The boss of Virgin Galactic, Bezos will go to “Space Tour” one after another! Musk shows up: Can I pay with Dogecoin?

The boss of Virgin Galactic, Bezos will go to "Space Tour" one after another! Musk shows up: Can I pay with Dogecoin?

Tesla founder Musk has reignited debate on Twitter, this time in space flight, Virgin Galactic announced plans message said: “I can pay with coins dog do?”
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dimensionVirgin Galactic announced yesterday (2) that it will carry out a space flight test with passengers on July 11. The founder Richard Branson will personally take the space shuttle to space. A netizen used a meme below to compare that he and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos will fly into space one after another, and accidentally caught Elon Musk (Elon Musk) and left a message below asking if he can pay with Dogecoin.

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Virgin Galactic announced that on July 11, the space shuttle “Unity” will be launched into space for a 90-minute space flight. Unity will climb to 90 kilometers above the surface, allowing passengers to experience a gravity-free state for a few minutes. Observe the curve of the earth from space, and then return to the earth. As soon as the news became public, 600 people paid deposit registration, and paid a maximum of nearly 250,000 U.S. dollars, which is about 7 million Taiwan dollars in fares.

The boss of Virgin Galactic, Bezos will go to "Space Tour" one after another! Musk shows up: Can I pay with Dogecoin?
– Virgin Galactic’s rocket launch plan|Source: Virgin Galactic –

This coincides with another upcoming space flight project , which is the aerospace company Blue Origin owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The latter will be launched on July 20 and can also travel with Bezos. An anonymous person spent $28 million to grab this opportunity.

A netizen left a message below the recently popular “Godzilla vs. King Kong” meme diagram, and compared the first two to Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, and Musk was the third party to the chaos. Unexpectedly, this move would lead to it. Come to Musk and leave a message:

Can I pay with Dogecoin?

Musk has been fiercely criticized by crypto investors since ” breaking up ” Bitcoin, but the controversial figure still has the topic, and his behavior in affecting the cryptocurrency market is still uninterrupted. For example, he tweeted that his new Shiba Dog is called Floki , Resulting in the Shiba coin (SHIB) soaring nearly 26% within 10 minutes.

Musk’s latest development was to sing the song ” Baby Doge ” on Twitter , which caused Dogecoin to skyrocket by 130% in 6 hours.

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