The Cere Network in the NFT field for consumer companies is not just a simple data service

With the vigorous development of 5G, AI artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies, Xinjicheng has become the main theme of current development. Behind the many fields involved in the new infrastructure is the exponential growth of the amount and demand of data, achieving data security, efficiency and low cost. Cost storage has become the top priority to promote the implementation of new infrastructure, and it is also one of the strongest trends and outlets at present.

In the era of big data, cloud technology VS decentralization

In the field of data industrialization, local storage solutions have gradually been eliminated, and cloud storage services are becoming the basis for the deployment of big data in various industries. According to statistics from relevant agencies, the global centralized cloud storage data volume will reach 2376EB in 2020, and it is expected that the next 5 years will be The global centralized cloud storage data volume will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 28%. According to the forecast of the international authoritative organization Statista, the global big data storage volume will reach 2142ZB by 2035, and the global cloud storage market will grow in size by 2026. Reached $169.7 billion.

However, cloud data services mostly adopt a centralized management model, and massive amounts of private data will inevitably be stored in the server of the service provider. Security risks such as hacker attacks, computer room failures, illegal operations, and even active leaks cannot be effectively resolved; at the same time, the cloud The cost of data center construction and data migration is not low, leading to higher prices for cloud services; in addition, most cloud data applications are mainly enterprises, and individuals can only act as data providers and cannot control data application scenarios and privacy The problem needs to be solved urgently.

In this case, decentralized cloud storage has become an important direction for the industry to explore, and Cere Network is one step closer, upgrading and creating a decentralized cloud data platform.

Open data ecology, clever win-win model

Cere Network is a decentralized data cloud platform built on the Polkadot chain, aimed at optimizing data integration and collaboration. It is a completely open and interoperable data center. Its Open Data Registry architecture and Decentralized Data Viewer allow users to define the degree of data sharing by themselves and clearly know the flow of data. And application scenarios. Cere Network will also help companies deploy compliance development tools, allowing companies to make full use of data while protecting the rights and privacy of users. Cere Network cleverly solves the privacy problem of traditional blockchains and realizes a win-win situation for enterprises and users.

Cere Network has built its own first-tier blockchain network with customized Substrate components. Its private network and new smart contract standards for corporate assets on Substrate have been funded by a Web3 foundation, and Cere Network is participating in the Substrate builder program After the completion of the DDC award, Cere Network can be directly used by any other projects and developers in the Polkadot ecosystem, comprehensively improving the ecological depth and breadth of the network, and laying a solid foundation for the realization of consumer-level scenarios.

Facing consumption scenarios, lay out the NFT field

The current decentralized storage is still in its infancy and exploration stage, but there are also projects and scenarios for landing applications, such as a typical IPFS distributed storage ecosystem, Microsoft Microsoft, World Wide Web, Google Chrome, Ethereum , Netflix, Apollo Project Archives and many other institutions or websites have joined them, but what Cere Network does is not simply data storage, but to promote data collaboration and even business intelligence to a higher level.

Cere Network’s data service not only allows companies to obtain data rights themselves, through the open data market (ODM) function, external suppliers and partners can also access the target company’s data in real time. The public data will be filtered and anonymized. Avoiding sensitive data leakage greatly improves the efficiency and safety factor of business collaboration, which is essential for high-frequency, high-value, and diversified consumer-level applications. With this advantage, Cere Network has established partnerships with more than 2,000 companies in the travel, media, banking and retail industries around the world to bring blockchain applications to the consumer business world.

In addition, Cere Network is also actively deploying in the NFT field, combining NFT with Cere Network’s decentralized data cloud to provide a perfect solution for creators, institutions and brands to NFTS content.

Compared with traditional cloud data services, Cere Network has many advantages such as high efficiency, security, and low cost brought by the decentralized model, breaking the monopoly of data applications by enterprises in the era of big data, and allowing C-end users to benefit as well. Users enjoy the dividends brought by data, which provides an important reference for the development of reasonable and compliant data markets. In view of the strategic layout of consumption scenarios, Cere Network jumps out of the framework of traditional data services. Cere is destined not to be just a simple data service platform, but a data ecosystem with depth and breadth.

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