The core infrastructure of Dweb3.0? NA (Nirvana) Chain accelerates the construction of domain name traffic channels on the chain

The core infrastructure of Dweb3.0? NA (Nirvana) Chain accelerates the construction of domain name traffic channels on the chain.

The domain name development in the Internet era has made extraordinary achievements. Web interface, static resource files and other data provide the necessary infrastructure and basic content for the development of new applications and penetrate into various applications. With the value Internet and block Chain integration continues to explore the decentralized boundary of domain names, and makes its feasibility particularly broad. NA enthusiasts have thought about and discovered that as the core and most basic domain name system of the Internet, a convenient bridge is being built, and this bridge The creator of is the NA (Nirvana) Chain, which is about to release the test network. The new world of “on-chain domain name resolution + decentralization” technology is digging traffic channels to accelerate the empowerment of the traditional Internet.

The domain name service is of great significance in the entire Internet era. It refers to a service that points the domain name to the website space IP so that people can easily access the website through the registered domain name. For example, if we enter a web address in the browser, it will eventually become an IP address. The browser will automatically request the DNS server to resolve the IP address of this domain name. After obtaining the IP address, the browser will communicate with this iIP. The server corresponding to the address performs data communication. Domain name resolution usually includes domain name pointing, server settings, domain name configuration, and reverse IP registration. The process of domain name resolution is actually the conversion process from domain name to IP address, while domain name resolution is completely completed by the NDS server.

The core infrastructure of Dweb3.0? NA (Nirvana) Chain accelerates the construction of domain name traffic channels on the chain

Illustration of the domain name resolution process

According to the observations of NA enthusiasts, currently the domain name resolution mostly uses Godaddy, Amazon Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and other services. They are all centralized DNS service platforms, including in the blockchain field. There are still many DApp developments and applications deployed in On a centralized server, this can hardly be called decentralization in a pure sense. At the same time, it will also cause a major problem: when the server is paralyzed or attacked, then the DApp and App built on it will be at a time The user’s privacy and assets cannot be accessed and used inside, and even the user’s privacy and assets will face the threat of theft and transfer.

Second, with the explosive development of the Internet of Value + Blockchain, many traditional applications are transforming into decentralized applications, and more DApps based on blockchain technology are being developed and used, which will inevitably lead to an increase in storage costs and centralization. Whether the database can carry the huge volume of the current spewing in has also become a potential obstacle to the large-scale implementation of the application. NA enthusiasts, based on the status quo of the industry, believe that the current blockchain technology and applications are still in the early stages of development, and NA (Nirvana) Chain, which has attracted much attention due to the news that the testnet will be launched recently, has a vision to decentralize databases and servers. In turn, it solves problems such as data security and collaborative operations, and helps the industry move forward.

The core infrastructure of Dweb3.0? NA (Nirvana) Chain accelerates the construction of domain name traffic channels on the chain

Nirvana Chain testnet KHAOS has been launched

The network all-round solution NA (Nirvana) Chain uses the domain name resolution service on the NDNS chain to create a new ecology of the cross-chain distributed domain name system. People are expected to use the blockchain network to replace the DNS server to complete the mapping of domain names and IP addresses. Enterprises can Low-cost deployment and development, ordinary users can use the perpetual domain name rental business, and choose to rent domain names to obtain benefits, all processes will never be downtime.

An on-chain resolution solution that kicks off a new prelude to the domain name world

As the forerunner and leader of the blockchain domain name resolution circuit, NA (Nirvana) Chain can be said to be a blockchain underlying system designed for applications, which innovates and integrates traditional public chain technologies, and solves the problem of public chain The system’s long-standing problems such as congestion, the inability to achieve complex calculations, and the inconstancy of handling fees have quickly helped traditional applications to move onto the chain. Nowadays, traditional data storage and data access methods are highly centralized. The stability of the entire system relies heavily on central nodes. All DNS resolution processes also rely on centralized servers. The NA (Nirvana) Chain team is based on the most cutting-edge The technical idea, innovatively proposed the technical structure of the internal integrated DNS server, through the DNS server to realize the real analysis of the domain name on the chain.

The realization of NA (Nirvana) Chain solution can help enterprises and individual users to participate in digital asset transactions more conveniently and safely, and to manage value data information on the chain. Different from the traditional domain name service infrastructure, NA (Nirvana) Chain’s internal integrated DNS server technology can replace the roles and processes of most registries. Any organization or individual can create subdomains based on the rules of the registrar, and the resolver plays the role of translation. , Convert the name into a hash address and some mainstream public chain addresses. At the same time, based on the cross-chain design, NA (Nirvana) Chain can easily serve the existing public chain ecology, such as Ethereum, TRON, etc., making file access, address transfer, and smart contract invocation more convenient and faster.

