The blood eater divides the Metaverse

“Me—ta—verse.” Rubbing his lips with his teeth a few times, he briskly uttered four syllables between biting and non-biting: Me—ta—verse.

It’s better to keep your chin up while reading, which will make it more flavorful.

This is the form of Lin Yang when he talks to us about the meta universe. As if the exotic Chinese name “Yuan Universe” is not foreign enough, he prefers to use the English version of this term, even though we met at a small party in Hangzhou.

This is a mixed gathering of fish and dragons, and people are looking forward to Lin Yang’s answer as to what the meta universe is.

The concept of “meta universe” was born in Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Snow Crash” published in 1992. It describes a generation of Internet people born in the real world against two “parallel worlds.” Perception: Human beings, as avatars, interact with each other in a three-dimensional virtual world that is simulated by the real world. This three-dimensional virtual world is an extension of the Internet in the virtual reality world and is called the meta-universe.

Wikipedia’s definition of “meta universe” is: through virtual augmented physical reality, presenting the characteristics of convergence and physical persistence, based on the future Internet, a 3D virtual space with the characteristics of link perception and sharing. This definition shows mankind the possibility of constructing a holographic digital world parallel to the traditional physical world.

However, this new concept, which points to the ultimate way of human existence and interweaves natural sciences, information sciences, humanities and social sciences, suddenly became popular nearly 30 years after its birth, and became an arbitrage tool for some unsuspecting people.

At the beginning of September 2021, stocks such as Zhongqingbao, Tom Cat, Perfect World and Changxin Technology, which seemed to have been forgotten long ago, ushered in skyrocketing. Just because they are considered to be “meta universe” concept stocks.

“The news I got is that all major factories are madly entering.” Lin Yang said at the party. “Look at the bitcoins of the year. If you are interested in Metaverse today, you are quite the people who bought bitcoins in 2016. Anyway, I have already rushed.”

He is an old man in the virtual currency circle. Long before the “meta universe fever” detonated by the A-share market, he has been “preaching” the meta universe on social media for a long time. He has experienced the ups and downs of various virtual currencies, and relying on the money he has made from them, he has also met people from all walks of life who want to get a share of the pie. They have a wide range of connections. When these people wanted to understand the mysteries of the meta universe, some of them brought together this exchange.

“Actually, there is nothing to talk about with them.” Lin Yang said-many people came from traditional industries that day, and they wanted to find their own perspective. But Lin Yang believes that they are not even “classical Internet” people, and they are destined to be unable to fully understand the meta universe.

But he enjoys these gatherings: another spreading Fomo (a mentality of fear of missing out-Pinwanzhu), a new term full of noble ideals and a taste of money dressed in a technical coat.

“Everything is back.”

The new straw in the currency circle

Such gatherings have taken place in all corners of China’s major cities in the past few months. The most positive of these is the group that once surrounded Bitcoin. In their discussion, NFT (the full name is Non-Fungible Token, that is, non-fungible token) is inseparable from the meta universe.

In the process when the topic of the meta universe became completely hot, the two forces played a key role in igniting. One of them comes from the “coin circle” that has been struggling to find new stimulus points.

Since 2021, a series of regulations on Bitcoin mining, transactions and accounts have made it difficult for the domestic currency circles. The price of Bitcoin kept turbulent. By the end of June, it had been maintained at around US$33,000, which was almost cut in half from the high of US$60,000 in April.

Under this declining trend, NFT has become the new darling of the currency circle for self-entertainment.

NFT has already appeared in 2017, but at that time, whether it was the pixel avatar project of CryptoPunks or the game Cryptokitties ( cryptokitties ), they only caused discussion within Ethereum , and did not arouse much discussion outside the currency circle.

Until March 6, 2021, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey publicly auctioned his first tweet. After this tweet was encrypted by NFT, the final transaction price reached 2.5 million US dollars. On March 11, a JPG digital work by digital artist Beeple was finally sold at a bid price of US$69.34 million.

NFT began to be known to more people this year through this exaggerated unit price appearance. Later, more artists poured in, uploaded digital artwork to Ethereum, and then converted it into NFT, which could instantly have very high value. It is precisely because of this that NFTs are increasingly used in the trading and auction of digital art-even any digital content.

