The celadon game of the giants

How about the celadon game that was funded by Tencent, Alibaba, and Bilibili at the same time?

The celadon game of the giants

In this era when almost all people go online, Internet games have long penetrated into the daily lives of netizens. Tencent- based mobile games such as ” Glory of the King ” and “Peace Elite” dominate most Internet addicted teenagers. In addition, there are still many other types of games filling the “online game” demand of netizens.

Last year, the idle game “The Strongest Snail” under Celadon Games brought more than 1.2 billion yuan in revenue, and it became famous in the first world war and jumped into the eyes of capital scrutiny. The rapid growth of celadon games has brought capital favor to itself. In April of this year, many well-known companies such as Tencent Investment, Alibaba and Bilibili joined the financing queue of celadon games and became shareholders. Celadon Games officially became a shareholder in the capital market. Steady footing.

On June 25, Celadon Games submitted an IPO prospectus on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and joined the echelon of Internet companies listing.

Internet for all or games for all

In the new consumer era with the rapid development of the Internet, the entertainment and social attributes of “online games” are more obvious, and the impact of the black swan of the 2020 epidemic has pushed “online games” to a new level of consumer demand.

Games are a double-edged sword. Although appropriate games can develop brain intelligence, relatively speaking, some people with weak willpower are prone to fall into a state where they are unable to extricate themselves from games and cause playthings. In the early years, Tencent Games was accused of Internet addiction. In order to prevent more teenagers from indulging in games, the mobile game track led by Tencent has improved the youth anti-addiction system to avoid Internet addiction.

“Internet addiction” is one of the main reasons for mobile games to attract hackers, and most of the games have obvious metallicity, which also has a great impact on the reputation of mobile games, causing people to abuse games while playing games. A morbid culture of game companies.

“Internet addiction” is also an important factor in the growth of mobile games. The “addiction” indicates that consumers have a large demand for games. This “addiction” can be controlled by self-discipline, although it may have an impact under certain circumstances. It is obvious, but market demand pushes the game track to an indispensable part of the Internet.

According to data from, the scale of China’s mobile game market will grow to 185.03 billion yuan in 2020 , and is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan in 2021. The scale of the mobile game market is increasing year by year, proving the huge development potential of the market.

Similar to market expectations, although there are various games such as “Glory of the King”, “Original God”, “Minecraft”, “Onmyoji” and other games that support and segment the market, other games can also arouse users’ interest. . Some time ago, Synthetic Big Watermelon suddenly stood out in various games and won the applause of a large number of users. This applause is not a result of the decline of other games, but the lack of innovative games on the game track, which users have long played. Tired of the games and systems that I knew before. The applause of “Synthetic Watermelon” is also the voice of users for the innovation of the game track.

Through user innovation in the game, we learned the reason for the sudden surge of “The Strongest Snail” under Celadon Games. On the one hand, the epidemic black swan has catalyzed the home economy and entertainment economy, and on the other hand, it may be that idle games have replaced battle games. The freshness and satisfaction of users.

There are also many game “severe patients” around the author. They believe that games such as “Glory of the King” have a certain sense of boredom due to long-term play. The desire for game innovation is one aspect, and more importantly, under the influence of the social environment, Although the game’s battle mode is interesting, but based on social attributes and users’ old-age mentality, some casual games can better meet the needs of consumers.

Some time ago, games such as “Moore Manor” and “Rock Kingdom” relied on marketing to become users’ game hotspots. The most attractive thing for game users is the combination of social and pension attributes, creating an alternative culture of games. “Strong Snail” belongs to the placement game, which fits well with social networking and elderly care, and even the krypton metallicity in it makes users feel uncontrollable. This will create a surge in celadon game revenue in 2020 and have the confidence to go public.

One super power, the survival way of celadon games

From the perspective of capital analysis, Tencent Games, Netease Games, Perfect World, etc. are the most powerful players on the game track. Celadon games can be regarded as a rising star other than the most powerful ones. The celadon game’s “The Strongest Snail” Is it really worthy of strong support from capital?

