The “42 Consensus” of the Metaverse


The Metaverse Wasn’t Built in a Day

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the Metaverse .

Human beings have never been able to become “creators” by themselves as they are today .

Metaverse integrates the achievements of information technology (5G/6G), Internet era (web3.0), artificial intelligence , cloud computing power , big data , blockchain and virtual reality technology.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

It will lead to in-depth research and cross-interaction of basic mathematics (algorithms), informatics (programming, information entropy), life sciences (brain-computer access), blockchain (encrypted finance), and quantum computing (computing power).

It will also promote new breakthroughs in human science systems such as futurology, philosophy, logic, ethics, and science fiction .

But all this takes time and cannot be realized in a hurry.


The Metaverse is not a “virtual world”

Ready Player One is not a Metaverse, and The Matrix is ​​not a Metaverse.

The Metaverse is not a simple virtual world , nor is it separated from the parallel worlds , but merged and merged .

Online + offline is the future mode of existence of the Metaverse .

Offline scenes will become an important part of the Metaverse, and the Metaverse will also bring more possibilities for offlineimmersive entertainment .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

There is a boundary between the Metaverse and the real world at the beginning , but the boundary between the two will become more and more blurred , and eventually become two sides of the same coin, interdependent.

The Metaverse is a symbiosis of the virtual and the real , not a mirror twin.


Computing power is power

In the Metaverse world, computing power is the same infrastructure as water, electricity, oil, and gas .

Without computing power, the Metaverse would cease to function .

Whoever owns the computing power has wealth .

Whoever has the authority to control the computing power has the power to control the world .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

The computing power of the future world is divided into:

Centralized computing power and decentralized computing power .

If centralized computing power is at the top, the world will be more unequal.

If decentralized computing power takes over, the world will be relatively fairer.

The biggest contradiction in the future of mankind is the contradiction between the growing data processing and limited computing power !


The Metaverse is not a game

Games are one of the entrances to the Metaverse , but the Metaverse is not a game.

To think of the Metaverse as a super-large 3D virtual game is one-sided and shallow.

The Metaverse is a new digital civilization that integrates the virtual and the real, which is produced by integrating a variety of new technologies .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

It involves multiple elements such as sovereign wealth, ecological construction, economic system, and value setting , and is ahigh-dimensional expansion of natural persons.


The Metaverse does not belong to any one tech giant

The core of the Metaverse is “decentralization” , which is not controlled by a single tech giant .

A Metaverse controlled by tech giants, not a Metaverse.

No technology giant can truly build a complete Metaverse.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

The real Metaverse ultimately needs to achieve cross-chain interoperability, mutual identity recognition, and value sharing . It does not belong to any technology giant, but to everyone.


The Metaverse and the Sea of ​​Stars are not opposites

Space opera and cyberpunk merge, not one or the other.

The Metaverse and the Sea of ​​Stars are not in a relationship of competition and opposition. The former expands inward and the latterextends outward . In the end, they reach the same goal and develop together.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

Better digital virtual technology and more developed space technology actually complement each other.


Concept stocks are not “Metaverse”

The “Metaverse” in the stock market is a leek dish with conceptual speculation .

The Metaverse is not a simple game . At this stage, the core is personal digital identity and personal sovereign wealth .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

Most of the concept stocks are “pseudo-Metaverse” , and they care about short-term arbitrage speculation.

So, understand the deep logic of the Metaverse , know what a good project is, and don’t be a leek.


Web 3.0 is an integral part of the Metaverse

Web3.0 without Crypto is not Web3.0, and a Metaverse without Web3.0 is not a Metaverse.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

Among the technical paths required to realize Web3.0, cross-chain, distributed storage and privacy computing are the core technology stacks at the current development stage of the Web3.0 ecosystem . These are highly related to the construction of decentralized identity and credit systems in the Metaverse. match.


The Metaverse is the “Metanarrative” and the Great Goal of Humanity

The Metaverse is the same meta -narrative as “globalization” . It is a story about “eternal truth” and “human salvation” .

Predict the future world, pursue the ultimate goal, converge industrial interests, unify the way forward, and build multiple worlds.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse


The Metaverse is an Entropy + System

Schrödinger mentioned the concept of “life is negative entropy” in “What is Life”.

