the epidemic to see immediate results , and make feedback and modifications based on the immediate results.

3. Big data Because Omniverse embraces technologies like USD, it has a natural advantage when opening large scenarios. Avoid too long loading time for many software when opening highly coupled data .

4. The security of data assets In the past, several different data assets needed to be imported, exported, and transmitted using carriers such as the Internet or mobile media, which faced the encryption problem of digital assets. And Omniverse can realize whether public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud, all can work and access on the same platform . This makes the management and control of digital assets easy, and many end-to-end encryption mechanisms can be introduced.

Concluding remarks

For Metaverse, the computing power of the GPU platform, including the iterations of various algorithms, will be greatly improved and improved in the next 5 years. With the improvement of computing power, presentation, and virtual reality technology, the metaverse will gradually spread from the mapping of smaller scenes to the mapping of scope scenes. As the virtual world becomes larger and larger, the real metaverse concept will also be realized. .

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