But so far, NFT is still a drumming game within the currency circle. Until the concept of Metaverse began to heat up, NFT was successfully embedded in Metaverse, a concept that is easier to understand by the public. The transaction of digital assets is indispensable in Metaverse. Isn’t this what NFT and virtual currency are doing? As a result, the currency circle gradually grasped the “defining power” of the meta universe, and the deformed and high-priced “money laundering” method of NFT also has a new interpretation full of futuristic sense.

Players in the currency circle who have gone through the storm are naturally ready to move.

Many projects with no bright spots have begun to catch the concept of meta universe, and can really increase the price of corresponding tokens.

The controversial coin circler Justin Sun also began to make comments that “NFT is a bridge between the metaverse and the real world”, and then in early September, he announced that he had spent $10.5 million to purchase the first NFT avatar in his life. . But soon some netizens revealed the transaction records, showing that the purchaser and the listing person of this NFT avatar, and even the casting person, are all the same account. It is suspected that Justin Sun is self-produced and sold, and he has made another wave of hype. Some people in the currency circle commented: “He is not stupid, he must be self-produced and sold, and he has found a new method of money laundering.”

The blood eater divides the Metaverse

The record of Justin Sun’s self-produced and self-sold NFT circulating on the Internet

Speculators from the currency circle have created enough buying to support the prices of various puzzling NFT products.

However, in the opinion of some participants, the current binding of NFT and Metaverse still has a strong sense of rigidity. Rongzi, who switched from the blockchain industry to Metaverse in 2020, said to Pinwan: From a technical point of view, the underlying technology of NFT is still relatively rudimentary and can only support small-scale transactions of commodity categories (SKU). Therefore, art collections with high unit prices are the most suitable form.

Most of the enthusiasts who flocked to the currency circle and Yuan universe were not interested in the technical details. Meta universe just has a new concept that can affect currency price fluctuations, and fluctuations can bring opportunities to cut leeks.

A person who has invested in virtual currency for a long time said: He has seen more and more new “air coins” of the meta universe concept in the past few months. The gameplay has not changed, and it is still the old one in the currency circle. Moreover, he believes that today’s currency circle, which is covered by the concept of meta-universe, is more “explicit” than the period when the blockchain was branded-this time even “decentralization”, “distribution” and “hashing” Overwhelming terms such as “function” are simply omitted. Since the decentralized scam has already gone bankrupt, let’s start anew.

“They simply put things that are irrelevant to each other together in one pot, and they want to make these things meaningful in an instant, and it’s a great meaning.” He said. “Now a closed loop has been formed-since Metaverse is the future, then NFT is naturally valuable; since the transaction price of NFT is such a high, then the concept of Metaverse must be the future.” He said.

“It’s amazing. The currency circle likes to talk about consensus, and Metaverse is their favorite kind of consensus, and people are tacitly aware.”

Fengshen Field of Internet Giants

In the process of the popularization of the meta-universe concept, another important promoter came from the Internet giants. Among them, Facebook is the most active one. Its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, wants everyone to think of Metaverse when they think of Facebook.

“In the next five years or so, in the next chapter of our company, we will effectively transition from what people think we are primarily a social media company to a metaverse company.” Zuckerberg’s interview in July Means in.

In fact, the concept of meta universe has nothing to do with these big factories at the beginning. In March 2021, Roblox, a game company, went public and was known as the first stock of Meta Universe. But this concept clearly gives Zuckerberg, who is under great pressure in the social media business, see an opportunity. He began to take the initiative to mention the relationship between Metaverse and his company, even if it seemed far-fetched at times.

He regards Oculus, which completed the acquisition in 2014 but did not develop smoothly thereafter, as the foundation of its meta-universe business and the source of legitimacy why it can become a leader in the meta-universe world.

This exaggerated change has also attracted a lot of doubts, but in fact, Facebook has always had such a tradition. When the virtual currency was hot, Facebook suddenly announced the issuance of its own virtual currency Libra in 2019 , and said that it would cooperate with credit card operator Visa and many other partners. However, in the end, regulatory inquiries and constantly losing partners came. In the end, this project is almost no one cares about today.

Today, Facebook’s enthusiasm for the metaverse comes to a large extent from real world considerations. Facebook’s competitiveness in the social media business is showing a clear downward trend. Zuckerberg urgently needs to find the next industry where Facebook is the definer, so as to continue to be the coolest company. The meta universe is the answer.

