The collective climax is the future: looking at the future of the meta-universe from the YGG model and Helium creation

As we all know, the success of Axie Infinite is inseparable from the launch of YGG in the Philippines. Today I want to talk about the key to connecting the physical world and meta-universe: YGG mode and Helium mode. This may be the basic condition for NFT to become popular.

The YGG model separates the holders of the means of production from the producers. The Yield Guild Games lends the means of production (3 Axie battle pets), and the producers are only responsible for production (“gold”). The clear division of labor also reduces the risk for newcomers. . YGG Guild acts as a bridge between the physical world and the meta-universe. It provides cryptocurrency exchange, virtual asset management (hoarding, breeding game characters), and novice training. The rent received by the YGG Guild is the produced game asset SLP (currency that must be used in the game). YGG Association has more capital and technology. As a holder of the means of production, it has professional people to optimize the means of production and use financial tools to hedge exchange rate risks (virtual currency fluctuates greatly). Because of YGG’s push, Axie Infinite has grown from 20,000 monthly active to 1 million monthly active in less than a year, which is also a miracle in the history of online games.

The collective climax is the future: looking at the future of the meta-universe from the YGG model and Helium creation

Axie Infinite players in the Philippines

There is a moat between the physical world and the meta-universe, which makes it difficult for Internet giants and traditional capital to invade, and also prevents ordinary users from entering. Therefore, organizations like YGG guilds are indispensable. It acts as a bridge or middleware. .

The collective climax is the future: looking at the future of the meta-universe from the YGG model and Helium creation

Axie Infinite’s monthly tax income

The chain game has achieved a phased victory. Axie’s monthly breeding fees and transaction fees combined have exceeded 150 million US dollars for two consecutive months. So in addition to games, how can more NFTs called non-homogeneous JPG get out of the circle?

In the Internet age, the development of stand-alone games to online games has been successful, the problem of piracy has disappeared, and developers have gained more profits by selling skins/props. Coincidentally, the blockchain era game is also the first to achieve success. But for the same digital goods, music, video, and images, they face a completely different situation. But is the game really different? Or is it because people have not found suitable tools or methods to promote the adoption of other digital goods?

The title of the book “Skin in the Game” may give us the answer. In online games, we directly enter the meta-universe, and Skin in The Game, we are also happy to consume in the game to enhance me in the virtual world, the [I] in the game is very important, and the equipment in the game can make I am stronger! The chain game not only emphasizes the self, but also strengthens the concept of ownership. It allows free peer-to-peer trading of game items. The profit model of the game changed from selling props to transaction fee income. The quarterly revenue of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance has surpassed that of Nasdaq. They are essentially the same, so it can be expected that the game’s transaction fee income will far exceed the item sales income in the future.

The other digital products except games are the other way around. They are more like bringing fragments (NFT non-homogeneous assets) in the meta-universe back to the real world, but it is difficult for [I] in reality to bring these NFT fragments show up, so they are not as prosperous as online games. In the early days of the Internet, we were able to display some meta-universe fragments through QQ images and achievements, but now our time is more fragmented and few people pay attention to these.

The collective orgasm is the future

The collective climax is the future: looking at the future of the meta-universe from the YGG model and Helium creation

Photo by Adam Whitlock on Unsplash

In the real world, when I experience these digital products, I am alone. Even if someone shares a link with me, the feeling after opening it is only related to myself. In the game, a piece of music can boost morale and ultimately help the team win a fierce battle. Our feelings in the game can bring collective benefits. The pursuit of collective value is the foundation of human civilization. Web3.0 (next-generation network) brings an ownership economy to individuals, but its essence is to allow us to collaborate more freely with people we like without being kidnapped by the platform. The collective experience has become more important in Metaverse. The popular WSB incident in the US stock market is the collective climax of this group of retail investors who hit Wall Street. Web2.0 provides a link between people, allowing the Internet to immerse everyone’s life. In the Web3.0 era, people’s relationship network will not change. It only increases the ownership economy (let every picture and every text have the ability to transmit value). This is enough to change the world, and the establishment of ownership allows distribution People all over the world are united for common interests.

