The application of blockchain patents in the financial industry is significantly higher than other industries

On November 9, the first China Digital Finance Summit and Blockchain Innovation Forum in 2021 opened. The forum is sponsored by the Financial Association and jointly sponsored by China Financial Information Center and Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily. At the forum, the Smart Buds Innovation Research Center and the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily released the “2021 Global Blockchain and China Blockchain Financial Patent Innovation and Science and Technology Report” (hereinafter referred to as the report).

The report data shows that as of October 31, 2021, the total number of global blockchain patent applications is about 55,000. China is currently the country with the largest number of patent applications in this field, about 33,000, accounting for about 63.2%, but There is still room for development of patent quality. From the perspective of technology distribution, the blockchain technology expansion layer is also the middle layer of the industry chain with the largest patent layout, accounting for about 62%, especially the explosive growth of distributed technology patents.

The report pointed out that the application patents of blockchain technology in the financial industry are significantly higher than other industries. The number of global blockchain financial patent applications exceeds 2,775, and the number of applications in China exceeds 1,750, ranking first. At present, nearly 82.5% of China’s blockchain financial patents are newly filed patents under review, indicating that the innovation activity in China’s blockchain finance is relatively high, but the maturity of patents needs to be improved.

Specific to the financial subdivision field, payment and settlement, fund management, supply chain finance, insurance claims, trade financing, etc. are the main areas of China’s blockchain financial patent layout. From the perspective of the regional distribution of China’s blockchain financial patents, Guangdong Province ranks first, with 386 related patent applications; followed by Beijing with 333; and third is Zhejiang Province with a total of 197 patents related to blockchain finance. . In addition, Shanghai and Jiangsu also ranked in the top five with 144 and 140 respectively.

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