The big rise, maybe tomorrow~

Recently the market is relatively cold, most of the coins are in the sideways, after the sideways, will have the opportunity to go further higher, more patience, the market repair period are normal.

The big rise, maybe tomorrow~

A market without long leverage, what exactly does it mean? Have you ever thought about this? It means that no matter how the shorts smash, it is very difficult to smash the market through again. This thing goes back to Bitcoin itself, Bitcoin is locked by countless institutions, locked by countless retail investors, locked by countless exchanges, locked by countless mining farms, and a group of helpless coin standard contract investors locked, and Defi’s various cross-chain locks, not only Bitcoin exists this phenomenon, Ether is also the same (32 companies hold 320,000 Bitcoins, 11 companies hold 170,000 Ether).

In this context, ask the shorts how to smash down again, as long as you dare to smash, there are a bunch of new investors waiting to receive, so for the market, the current position at the bottom of the sideways exchange of hands is the best trend, the new people who come in both afraid to receive, but also hold positions are still panic, and constantly hand over the chips. The biggest difference is that now the short smash, no long leverage investors are liquidated, continued downward momentum is simply not enough, in a market without fuel, smash is obviously not economic, so the market in addition to up, almost no other trend, patiently waiting to hold on the line. 519 and 312 down logic is the death spiral of the long chain of trampling caused, so the plunge after the trend also There will not be much difference.

After a wave of super short, some good things gradually emerged, such as Indian tech industry giant Nandan Nikekani calling for cryptocurrencies as an asset class; Iran, for its part, believes that zf cannot hinder the development of crypto because in the long run, Iran can successfully resist economic sanctions imposed by the US through crypto; and Miami’s mayor believes that the crypto regulation issue will be The mayor of Miami thinks that the crypto regulation issue will be solved soon and there is only one thing to do now, which is to “buy low”. This is how the market is, when people are most frantic when the market is full of good news, try to gradually reduce your position, and conversely when people are most panic when the market is full of negative news, try to gradually increase your position, and if you follow this rhythm for a long time, the possibility of not making money is extremely low.

Anonymous, the world’s largest hacker organization, released a video to its 11 million fans, which said that because of Musk’s haphazard shouting orders, making many small and medium-sized investors lose their money, while exposing various black materials such as Tesla’s use of green money to buy bitcoin, and finally mentioned that Musk had met his match, a scene like a movie.

Gemini founder said that bitcoin is gold 2.0, the market value will reach 10 trillion dollars or more, there is still 10 times more space, and within 5 years bitcoin will rise to 500,000 dollars a piece. Meanwhile veteran trader Peter Brandt tweeted that bitcoin could still reach $100,000 in the long run. There is still a lot of optimism in the overall industry, and not as much pessimism as the panic index suggests.

Panic index 15, extreme panic!

21Shares is going live with a bitcoin ETP on the Aquis exchange in London, another avenue to invest in bitcoin has been opened up.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen said that rising inflation Biden also will not give up the 4 trillion stimulus plan, Biden stimulus plan will be beneficial to the United States, but will also lead to rising inflation and eventually lead to rising interest rates, if at this time to raise interest rates to help alleviate some of the situation, in favor of the healthier development of the U.S. economy. In short, according to Yellen’s meaning, rate hikes are good things, inflation is good things. Not much impact.

Market Analysis


Bitcoin active address number hit a new low for the year, this decline in activity means that a change is coming, the maniac still firmly believes that the probability of an upward change is much greater than a downward one, the specific logic above has been made very clear, patiently holding the coin is now the king’s way.


ETH exchange 7-day average inflow fell to a 16-month low, selling pressure further reduced, the daily trend is still very healthy, at any time may be up out of the rally new high.


Stay out for now until unlocked.


Linkage rally.


Support level shrinkage rally, sustainability is average, not considered strong.


Hold mainly.


Not enough volume, short-term strength turned to oscillation.


Shrinkage to the extreme, change in the market is imminent, linkage upward is dominant.


Musk’s current persona, afraid it is difficult to lead the dog out of the next spring, short-term opportunities are not great.


Horizontal hold, is expected to continue to linkage higher.


Rebound dominated.

Recently the market is relatively cold, most of the coins are in the sideways, after the sideways, will have the opportunity to go further higher, more patience, the market repair period are normal.

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