The blood eater divides the Metaverse

Image source: Facebook

However, the impact on Facebook’s “leadership” in the meta-universe world seems to be faster than it encountered on the battlefield of social media. ByteDance, which makes Facebook the most headache, has also caught up with the concept of meta-universe.

ByteDance acquired the VR hardware company Pico in August 2021 at a high price of 9.6 billion yuan. The company just completed a B+ round of financing of 242 million yuan in March this year. The post-investment valuation is about 2.5 billion yuan. The domestic market share accounts for more than 50%.

In addition, the code Qiankun invested by ByteDance has officially launched the meta-universe game “Restart the World” recently. According to media reports, it is also developing a meta-universe social product called “Pixsoul”. Lightyear is also trying to create a virtual world based on 3D content, such as the virtual idol group Asoul.

Each of these investments stepped on the stimulus that Zuckerberg worked so hard to pave the way for the market, and gave Facebook a wave of value hedging, which weakened Facebook’s future imagination-you can hardly imagine that this was not intentional. Of.

Not only Bytedance, but many Internet giants have shown their enthusiasm for the meta universe.

In fact, many of the companies that were first linked to the meta-universe concept have Tencent ‘s presence.

Whether it’s Epic, which has recently completed a new round of financing with a valuation of US$28.7 billion, or Roblox, which has a market capitalization of US$40 billion on the first day of listing, Tencent has invested in it—it owns 40% of the former and participated in the latter 1.5. 100 million US dollars in G round of financing, and the exclusive agent for the issuance of Roblox in China. In addition, Tencent also holds a 12% stake in Snapchat, a social platform that burns after reading. In recent years, Snapchat’s exploration of digital avatars and expression customization in avatars, as well as the development of AR hardware systems, are also defined as yuan. Cosmic potential stocks.

As early as December 2020, Tencent Ma Huateng put forward the concept of “True Internet” in the company’s annual special issue “Three Views”. Many people think that this is Tencent’s version of the meta universe. However, Tencent has been weakening its relationship with Metaverse in the days to come.

In the context of the strengthening of the global supervision of Internet companies and the unprecedented enthusiasm of people’s reflection on the platform economy, Chinese and foreign Internet giants have pursued the concept of meta-universe unprecedentedly, revealing their valuation in the face of a complete reshaping. Anxiety in the system.

Of course, in addition to anxiety, they also want to become new gods and become new gods in the world of the meta universe.

Capital wants to expand disorderly in another world

Anxiety is magnified even more by the various capitals that have followed the Internet companies through the past ten years.

The era of disorderly expansion of capital is over, but many investors are obviously not ready. They hope that the term “futuristic”, Metaverse, can continue to play music.

“‘Meta Universe’ is more vague than’blockchain’, so much like a philosophical concept. Therefore, people in many industries can find a corresponding position in the concept of’Meta Universe’.” Blueprint Ventures Investment Director Ming Hao said. He believes that this concept satisfies the desire of many industries, including games, social communities, and digital interactions, to expand their businesses and the valuation imagination behind them.

Some senior investors said that investors in the primary market are facing greater pressure to invest in the changing environment. Especially for some small and medium-sized funds, the positioning of LP (Limited Partner, that is, investor) is not standardized. When they hear some concept craze, they are often easy to put some unnecessary pressure on the fund.

“The concept of Metaverse is so hot recently, why has our fund not moved yet?” In this case, fund managers often have the mentality of “I would rather go wrong than miss it.”

This anxiety is more profound in middle-aged investors who enjoy the Internet dividend. There is nothing new in the meta universe concept, but many middle-aged investors are still unfamiliar with it. And these people’s traditional research methods are also helping: “Visit 100 companies, and 101 companies will say that Metaverse is a good thing.” In this case, the “middle-aged anxiety” will undoubtedly become more serious. The embrace of the meta universe by the primary market is full of powerlessness behind it.

The blood eater divides the Metaverse

The listing of Roblox stimulated the capital market’s pursuit of Meta universe

Compared with the enthusiasm of the primary market, the frantic “explosion” in the secondary market is even more dazzling.

Beginning in September, Zhongqingbao, which was named the “Meta Universe” leader, rose from 7.95 yuan to a maximum of 20.57 yuan in just half a month, an increase of 158%; while the “second leader” Tom Cat From 3.13 yuan to a maximum of 5.09 yuan.