The real world we live in is a closed system with increasing entropy . According to the second law of thermodynamics , the real world will have a day of heat death .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

Through the integration of various technologies , the Metaverse can minimize the entropy increase and disorder of the Metaverse system .

At a certain moment, the Metaverse was an entropy-system .

But it has no way to get rid of the influence of the parent world , and it is still an entropy + system in the end .


Metaverse: Math > Human Nature

The underlying logic of the Metaverse follows the “mathematical contract theory” .

In the real world, social contract theory dominates modern civilization .

In the Metaverse, the mathematical contract replaces the social contract , uses mathematics to constrain human nature, and usescontract prepositions to eliminate selfishness in human genes .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

The mathematical contract automatically detects the behavior of the contractor after the contract, and any behavior in the Metaverse will be intelligently supervised by several mathematical contracts.


The Metaverse is not a “civilization involution”

Many people used Liu Cixin ‘s speech in 2018 to refute the “Metaverse” , calling the Metaverse a “civilization involution” .

But the target object of Liu Cixin’s speech was the “virtual world” , and there was no concept of the Metaverse at that time.

The Metaverse is the fusion of the virtual world and the real world , and it is also the crystallization of the fusion of various technologies after they have developed to a certain stage .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

The Metaverse will not bring civilization involution, and finally realize the transition of civilization .


Blockchain is the celestial stone of the Metaverse

Blockchain enables the Metaverse to be driven by reality , not just a spiritual emptiness.

The blockchain brings the unique identity carried by the digital ID , and also brings the safe and stable operation of the economic system .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

It even includes the private key as everything , ultimately bringing about a change in the superstructure:

Fairness and freedom, decentralization, data privatization, antitrust…

Physical hardware is only the external body, and blockchain is the living soul.


Metaverse ‘Big Bang Singularity’ Agnostic

Just as the universe was born from a singularity, so the final explosion of the Metaverse will be ignited by a “singularity.”

But this “singularity” is currently unknown. Most people only focus on established projects or big companies, but the wind started at the end of Qingping, and the Metaverse has brought a new era , I am afraid it is not so easy to guess the ending.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

The formation of a great Metaverse, perhaps a story, a wallet, a plug-in, a set of NFT images, a contract may become its explosion singularity.


Digital identities are the final entry into the Metaverse

In the real world, we have our own identity cards , which carry our value in the real world .

In the Metaverse, digital identity will be the final entrance , behind which are the social relationships and assets of the digital world .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

This digital identity is affirmed and empowered through your various actions and choices in the Metaverse based on your own values, Metaverse view, individual positioning and other factors. It’s not just an avatar , but a digital ID that actually exists and affects the future .


The Metaverse is the ‘source’ of new ideas

What is clear is that the Metaverse will be the source of new ideas .

New technical ideas:

5G+AI+XR cloud computing, blockchain, highly immersive social interaction, engine technology, brain-computer interface, digital human, edge computing, mathematical algorithms, 3D operating systems, etc. will all appear new technologies.

New thinking in finance:

Web3.0, Blockchain, DAO, DeFi, GameFi, NFT, DEX, AMM, Ethereum, USDC.

At the same time, it is also the core scene for human beings to reflect on themselves , thinking about the “creator’s original intention” through self-creation .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

At this level, the Metaverse will give rise to new philosophies.


The Metaverse is Nonlinear Spacetime

In the real world, we follow the direction of time and move forward in the form of a single arrow .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

The Metaverse, on the other hand, can be parallel and nonlinear on completely different time scales . Using digital identities andmultiple personalities , you can have a parallel universe- like experience. On the same time scale, you can complete different things and realize the “non-linear narrative” that is only possible in novels .


DAO is the core governance model of the Metaverse, and DAO is the future.

DAO ensures that the rule-making power is in the hands of the community and forms the governance cornerstone of the Metaverse.

Under the DAO governance model , the Metaverse is completely decentralized , characterized by open source, free flow of assets, free contributions of personnel, community voting, and undisturbed execution of governance results.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

No one can call the shots, and control is decentralized rather than hierarchical. It allows everyone to participate in discussions and also encourages teamwork .

