The complete episode of Sweeping Dark Storm is leaked, can the blockchain crack the piracy stubborn disease?

A few days ago, the complete version of the hit serial “Sweeping Dark Storm” submitted for review was exposed on the Internet and was widely disseminated in a very short period of time. The copyright owner has no choice but to issue a statement saying that the appearance of the pirated version of “Cracking Black Storm” has seriously disrupted the normal broadcasting order of the film, and appeals to viewers not to watch, repost, or disseminate pirated content, and report in time to jointly combat piracy.

The complete episode of Sweeping Dark Storm is leaked, can the blockchain crack the piracy stubborn disease?

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This is not the first time that a hit TV series and movie have been leaked by piracy. Unauthorized scanning of literary works, random downloads of music works, outflow of internal resources of film and television dramas… In the Internet information age, copyright protection continues to face new challenges, especially in the context of the exponential increase in digital production and dissemination. The most difficult problem for content creators and producers.

The complexity of copyright protection has become increasingly prominent

Just a few days before the leak of the pirated version of “Sweeping Dark Storm”, the sole broadcast platform Tencent Video also sued Douyin and demanded a claim for a large number of unauthorized handling and cutting of infringing videos of “Sweeping Dark Storm” on Douyin. . Douyin said that it has processed more than 8,000 Tencent’s complaint videos, but it also said that many fans’ spontaneous promotional videos on the grounds of support cannot be judged as infringements. This shows that in the Internet era, the complexity of copyright protection has become increasingly prominent.

According to the 47th “Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development Status” released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as of December 2020, the number of Chinese Internet users is 989 million. Among them, the scale of online video users reached 927 million, accounting for 93.7% of the total netizens; the scale of short video users was 873 million, accounting for 88.3% of the total netizens. The Internet has become the main carrier for people to come into contact with cultural products, and new businesses such as short videos and live broadcasts are developing rapidly.

Scientific and technological innovation to protect copyright is the general trend

The main carrier of copyright has shifted from the plane to the mobile terminal. With the emergence of new business formats and the development of new technologies, the methods and types of infringement are constantly being renovated. Whether foreign or domestic, relying on technical means to protect copyright has become a general trend.

Liu Yue, a senior practitioner in the Internet industry, introduced that at present, encryption technology for content protection is widely used in theaters. Simply put, it is to “lock” film and television resources so that unauthorized decryption devices cannot be played and copied; based on manual labor The fingerprint technology generated by the intelligent algorithm can efficiently identify the pirated version circulating on the network in the communication link, even if this version has undergone editing, splicing and other post-processing.

Encryption technology and fingerprint technology greatly increase the threshold for copying and embezzlement of film and television resources, reducing the probability of piracy, but it is impossible to prevent someone from sneaking into the theater with equipment secretly. “The watermark technology that embeds the identification information into the carrier is mainly aimed at sneak shots. As long as it is a remake, the watermark will be retained for future tracking. However, the remake is not clear, as well as post-cutting and screenshots, which may make the watermark technology effective. Discount.” Liu Yue said.

Some scholars believe that blockchain technology provides a new way for the preservation, transaction, and protection of network copyright based on the characteristics of decentralization, unforgeable tampering, and distributed encryption storage. It can be seen from many media reports that many content giants at home and abroad have begun to deploy blockchain to crack piracy problems.

Liu Yue stated that there are many links to transmission, storage, and output from content generation to broadcast on the Internet, and any link may be exploited by pirates. The copyright protection technology for Internet resources is an embedded link in each link. Systematic engineering. At present, no single technology is omnipotent.

Copyright protection has technological empowerment and needs legal support

It can be seen from the piracy cases cracked every year that no matter where the technology is developed, it seems that it will always be cracked. The tug-of-war between copyright protectors and pirates using technology has existed for a long time since the birth of the Internet. Just as the copyright owner of “Sweeping Black Storm” urged viewers to report promptly, people will eventually point more expectations to the law.

The complete episode of Sweeping Dark Storm is leaked, can the blockchain crack the piracy stubborn disease?

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The reporter found that after the copyright owner of “Sweeping Dark Storm” issued a statement, the resource links that had flowed out had disappeared, but there were still a lot of spoilers about unbroadcast episodes on various platforms across the entire network. Some netizens who have watched pirated material have started to spread it twice.

Wang Boyang, a lawyer at Tiantong Law Firm, believes that the rapid development of the Internet has brought new challenges to the determination of copyright infringement. For “spoiler” short videos of film and television review and analysis under circumstances such as “samples submitted for review”, “theatrical gun version”, etc., it will also affect the audience’s willingness to watch the original work and thus affect the normal use of the original work. This practice is likely to be affected. Determined as unreasonable use and copyright infringement.

“The “secondary creation” of short videos often claims that they are not infringements with “fair use”. In fact, “fair use” is not without boundaries.” Wang Boyang said, according to Article 24 of the newly amended Copyright Law, it is necessary to In compliance with the statutory circumstances, only when the author’s identity and the name of the work are indicated, the normal use of the work must not be affected, and the legitimate rights and interests of the copyright owner have to be reasonably damaged, can it be deemed “fair use”.

In the Internet era, emerging business types are developing rapidly, and legislation may have a certain degree of lag, and there are also more difficulties in judicial determination, but the law is always improving. For example, Article 24 of the newly revised “Copyright Law” provides comprehensive provisions for “other circumstances stipulated by laws and administrative regulations”, and it also reserves flexible space for the application of “fair use” in the development of new Internet businesses in the future.


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