The core infrastructure of Dweb3.0? NA (Nirvana) Chain accelerates the construction of domain name traffic channels on the chain

Schematic diagram of NA distributed domain name resolution system implementing cross-chain

Therefore, NA (Nirvana) Chain, as the core hub, connects many mainstream value blockchains at the bottom, with a distributed domain name resolution system in the middle, and compatible with traditional Internet in a decentralized manner at the top, and supports the distributed Web3.0 Websites and various DApps are the upper-level applications. With the help of NA (Nirvana) Chain domain name resolution system, users can realize one-click access to various application scenarios of Web3.0.

The core infrastructure of Dweb3.0? NA (Nirvana) Chain accelerates the construction of domain name traffic channels on the chain

Decentralized domain name experience brought by NA DFS

The centralized structure of the traditional DNS domain name system has also led to conflicts that are difficult to reconcile in terms of security and performance. The DNSSEC security extension protocol has been withdrawn for many years, and the popularity is still not very optimistic. DNS, as one of the underlying foundations of the entire Internet service, handles billions of Internet access requests from around the world every day. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the network and not be affected by any external factors, NA (Nirvana) Chain uses an internal integrated DNS server Realize domain name resolution on the chain to request thousands of nodes in the system to send the corresponding domain name, return the corresponding IP address, and then apply for the corresponding node for application resolution.

For example, when we rent a domain name on DNS, what we fill in is not the IP address but the hash address of the application, and fill this address in the DNS resolution, then the domain name we entered will be automatically requested to the corresponding Instance chain, and read the web page from its genesis block to execute the calculation of the program, and finally return the calculation result to our web page. Not only that, NDFS can also realize the hosting and leasing of domain names. Users can host the unused domain names in NDFS for rent to obtain additional income and NAC. Other users do not need to contact themselves for leasing, choose the desired domain name and then pay. The NAC token can then be automatically resolved to the customer’s DAPP.

It is worth mentioning that the leased domain name is a second-level domain name, and the first-level domain name can only be used by the owner of the domain name. For each domain name leased, the system will automatically add four alternate domain names, which can be found in the official application market. , Click on the introduction of the application, there is a main domain name, four backup domain names, in addition to the domain name renewal wallet address. Once the renewal expires, since the application released by NA does not belong to a certain person, but belongs to all mankind, anyone can renew this application autonomously through consensus, so as to realize the continuous operation of zero operation and maintenance of decentralized applications.

The core infrastructure of Dweb3.0? NA (Nirvana) Chain accelerates the construction of domain name traffic channels on the chain

NA (Nirvana) Chain has changed the domain name and web interface to the chain mode. The domain names used by everyone to develop applications on the chain are from domain name providers all over the world through lease, through this anonymous decentralized lease In this way, NA (Nirvana) Chain provides a completely anonymous decentralized domain name solution for application developers, realizing 100% truly decentralized Dapp and Dweb.

Make the value transmission of the Internet more smooth

The core feature of Internet value is to realize the interconnection of funds, contracts, digital assets, etc. NA (Nirvana) Chain uses the distributed domain name system as a bridge for data exchange between the Internet and the blockchain, which effectively solves the problem of difficult to remember blockchain addresses. The problem is that people can freely choose a domain name with a high degree of recognition, and can transmit data more conveniently, safely and at low cost just like transmitting information. The role of Web3.0 is to connect information. It is a new stage in the development of the Internet. NA (Nirvana) Chain is committed to building a decentralized cloud computing value platform, and to build the core infrastructure to realize Dweb3.0.

NA (Nirvana) Chain has opened the testnet at 12:00 on June 27th, US Eastern Time. It is conceivable that in its testnet Dweb3.0 experience, users can use domain name leases, create decentralized domain names, and intelligent editing (dynamic static ) And other domain name services. In the future, NA (Nirvana) Chain will launch distributed AI computing, elastic computing, edge computing, and update existing distributed application components such as databases, distributed storage, microservices, messaging services, etc. Many key technologies, which will also bring very rich application scenarios for it.

Whether it is websites, social networking, chat tools, games, cloud computers, e-commerce platforms, etc., it can be connected to its huge value network through NDFS. Among them, NA (Nirvana) Chain domain name resolution technology will be used as the realization and decentralized cloud computing The core components of the platform and key interconnect tools. NA (Nirvana) Chain is committed to promoting the reform and development of the Internet by continuously innovating core technologies, upgrading technical products in real time, and building new Internet concepts to provide users with more convenient services. With the implementation of domain name resolution technology on the chain, NA (Nirvana) Chain will gather the development potential of the blockchain, deepen the deployment of new products, build the core foundation of the Internet of Value, and jointly build a prosperous blockchain network ecology.

The core infrastructure of Dweb3.0? NA (Nirvana) Chain accelerates the construction of domain name traffic channels on the chain

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