Due to abnormal short-term stock price fluctuations, Zhongqingbao and Tom Cat issued investor warnings through different channels. Both indicate that the meta-universe is actually in a very early state. The company’s business product form is still in the exploratory period, and there may be a big gap between it and Meta Universe.

Whether this “alert” is a formal action after deliberate hype, people have no way of knowing.

Even so, investors are still reluctant to pay for these warning words. In the “Zhongqingbao” of a leading retail investment forum in China, the most popular post was filled with all kinds of incredible fantasies.

Some senior investors have said that A-shares undergo multiple rounds of conceptual rotation every year. The concept of “meta universe” has a certain threshold for cognition, and at the same time it is also emotionally “inflammatory.” Once the impact of giant layout news such as Facebook and ByteDance is superimposed, it is easy to be over-focused by the market.

In the second round of quotation, both Zhongqingbao and Tom Cat met the characteristics of “low market value” and “small circulation”. These characteristics are very in line with the characteristics favored by “hot money”, and naturally it is easy to produce “monster stocks”.

The Internet’s valuation system is in a period of overthrowing and rebuilding, and investors who have enjoyed the dividends but are not willing to admit that they are just the light of the times, want to find an opportunity here in the meta universe. The profit-seeking nature of capital makes them try to realize the disorderly expansion that they can no longer do in the real world in the virtual reality world of the meta-universe.

However, after a feather, we still have to face reality.

After the collective skyrocket in early September, the concept stocks of Meta Universe did not replicate the rising trend. Investors who believed in it had a hard time.

Either stupid or bad

In the process of frantically chasing the meta universe in the capital market, game companies and virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR) companies have become the vanguards who have been pushed to the front desk to carry these enthusiasm.

If there is something in common between these two industries before being given the responsibility to carry the concept of meta-universe, it is that they are both in an awkward position.

On August 30, 2021, the “strictest in history” game anti-addiction policy was promulgated. Soon after that, Tencent and NetEase were interviewed by regulators on topics such as the protection of minors and the avoidance of unfair competition. The overall share price of the domestic game industry has fallen, entering the darkest moment. However, the AR/VR industry caused a big craze in 2014-2016 with the emergence of Google CardBoard and HTC vive. After a short period of expected expansion following the technology maturity curve, it has completely turned into a long-term cold reception, and there is no more Leapfrogging technological innovation has occurred.

For many game practitioners, this sudden enthusiasm is somewhat of a feeling of being trapped.

“I think we are leeks, which is certain. But who is cutting the leeks is not clear this time,” said Lan Kexiang Pinwan, who entered the game industry before the last wave of cloud gaming craze. “This’we’ is not just a person from a game company, but even the entire pan-entertainment industry.”

Of course, there are also people who want to understand and seize the opportunity to cut leeks. A-share game company Zhongqingbao announced on September 6 that it will create a meta-universe game “Master Brew” in the future. The main highlight is “online wine making, offline wine tasting”. The stock price began to soar as soon as the news came out, and the stock price doubled within a week, and it led to the overall rise of the meta universe concept board. Game companies such as Shunwang Technology, Shengtian Networks, and Sanqi Interactive Entertainment experienced more than 5% in September. Increase.

The blood eater divides the Metaverse

In fact, if you look closely, you will find that these companies that used Metaverse to speculate their stock prices are almost the same group of game companies that promoted the concept of “cloud games”-the concept of cloud games in 2018 is still due to delays. Such technical reasons cannot be implemented, and the problem of the meta universe is more obvious, but it can make outsiders look like the logical chain is very long, and it is difficult to falsify in a short time.

Wang Xi is one of the newest participants in this wave of meta-universe craze. He and his team are developing a meta-universe social product and are currently looking for investors. Recently, he has frequently participated in some meta-universe-related activities, hoping to establish contact with some investors who are watching the meta-universe project. He found that there are a lot of online game products that imitate “Minecraft”, and many of them are development teams from well-known Internet companies. Products that cut into the meta universe from games often choose to start with this kind of construction sandbox games, but due to the simultaneous real-time loading, dynamic frames, and complex full-view mirror movement, such games are expensive to develop and burn servers.

“There are indeed some game teams who have received financing, but it seems that everyone is immersed in their own world. No one has ever thought about why players will come to play this, is it just to build a house?”