Based on DAO governance, Metaverse gives governance rights to all participants and establishes community autonomy with trusted rules .


Metaverse: The Combination of the Internet and Blockchain

The Metaverse is mainly divided into two factions: the Internet faction and the blockchain faction.

The battle between the two factions has differentiated into completely different evolutionary paths of the Metaverse .

Whether it is the Internet faction or the blockchain faction, they have their own troubles and worries in the process of realizing the Metaverse :

The biggest problem of the Internet is “security” , and the biggest problem of blockchain is “efficiency” , but at the same time, both factions have their own advantages .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

By combining Internet technology and blockchain principles , it is the best way to realize the Metaverse.


The “Grand Unified Theory” of the Metaverse

Scientists in the natural world are always looking for a “grand unified theory” .

According to quantum theory :

Substances are pieces of information.

The most cutting -edge string theory believes that the universe is a movement played by a cellist .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

Is the essence of the natural world information bits ?

What is the grand unified theory of the Metaverse ?

We can see very clearly:

The source of the Metaverse is the atomic world .

The atomic world is the creator (the first driving force), and the 0s and 1s they construct are the “grand unified theory” .

twenty one

Metaverse Economics: People Are Money

The “metaeconomics” under the Metaverse follows the concept of “people are money” .

Everyone has their own mapped Tokens , and these Tokens can quantify their own value.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

Under the concept of “people are money”, people are born peer-to-peer trust machines , and people themselves have become thevalue benchmark for measuring everything .

“Man is money” has three laws :

1. Everyone has the freedom to issue currency;

2. Personal value = personal currency value;

3. Renminbi is with you.

“People are currency” is a high-level version of the Metaverse consensus era . It exchanges greater freedom and credit through self-discipline , and makes self-issued currency more valuable .

twenty two

The Metaverse is the “crystallization point” of technology

Why the Metaverse is favored by big corporations is because it is a technological “crystallization point”.

Whoever can become this “crystallization point” may become the most powerful enterprise in the future .

The car at the beginning of the 20th century, the Internet at the end of the 20th century .

The mobile Internet (mobile phone) in the early 21st century , the future Metaverse (technical carrier undetermined).

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

It is not a single technology, but a collection of a series of “connecting the dots into a line” . It includes the culmination of various digital technologies such as chip technology, communication technology, blockchain technology, interactive technology, virtual engine technology, AI technology, network and software and hardware programming .

twenty three

Metaverse is an open source world

In the Metaverse , everything is open source except for private data controlled by individuals .

The code is open source, you can view those open source codes;

The technology is open source, and you can learn the underlying logic of all Metaverse technologies;

Public data is open source and can be viewed and used by everyone, thus avoiding the monopoly of centralized platforms;

The content is open source, as long as you are creative, you can create the content of the Metaverse;

The smart contract is open source, you can view all the smart contract content on the chain;

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

twenty four

“Sovereign wealth” is the greatest common divisor

On the topic of the Metaverse, there is no way for everyone to reach a consensus in the short term , and everyone only sees the Metaverse that they recognize.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

But access to free, self-distributable “sovereign wealth” is the consensus of all…


NFT is the “life” in the Metaverse

NFT is a unique data representation in the digital world that cannot be copied, replaced, or split , and is used to verify the authenticity or rights of specific digital assets .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

The native NFT generated in the Metaverse is a unique “life” in the Metaverse . It is not a simple digital analog signal , and can eventually form a world of its own, beyond any product.


Metaverse Original Sovereignty: Content First

The Metaverse is an all- encompassing new world created by all involved .

The future Metaverse, its content all originates from the participants . Compared with the traditional Internet, in the Metaverse, the importance of content is far greater than the importance of platform.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

Relying on the open source method, everyone can participate in content creation and enjoy the fun of co-creating the Metaverse .Whoever owns the idea and who has the quality content can build a new platform in the Metaverse by himself.


Metaverse: Play is Work

The Metaverse is not a game world, but games are a big part of the Metaverse.

Games are the best breakthrough in the Metaverse, and a complete Metaverse requires games with games and strategies to complete behavior creation.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

In the Metaverse, the game is life , and the game is labor . It smoothly connects the labor of the physical world and the game of the virtual world , and combines the game and the labor.