The domestic game market is actually a relatively mature state. Tencent alone controls a large number of domestic online game users. Others such as NetEase games and Perfect World also have their own fixed “fans”, so even if “The Strongest Snail” is Celadon games has brought about 14 times more revenue than the previous one, and there is no idea of ​​letting a super-many team compete. Celadon games have made a breakthrough in the game track through idle games, and the game giants may be fancying its potential and the idle games can occupy some of the users in the market, so they ended up financing and became a member of the celadon game shareholders.

Giant financing promotes the listing of celadon games, but future success still depends on the results of its operations.

Celadon games that focus on social and leisure as the main factors will inevitably face competition in the market during their operation. The same type of game can be found in more than a thousand kinds of games in the app store, and many games are not similar, and there are many users. Choice space. Compared with competitive games, the threshold of casual and social games is slightly lower, so users will be less concerned when choosing. In addition, in social games, such as “Moore Manor”, most of the friends drive each other, that is, spread from a certain public domain traffic to a huge private domain traffic, forming a huge traffic system and causing rapid ringbreaking.

The use of public and private domain traffic is an important strategy for the development of casual game traffic. On average, an advertisement will appear when 7-8 videos are swiped on the short video platform. Especially the huge amount of Douyin engine has formed a mature advertising marketing ecology. Based on algorithms, many Users can browse games such as “The Strongest Snail” and ” Happy Diminishing Music ” on the Tik Tou Audio channel . The recommended games are not limited and concentrated. As long as the developers and operators have sufficient publicity, users can even see them.

The survival of celadon games lies in the most basic flow distribution and usage and game consumption. Flow operation is the basic purpose of marketing. In the future, letting users understand and be interested in downloading their own games will also need to consume a lot of money in publicity. Marketing is the fundamental way for an enterprise to survive, and the consumption of games is based on the attractiveness of the game itself. A good research and development can attract a large number of users for consumption.

Celadon games achieved a skyrocketing revenue through marketing and attracted capital attention and investment. In the future, celadon games will need to continue to work hard on the points that capital values, and to achieve long-term survival with capital.

Bind capital to develop long-term value

What capital values ​​is the potential of celadon games in the idle game track, which can achieve 1.4 billion yuan in revenue over 14 times a year. Although there is a push by the epidemic black swan, the needs of users are still an indispensable factor.

In the financing queue, station B is one of them. The game community with station B as a group can deeply analyze the development trend of celadon games in a more viscous community culture, and Alibaba and Tencent can also play an important role in the promotion of celadon games.

The author first understood that the celadon game “The Strongest Snail” was being promoted in the app store, and later its marketing advertisements frequently appeared in the field of short videos. Marketing all over the Internet platform is the fundamental reason why Celadon Games’ games can break the circle. And its own strong research and development technology supports the quality of the game itself, so it can combine various opportunities to submit the IPO prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

How will celadon games realize long-term value in the future?

The vertical and horizontal lines of Tencent games are very long. First of all, Tencent Games is already the number one position in the country, which is the position of the ceiling in the game. Therefore, in the vertical and horizontal aspects of the game, Tencent should expand more horizontally. Vertically, it is relatively slow. Celadon Games is smaller than Tencent. Although expanding the company’s breadth is beneficial to lay a solid foundation, Celadon Games should probably seize its own advantages in the fiercely competitive game track to realize the long-term value of the company as soon as possible.

The author believes that the main focus of vertical development should be the main layout of celadon games at this stage, because capital is more important to the advantages of celadon games in idle games. When celadon games can occupy the leading position of idle games, it may be able to consolidate the width of development after looking back. Help it achieve rapid development.

It’s not for no reason that celadon games mainly focus on vertical and horizontal as a supplement. The vertical development is based on the current most eye-catching “Strongest Snail” and “Lantern and Dungeon” to realize the in-depth development of the two main games. The game realizes the rapid development of the idle game track. Supplemented by horizontal means that other games or businesses under Celadon Games will expand its foundation, complete the bottom line, and be able to gain a firm foothold in the long-term development.

In general, capital giants such as Tencent Investment, Alibaba, and Bilibili are betting on celadon games at the same time. In fact, they are optimistic about idle games. In the future, celadon games want to continue to embrace capital, and it is most important to implement in-depth placement games. Strategic layout. With the backing of capital, celadon games can achieve long-term value faster and more efficiently, and at the same time, it can implement the purpose of long-term value by facilitating the needs of consumers in the new consumption era.

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