The bottom of the dog, Shiba Inu and lowb: from the look down to true fragrance, just short of a round of surge

Previously looked down on, now high climbing

The bottom of the dog, Shiba Inu and lowb: from the look down to true fragrance, just short of a round of surge

The hot spots in the cryptocurrency world in the last two days have basically revolved around Musk’s second dog, Shiba Inu (SHIB). Thanks to Musk’s shouting orders and several exchanges going live with SHIB, even big ones like Firecoin and OKEx, SHIB has risen 345.64% in the past 24 hours.

Before we get to the bottom of Shiba Inu, let’s talk about its predecessor, Dogcoin.

Dogcoin (DOGE)
Dogcoin first appeared in 2013, when two founders from different countries hit it off with a common idea and came up with Dogcoin. Unlike Bitcoin at the time, there was no cap on the number of dogcoins, 100 billion was mined in the first year, 5 billion was mined every year after that, and the inflation rate stayed at 5% per year and kept decreasing, and after 20 years, the annual inflation was only 2.5%.

Dogcoin originated from the grassroots, so it has always been popular with the public. According to public data on the internet, the audience of dogcoin is only lower than bitcoin in foreign countries. 1/4 of Americans think dogcoin will be the next bitcoin, and more than half of them think investing in dogcoin is a way to get rich.

Dogcoin is able to have such a huge mass base, firstly due to the promotion of Reddit website, which makes more users know about Dogcoin. Of course, the meme feature of dogcoin itself brings some traffic naturally. Secondly, the foreign tipping culture further boosted the spread of dogcoin. Until now, dogcoin is more often used for rewarding tips and charity donations. The community is currently exploring the use of dogcoin, cooperating with offline entities, and becoming a digital currency that can be used for payment.

Since 2021, Dogcoin has appreciated more than 10,000 times and now has the fourth largest market cap in the crypto world, only with BTC, ETH and BNB. Musk’s tweets and discussions on “which cryptocurrency will be the future” have sparked a frenzy of chasing and investing in dogcoin.

Currently, everyone is predicting when dogcoin will break through $1. Many people believe that this goal will be reached this month, and believe that a $1 coin price is a brand new milestone for dogcoin. The dogcoin sent by digging Wright back then, as well as the inventory in the old computer, will make some people rich again, right?

Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB)
The code of Shiba Inu coin is SHIB, so many people also call it shitcoin, an experiment built by a decentralized spontaneous community, an attempt to be completely decentralized. We all know that for the projects we can see on the market now, the token allocation ratio, generally a part of it is set aside to be allocated to the team and the foundation, the team’s for incentivizing team development and the foundation’s for ecological construction. But in fact, behind these two parts are almost all a group of people, to a certain extent, a centralized presence.

Members of the SHIB community who have the time or skills can spontaneously contribute to the development, growth, and promotion of SHIB. the earliest SHIB became known to the public can be traced back to mid-March, when Musk wrote on his Twitter account, “I want to buy Shiba Inu coin”. However, NFT was much hotter in the market at that time, so the content of this tweet was rarely noticed in the country. Then the dog coin market value kept going high, and various other cottage animal coins related to it also went red and skyrocketed, SHIB is also one of them.

SHIB did not run away after cutting a wave of leeks like other cottage coins, but has been developing continuously. 100 trillion pieces of SHIB were issued in total, half of which were placed on Uniswap and lost the private key, giving up the management of the coin. The remaining half hit V-God’s address as a tribute and a disguised destruction (the team believes V-God, like Satoshi Nakamoto, will not touch that half of the coins). This means that if you want to get SHIB, you have to go to the market to buy it, and the team members don’t have extra tokens in their hands, ensuring fairness and decentralization. This approach has made many investors very convinced of them and have been holding SHIB firmly.

As many exchanges such as OKEx and Firecoin went live with SHIB one after another yesterday, as of now, SHIB has exceeded 200,000 addresses held and its market cap has risen to 26th place.

As mentioned in the tweet, Shibucoin is also known as a dogcoin killer. Unlike dogcoin, SHIB is with a total cap of 1,000 trillion coins and half of them are equivalent to already being destroyed. In addition SHIBSWAP has been developed and entered the final stage of security testing and auditing, and will go live upon success and can be applied to the ethereum ecosystem in the future.

If you are a frequent jacking airdrop everywhere, you will find that now you want to get an airdrop qualification, you need to follow the project’s Twitter, retweet the corresponding request tweet and ait three friends, enter their community (telegram, discord, etc.), do interaction, pull friends to participate, fill out the form after completing the above and other steps.

And the earliest way to get lowb airdrop, just need to pay attention to retweet and enter the telegraph group, and leave your bsc address under the official corresponding tweet, you can receive a not small amount of airdrop, according to the current price to convert roughly each person can get a few thousand yuan, is definitely the most cost-effective airdrop you have seen so far this year, no one.

lowb currently offers 0.0006U, which means that the previous airdrop has been worth up to 6353U.

Many people refer to lowb as the Chinese meme, it caught fire so suddenly. In the project’s own words, loser coin came from a poor young man in a fourth-tier city in China who invited another poor programmer to launch the loser coin project together, with the token lowb.

Both of them are old leeks for many years, and they wanted to get rich by speculating on coins, but they lost a lot of money. One of them has been unemployed for three years at home, the most familiar words is wait a minute, I am bringing up children. The two losers in the eyes of everyone together with the mentality of playing and returning to zero, together with the project, even the name is very rash and realistic.

I didn’t expect this unexpected move to immediately make this project fire up, the community members all think they are a loser, in the community group to warm up, by selling misery begging way to the project side to airdrop.

The lowb is the same as the bitcoin community hodl fire, to a certain extent, it fits the true picture of the heart of a certain group of people and resonates and starts to spread.

Compared to dogcoin and shibari coin, lowb is much less popular and technically different. However, relying on its own popularity and self-contained traffic, in less than a month since the launch of the project, the number of coin-holding addresses has exceeded 10,000, and the official telegram community has reached more than 8,000, and is still increasing.

The lowb community is also working together to drive this project forward through the autonomy of the community members.

The first problem facing lowb is that the project members did not give much thought to the coin issue at the beginning, leaving a bug in the loophole that can be increased. the founding team of the project has stated to the community that it will never increase the issue, and according to the official reply, an official announcement will be made afterwards, promising everyone that lowb will never be increased.

For the local meme, the author personally hopes that it can continue to develop, the mentality of losers in most of us have appeared. As the lowb project is advertised, I hope that in every big drop, burst, down days, there has been lowb company.

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