The Metaverse Can’t Let You Escape From Reality

The Metaverse is not a new place for you to escape the world .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

The fallen into the Metaverse will only fall further, and those who are good will create more value and wealth .


Metaverse is full ecological evolution

The Metaverse is a very grand and complex structure. Such a system is not like a game that can be packaged and upgraded together . The changes and upgrades of the entire system are very complicated, and it belongs to the same universe , so its upgrades and transformations are The evolution of the whole ecology .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

This whole ecological evolution can be divided into seven layers :

Natural layer, physical layer, interaction layer, data layer, protocol layer, contract layer, application layer.

A constantly growing and expanding Metaverse, its system architecture will eventually learn from living beings , and its evolution will learn from natural evolution .


Surreal Governance

The Metaverse is a surreal world , and the following points are all elements of surreal governance.

Decentralized governance:

In a decentralized social organization, governance is decentralized rather than hierarchical .

Code is law:

The smart code contract composed of code forms “self-rules” , and “legal preposition” reduces the cost of law enforcement, which has the flavor of “Minority Report” .


Everyone has the right to obtain computing power , and everyone also has the obligation to contribute computing power .

Data private:

The user holds the private key to control personal data, and the user has the power to manage personal data completely independently .

Distributed Finance:

The financial system is mainly distributed , and any third party cannot reverse any transaction.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse


Without consensus, there is no digital land

Without a consensus-based Metaverse land , the so-called digital land is a bubble.

In the first three seconds of the universe , the “law of objects” was created in the high temperature and collision . When the law of the universe was formed, it began to slowly form stars and galaxies .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

At present, the Metaverse has not yet reached the stage of planet formation, consensus, and digital land wealth distribution .

Digital land, just a bubble. It can be used as a digital experiment, and do not enter the game at a high price .


“Interoperability” in the world of bits

Is Messi better or Maradona better? It is also difficult to compare across time and space .

But in the “bit world” of the Metaverse, once a consensus is formed on the underlying digital protocol, the “Avengers” can team up to fight BOSS in minutes.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

This is the “interoperability” of the Metaverse. The digital underlying protocol ensures that the bit numbers formed by the algorithm can travel across the universe. You wear the “2140 Metaverse” digital armor, sell the blue ring of Gaia at Axie Infinity Castle, and get a piece of Mars on Decentraland…

All the great digital IPs in the Metaverse world can go head-to-head.


Digital human evolution: AI digital human will become the majority

The digital people will consist of the following types of people:

virtual dummy:

A virtual data identity is created .

Real people uploaded by consciousness:

Taking human as the template and human consciousness as the main body , they are immigrants from the real world to the Metaverse , not natives.

AI digital people:

It was programmed from the beginning, without real carbon- or silicon-based bodies, without any restraints, and could in principle roam in the Metaverse, where they were the original inhabitants of the Metaverse . These people will be the majority.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

AI digital people are free from physical constraints and are only limited by mathematical laws, and the world of mathematics is more abstract, which means that the capabilities of AI digital people will be bounded by mathematics rather than physics . How far will they develop in the future? ? It is impossible to assess for the time being, but once an evolutionary state is formed, it will completely subvertthe Metaverse .


The blissful orgy of the rabble: The Nineteenth Law

Technological trends are unstoppable, and human entertainment is also unstoppable. The Metaverse will integrate various technologies in the existing world to rapidly increase productivity .

At the same time, with rich stimulation and extreme experience, there will be fewer and fewer people who can stay awake in the Metaverse; the level of immersion in the Metaverse is deeper than that in real social games, and over time, the distribution of rational people and emotional people, It will change from the 28 rule to the 19 rule .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse


The “Dark Universe” of Cypherpunk 2.0

Top programmers, libertarians, anarchists, technology and financial players and other advanced Metaverse players found that the Metaverse was occupied by a mob and could not realize the original dream of building the Metaverse – a “beautiful” that everyone is free and sharing openly. new world” .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

These people are in the hidden nodes of the Metaverse , through multi-layer links, to establish a dark universe, and only a few people can discover, review, and register to enter the dark universe by themselves.

These minorities became the manipulators behind the dark universe.


