The 500 billion capital scam behind Musk’s “Twitter speculation”

There are all kinds of arguments about Musk’s tweets, so is it inadvertent or intentional? If it is intentional, what is Musk’s real purpose? With these questions, I reviewed Musk’s operations during this time.

The 500 billion capital scam behind Musk's "Twitter speculation"

The cryptocurrency world has been stirred up lately by Musk, with Musk’s tweets full of untimely bombs and bitcoin prices tossed to and fro.

On June 4, Musk tweeted out bitcoin + heartbreak emojis, and bitcoin plummeted $5,000 in response, shrinking its market value by $500 billion.

The 500 billion capital scam behind Musk's "Twitter speculation"

Bitcoin has plummeted repeatedly, leading even some hacker groups to clam up and publicly release threatening videos, threatening to retaliate against Musk.

There are all kinds of claims about Musk’s tweet, so is Musk unintentional or intentional? And if it was intentional, what was Musk’s real purpose?

With these questions in mind, I reviewed Musk’s actions during this time.

Then the heartbreaking tweet said, this tweet with a picture of a pair of men and women who broke up, the woman said, I told you early, you mention Linkin Park song with me again, break up, but now the problem is, the song does not matter, because the woman outside someone.

The 500 billion capital scam behind Musk's "Twitter speculation"

If you are not familiar with the cryptocurrency world, you may only understand that Musk is going to “break up” with Bitcoin, but of course it is okay to understand it as a breakup, but in fact this plot and Musk’s recent performance is one-to-one correspondence, some time ago, bought Bitcoin for several months, Musk suddenly found that Bitcoin is not environmentally friendly, and at the same time said that dog coin is very potential. potential, so this pair’s conversation, put on Musk can be interpreted as, bitcoin environmentally friendly does not matter, because Musk has a dog coin.

With such an obvious implication, bitcoin plummeted in response, from a high of $40,000 to a low of less than $35,000, shrinking bitcoin’s market value by about $500 billion.

The 500 billion capital scam behind Musk's "Twitter speculation"

And just before Musk tweeted, after experiencing the 519 plunge, bitcoin has just broken through the pressure position after a period of sideways finishing, Musk this wave, is definitely a precise smash.

The 500 billion capital scam behind Musk's "Twitter speculation"

Another uncomplicated part of this tweet is that Musk himself replied to the tweet after the bitcoin price plummeted.

The plot was a couple using a computer video, the woman said, I miss you, the man was in tears, the woman asked, what are you crying about, the man said, I miss you too, but what he was showing on his screen, was the price was falling wildly, corresponding naturally to Musk’s heartbreak, triggered by the plummeting price of bitcoin.

The 500 billion capital scam behind Musk's "Twitter speculation"

Here in the upper right corner of the bottom graph, there is also a proletariat symbol, what exactly is Musk implying?

But it’s clear that Musk knows exactly what he’s doing, and he knows exactly what consequences his tweet will trigger. The next question is, why is Musk doing this? Is it just for fun?

Some time ago, Musk changed his avatar with Bitcoin, announced that Tesla supports Bitcoin payments, and released all kinds of good news, all of which is easy to understand – after all, it didn’t take long for everyone to learn that Musk secretly bought $1.5 billion in Bitcoin.

So why is Musk releasing a bearish smash today?

One possibility is that Musk has already sold the bitcoin in his hand, and has no dog coins in his hand, and is tweeting just for fun.

the second scenario is that Musk sold bitcoin but turned to dogcoin, so stepping on bitcoin and holding dogcoin, which is not very likely, after all, bitcoin is the weather vane of the cryptocurrency world, and while bitcoin plummeted, dogcoin also saw a sharp drop.

The third scenario is that Musk’s bitcoin is still around, and of course there may be dogcoin as well. If that’s the case, it’s even more unbelievable that Musk himself moved the stone to smash his own feet, but that’s what makes it so interesting.

Let’s continue to see what Musk does next.

Following the heartbreaking tweet, when the price of Bitcoin was about to fall below support, Musk did something else, he changed his avatar to a beauty queen wearing a Bitcoin dress with laser eyes.

The 500 billion capital scam behind Musk's "Twitter speculation"

Wearing a bitcoin dress is well understood, the laser eye is someone who once launched a campaign on Twitter stating that they wanted to push the bitcoin price up to $100,000, so many cryptocurrency vloggers, including a US senator and the president of El Salvador, added the laser eye to their Twitter avatars, and Twitter once became a sea of laser eyes.

Musk’s intention to switch back to this avatar again was obvious, and the effect was immediate, as the bitcoin price quickly rebounded.

Musk doesn’t want bitcoin to go up, but he doesn’t want it to go down, so what the hell is he going to do.

Going back to the third scenario mentioned earlier, Musk still holds bitcoin and probably has dog coins as well, and if that’s the case, then releasing the short is likely a sign that he doesn’t want the price of bitcoin to rise prematurely so he can get more chips at a lower price, possibly himself or someone else.

All of this may seem like just baseless speculation, but Musk has a history of market manipulation, after all, as he was charged with fraud by the SEC in 2018 for manipulating Tesla’s stock price via Twitter.

Although Musk paid a settlement of $20 million, he has not been accustomed to the SEC since then, tweeting something like “Tesla’s stock price is too high” every now and then.

The 500 billion capital scam behind Musk's "Twitter speculation"
The 500 billion capital scam behind Musk's "Twitter speculation"

There is also another key figure in this latest Musk operation, and considering her and even more people behind Musk, Musk’s tweets are by no means just for fun.

Katherine Wood, the female Warren Buffett of Wall Street, has been firmly bullish on Bitcoin.

Some time ago Musk criticized Bitcoin for not being environmentally friendly and stopped accepting Bitcoin payments, and Wood was furious, saying it was all Musk’s fault.

After the resulting crash, guess what Wood is doing.

That’s right.

On the day of the 519 crash, Wood bought $90 million in shares of Coinbase, the largest digital currency exchange in the United States.

On May 24 and 25, Wood bought another $23 million worth of bitcoin (GBTC), and Wood has $250 million worth of bitcoin on hand. ARK Ark Fund position data shows that on June 7, ARK Fund bought 18,746 shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) and 13,718 shares of Coinbase stock.

Also on May 20, Wood added 70,000 shares of Tesla stock, Wood’s fund accumulated about 5 million shares of Tesla stock, they are on the same chariot, Musk will go to smash Wood’s feet?

Properly the surface of the pussy, heart laughing.

Of course the above is just my speculation, does not constitute any investment advice, I seriously doubt that Musk through the manipulation of bitcoin, dog coin wild cut leeks, although I have no conclusive evidence.

Promoting new energy, exploring immigration to Mars, leading retail investors to battle Wall Street, these labels have made Musk almost a myth.

After entering the cryptocurrency world with great influence, Musk turned into the godfather of dogcoin, countless retail investors “united” around Musk, and Musk was able to knead the entire digital currency market at will.

Musk’s Twitter feed still has people naively treating him as a savior.

But Musk cares neither for the environment nor for retail investors. Before the bubble bursts, the erratic Musk can pick himself clean with a single tweet, leaving the world with a trail of chicken feathers.

At that time, people will wake up to the fact that no one will bring you money for nothing, unless, of course, he can earn tuition on you.

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