The so-called property owners have perseverance and ownership can be regarded as a meta-universe, and only then can the oasis of freedom be established “Player One”, otherwise it can only be the tragedy of the commons or “Big Brother” controlled exclusively by the tech giants.

Owning digital goods on the Internet cannot improve my abilities, nor can it demonstrate my taste. Fundamentally, those digital goods (sounds, pictures, videos, texts scattered on the Internet) are leaked from the meta-universe. We only experienced them in advance, but we can’t really own them. Blockchain will change this situation. Decentralized ledger and private keys can enable [I] in reality to truly own the items in the meta-universe.

It is foreseeable that in ten years, the focus of our lives will be on the meta-universe rather than the physical world. The physical world will enter a new iterative cycle and undergo a comprehensive transformation in an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and sustainable manner. We have to learn to spend extravagantly in the digital world and finely allocate resources in the physical world. The earth operating in the old paradigm cannot feed 10 billion people, but it can in the new economic paradigm.

All this will begin with [Crypto Creation].

Helium mode

Helium is a blockchain project that manufactures goods in a distributed multi-factory model. After 2 years of development, its network has now built the world’s largest Internet of Things, with 120,000 physical nodes distributed in 12,328 cities in 113 countries around the world. Every node is purchased and operated by community members, and everyone owns a small part of the network, but Helium connects everyone closely through the blockchain ledger, working for a common goal: building a public network. After approval by the committee, fifteen manufacturers produce and distribute machines around the world, and there are currently more than a dozen manufacturers waiting for approval. This network is constantly expanding, but today we only focus on its distributed manufacturing model.

The collective climax is the future: looking at the future of the meta-universe from the YGG model and Helium creation

Helium multi-manufacturer products

The collective climax is the future: looking at the future of the meta-universe from the YGG model and Helium creation

Helium has 16 global manufacturers, with products covering 114 countries

Helium can produce network equipment in a decentralized manner, thanks to the blockchain. The blockchain distributed ledger allows all participants to implement non-cooperative games, and a well-designed economic model can drive community members to act. Compared with government regulation, the company’s KPI setting is more effective.

Now let’s go back to the NFT and assume that Helium’s hardware design drawings (including code, technical specifications, etc.) are some NFTs. These NFTs have now been manufactured as physical objects, and the sales have exceeded 40 million US dollars. This is the first successful case of [Crypto Creation]. We believe that this success can also be replicated in other fields. It was pioneered by Helium but not limited to electronic devices.

Assuming that most consumer-grade products can be manufactured in the Helium model in the future, NFT will no longer be a fragment leaked in the meta-universe. It is the seed for manufacturing everything. NFT actually represents a variety of intellectual property rights. The community owns these intellectual property rights. In order to join the community network, manufacturers must meet the conditions and establish interest binding with the community. In the Helium model, the manufacturer destroys the equivalent of $50 in HNT tokens (HNT is the token of the Helium community) every time a product is produced and sold. The destruction behavior of the manufacturer is to return the value of the physical world to the virtual world, and Helium builds a bridge for the meta-universe. With a bridge, NFT is no longer a fragment, it can put the value of intellectual property/copyright into the physical world, directly capture the value in the physical world, and then change the world. KK Kevin Carey said in “Inevitable” that “in the future, people will collaborate on a large scale in the virtual world for the purpose of making the physical world better”.

We can’t wait to see more products made through community collaboration. DAOSquare recently established [Outsid Guild] to help more NFTs capture value directly from the physical world. My mantra is that the reverse is likely to be correct . When the traditional large companies Nike, LV, Alipay, and Tencent all come to issue NFTs, we try to deliver NFTs to the physical world and build a decentralized community brand.

We call this behavior [Crypto Creation], like Supreme, but [Outsid] belongs to the community. Outsid will try to use NFT to make goods, a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, and more goods (physical or virtual). Not everyone can buy these community-branded items, you need to accumulate enough points to get these loot. We expect artists to draw fascinating works, musicians to compose beautiful music, and Outsid Guild to turn them into commodities, so that creators can get more long-term income.

The collective climax is the future: looking at the future of the meta-universe from the YGG model and Helium creation

NFT works held by Outsid Guild

“In the future, people will collaborate on a large scale in the virtual world in order to make the physical world better.” -KK


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