Programmer’s “personal dragon slaying” era

In the beginning, big corporations monopolizing the Metaverse would be spurned. But a few will eventually dominate, andprogrammers have more power.

Top players control the world. Because of the nonlinear time and space and the “law of 19” , the gathered fans and believers can reach hundreds of thousands within a few hours, and the organization based on personal beliefs will become stronger and stronger.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

A Metaverse based on the idea of ​​decentralization will eventually form a centralized empire of individuals .

The dragon slayer, eventually becomes the dragon.


The Metaverse is a self-learning computer

The atomic universe , to a certain extent, its matrix structure has evolved through autonomous learning.

It seems that the macroscopic algorithm is accurate , and it starts from the most trivial Brownian motion.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

Even the Great Theory of Relativity doesn’t have the same operational impact 13.8 billion years ago as it does 13.8 billion years later.The second law of thermodynamics is unknown, which means that “physics” is Turing complete.

Now the most influential Ethereum protocol in the Metaverse is also a Turing-complete protocol , and the Metaverse based on it is more likely to form a computer that can learn independently.


Higher-dimensional universe: the duality of reality and reality

In the real world, the wave-particle duality of particles is difficult to understand.

De Broglie proposed that any physical particle has wave-particle duality, and the relationship between wave and particle: E=hν, p=h/λ.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

But only from a higher dimensional perspective:

Both are unified.

The same is true of the Metaverse. If one completely enters the Metaverse world where the virtual and the real coexist, after the atomic human who originally created the Metaverse completely disappears , the digital human with physical and virtual identities will also have the same question: why does the duality of the virtual and the real exist?


Ideological battle, the confrontation between bits and atoms

Choosing ” BIT ” or ” Atom (ATOM)” may be the biggest ideological debate in the future Metaverse world.

Based on this contradiction, the Metaverse may differentiate into two different types of people :

Choose the atomic man in the real world and the bit man in the digital world .

These two types of people are reduced to two forces , and they end up fighting each other.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

Some people will reject the Metaverse and stick to the real world;

Someone will maintain the Metaverse and not allow other aliens to exist.

The confrontation between bits and atoms , the focus of conflict in the future Metaverse .

So, choose bits , or choose atoms ?


Multiple worlds with different identities

Digital identities do not follow Newtonian mechanics, but MWI (multiple worlds) theory.

People can choose different identities to experience life, start “multi-personality social interaction” , become a botanist in universe 1, be the leader of a kingdom in universe 2, and become a small animal in Metaverse 3 …

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

Multiple identities are connected to the same economic system, and the more identities, the greater the benefits.


Unpredictable end of the Metaverse

The current Metaverse is still in its infancy , and we cannot predict the future development of the Metaverse for the time being.

In the microscopic world, Heisenberg proposed the uncertainty principle ΔxΔp≥h/4π .

The Metaverse world has been controversial since its birth , and the road ahead is equally difficult.

Just like when globalization was proposed, no one could have predicted that its development would be so tortuous .

The Metaverse is like a newborn baby , we can’t be sure what it will eventually grow into.

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

But the only certainty is that each of us has the opportunity to influence the end of the Metaverse .

Because at the end of the Metaverse, everyone is a part of the creation .


The biggest consensus in the Metaverse is that there is no consensus

The biggest consensus is that there is no consensus, another binary paradox .

All the consensus mentioned above is a brief understanding and summary of the Metaverse .

The three laws of the Metaverse:

Non-local reality, multi-world interpretation, duality of reality and reality (the principle of complementarity).

It is full of contradictions and dialectics .

The Metaverse is in its infancy, and the infrastructure, underlying logic, values , etc. have not been fully established.

Today’s consensus may be overturned tomorrow.

The Metaverse is constantly changing and decentralized , and its consensus will continue to iterate .

The 42nd consensus of the Metaverse is exactly no consensus .

The "42 Consensus" of the Metaverse

Title: “Metaverse: The Metaverse in Pictures”, Author: Zimi Lab 2140, Publisher: Peking University Press

[Interactive question: If the Metaverse is really realized, what do you want it to be like? 】

By August 20th (Saturday) at 10:00 am, the audience with the top 5 comments will receive the “Metaverse” series of books provided byQuantum School !

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