This is also a huge contradiction that people who love the meta-universe ignore. If they are also pursuing a world similar to the real world, especially those terrible places in the real world, why do people come? If the meta-universe becomes a winner-takes-all Internet war again in the future, how is this different from the real world today?

In addition, another aspect of the meta-universe concept that disgusts many practitioners in the Internet industry is that it may be one of the most frothy concepts that appear every once in a while, with the least substantial technological progress. Especially when VR/AR becomes the key part of every advocate who changes the world, the problem becomes more obvious.

“VR technology and hardware equipment have been developing rapidly in recent years, but they are not ready to welcome Metaverse.” Alex Xiang Pinwan, who is the chief marketing officer of a VR company, said.

Compared with around 2016, the current VR all-in-one device has developed from three degrees of freedom to six degrees of freedom. Three degrees of freedom means that users can move the angle of view on the three-dimensional latitude of X, Y, and Z, but the user’s own position Cannot move. The three dimensions added by the six degrees of freedom are the possibility for the player to flatten on the three axes. In a six-degree-of-freedom environment, users can move around freely in the virtual space and interact with the environment.

But fundamental problems such as refresh rate (Fresh rate) still exist. The human eye’s sensitivity to the refresh rate is still obvious below 200 Hz. Although the refresh rate of VR all-in-one devices on the market is much higher than that of a few years ago, it is generally still in the range of 90-120 Hz, which means When it comes to some high-speed moving pictures or situations that require fast turning, there will still be serious delays or picture overlaps.

The blood eater divides the Metaverse

The movie “Number One Player” has also become a tool to promote Metaverse

“Now that we are far from the immersion of the meta-universe we want, there are still many difficulties in technical realization. I think the core reason is that the refresh rate cannot meet the requirements, and the bottom layer may be optics and chips. This is more basic. Development restrictions,” Alex said.

The connection between AR/VR and Metaverse is still more like the external PR (public relations) or even IR (investor relations) behavior of companies in the industry, Alex told Pinwan.

“After the concept of Metaverse became popular, there is indeed a sense of impetuousness in this industry, but the entire industry has experienced its climax and freezing point. Now all companies that have persisted since 2016 are more rational. NS.”

“Close the door, you don’t think that this industry will become popular again because of Metaverse. We even think that AR/VR companies that are speculating on the concept of Metaverse every day have not seen this industry clearly yet. Stupid is bad.”

A once-exciting new concept has been quickly played into a new bubble that gathers all the bad problems of the “old” era: the self-talking agenda setting of Internet companies, the collusion of capital, and the use of people in the currency circle on the Internet The only remaining idealistic hoax unfolded—perhaps there has never been a concept that has been described as facing the future, with so many frustrated people gathered around.

They tried to evade the problems in the real world and call upon the invincible will of capital in the past, but after a short carnival, the meta universe did not get closer, but the reality became more real.

Lin Yang’s previous experience told him that only by repeating it and repeating it will people understand a new concept. But recently he has also been silent.

On September 24, the central bank’s official website issued a blockbuster notice with a date of September 15th, qualitatively all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal financial activities. It also clearly notified for the first time that the provision of services by overseas cryptocurrency exchanges to Chinese residents through the Internet is also an illegal financial activity. Follow-up will severely crack down and investigate domestic staff of relevant overseas cryptocurrency exchanges.

After the announcement, the currency price plummeted, and many exchanges that had fled overseas began to quickly clean up Chinese users on the platform.

“An industry is gone overnight.” This is Lin Yang’s only recent social platform status.

And those traditional industry practitioners who once flocked to listen to the meta-universe sermons have recently shifted their attention. Starting on September 23, the three northeastern provinces have implemented different levels of power rationing, and people are beginning to worry about a larger scale. Whether industrial power supply is affected. These people have recently been busy inquiring about the relationship between the power outage and their business.

Under the discussion of power outages, many investors are still “persistent”, continue to work hard to find possible “asset allocation opportunities” in the outage, and try to continue to link them to the meta universe-a recent article in The investment circle has caused a lot of dissemination. In the article, the author believes that the entertainment method of playing with mobile phones is the most carbon-reducing, so “the end of carbon neutrality is the meta universe.” This is obviously a ridiculous idea, but it was recognized when many investors with insufficient IQ balances reposted it. An investor complained on social media and wondered if his peers were crazy:

“I can’t figure out why there is a shortage of electricity, and what else to talk about in the meta universe.”

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