The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

ArtTacio’s report shows that in the first nine months of 2021, the NFT market has been volatile, creating $3.5 billion in sales of NFT encrypted artworks and collectibles, of which only 16% of NFT artists are women.

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other technical fields have men accounted for the majority of men, but NFT, one of the hottest topics this year, accounts for only 16% of women.

This number makes us want to do something for this field, especially the outstanding women in this field.

Today we will introduce 16 famous and influential female NFT artists.

1. Olga Vorobyeva (Vox), the founder of Vox Consulting

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Olga is the founder of Vox Consulting, a company that provides consulting for blockchain, DeFi and NFT startups and Web3 venture capital companies. At the same time, she is an international keynote speaker, technology entrepreneur and investor. Her professionalism in conducting business has made Vox Consulting one of the most trusted companies in the industry. Olga is committed to helping technology companies reach the highest level in the industry through business strategy, marketing, communication, positioning, and brand image design. Although there are many well-known NFT consulting companies on the market, so far, no company is founded entirely by women and has such a high level of professionalism. Olga has been a marketing expert in the field of technology start-ups since 2014. Her marketing skills and experience in consulting for start-ups are very rich.

“The biggest misunderstanding of NFTs is that they are limited to visual arts to some extent. In my opinion, NFTs are a brand new, direct-to-consumer business model that is not advertising-oriented. Every technological revolution Will bring 3-4 business models. For example, the Internet has created SaaS and context-sensitive advertising. Blockchain has created two so far: NFT and circular economy/protocol tokens. For the gaming industry, this means The eternal incarnation of games, true ownership, and publisher-independent in-game economies. For the film and music industries, this means new forms of digital ownership and fan acquisition, artist support, and community building.

In addition to the governing body, Olga is highly involved in conferences, forums and trainings in the blockchain community. She supports emerging startups, serves as a mentor for the California startup accelerator-Alchemist, and serves as a mentor for the Algorand Acceleration project in Miami. In her free time, Olga is advocating for the development of women in the field of cryptocurrency. Her latest research shows that the non-obvious problem that prevents women from entering the field of cryptocurrency is the common family account. In short, Olga stands at the forefront of the development of the cryptocurrency and NFT industry every day.

“The NFT market continues to grow. This year, its value will exceed $4.7 billion. The most notable DAOs are those involving NFTs. Millions of people will invest in these digital projects, ranging from BoredApes to sports games or virtual Pet tokens. Spaces like “decentralization” will continue to attract the attention of many users as they may launch their own VR world, establish connections through the “de-core” market, and exchange irreplaceable tokens To other virtual environments.”

Olga hopes to see more NFTs and projects combined with Metaverse next year. She is convinced that GameFi DAO and play-to-earn DAO will explode in 2022, and she is happy to help the new generation of blockchain companies achieve their business goals. The Vox consulting team strives to continue to provide services to such companies and make the cryptocurrency community more convenient and transparent for daily users.


2. Isla Moon, the founder and art creator of MAGI

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Isla Moon is a painter and multidimensional creator from New Orleans. She often creates large-scale works so that people can be immersed in stories and images. Isla layered her paintings with photos and digital renderings, and added graphics of moving elements to her paintings. After that, she increased the level of sound and color, trying to immerse the audience in the feelings and stories that her works told with shapes, lines, colors and forms.

Moon’s work is cooperative. She has the ability to allow a group of creators to create multi-dimensional graphic short films. This is the wealth she hopes all creators can get. This is why she and her co-founder Kevin Reddy created MAGI together. The company will support the creation, cooperation and community building of creators around the world. They hope to bring their physical art to the blockchain and create art together.

Whether it is for the artist’s creation or for the environment, Isla’s work has brought a positive impact. Every NFT in MAGI Collections cooperates with influential causes that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The entire ecosystem connects creators with careers and missions. Using NFT as a carrier allows art to tell the story of changing the world and the impact of climate change.

“I think this is a golden moment in history. I like to call now the Neo-Renaissance. Art has never been uploaded and stored on blockchain technology like it is now. The fusion of art and science has brought us new Sources of income, unique currencies, and the ability to raise funds for global causes and missions. What excites me most is the possibility of changing the world. I believe everyone has this unique potential, that is, their value and currency, and Our ability to connect and inspire our artistic endeavors to make changes, a truly grounded and lasting change, is worth looking forward to.”

Isla Moon is now accepting a new collection-“Evolving Elements”, a MAGI series curated by emerging teams and communities. Each NFT in each series will benefit from tasks related to that element and will address the causes of influence around the world. This series will be displayed on various platforms. The MAGI team hopes to have its own platform as soon as possible. Currently, they are prioritizing the creation of VR galleries and Metaverses to showcase their carefully curated collections of invited community members only. MAGI works with We Care Impact and Logos Capital to work for the environment and humanitarianism of the future. As a visionary artist and event organizer, MAGI will continue to inspire and create artistic influence.

Instagram: @islamoonxessence

3. Nesma Bensalem, Founder and CEO of WeCare Impact LLC

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Nesma Bensalem is the founder and CEO of We Care Impact, a creative agency and consulting company that believes that the power of art, community and technology is the solution to a more sustainable world. It also has a We Care token. We Care Impact’s activities are designed to inspire humanitarian and environmentally conscious behaviors and encourage behavioral changes by individuals who make up communities and societies.

Nesma’s mission is to raise awareness of the world’s most pressing problems while providing inspiring and practical solutions. She believes that change begins with a story, but it requires specific solutions to become a real and sustainable change.

Bensalem is convinced that blockchain and NFT will continue to develop. They are concrete solutions to some of the existing deep flaws we see in the system and economy. They recognize cultural and community-driven values ​​and provide the necessary tools to track and verify ownership, Authenticity and transaction conditions.

Nesma produced and directed a project-“The Stream of Life”, which is an interpretation of the poetry of the famous Bengali poet, philosopher and artist Tagore. A 16mm film film was shot by Deepak Chopra in New York and was conceived in July 2020. At that time, the whole world was struggling to cope with the huge challenge of the new crown epidemic.

Starting from Tagore’s poems, she conceived the film around the three themes of the spiritual symbiosis of movement, nature, nature and humanity. The interpretation and expression of the thoughts of poems are realized through dance, spoken language, music, and visually evoked landscapes at the same time, creating a kind of human internal communication experience. Multiple artists, performers, and storytellers—everyone carefully selected for their artistry, true sensitivity, and belief in the nature of the project—cooperated to create “The Flow of Life.” This film reminds us, Our strength in adversity, our ability to evolve, and our inseparable connection with nature.

“More than just a stage, NFTs are concrete solutions to some of the deep flaws we see in systems and economies. They allow culture and community-driven value, and provide the necessary tools to track and verify ownership, authenticity, and trade.

NFT also provides education around fintech and digital assets to the mass audience in an interesting and attractive way. With the popularity of NFTs, it gradually becomes more directly related to the value they create for the community.

“Through the ownership and source mark on the blockchain, the owner and the artist are protected. The reputation and appreciation of the NFT will only increase, and the artist will continue to earn royalties as the value of the work rises, and the problems of copyright and illegal copying will no longer exist.”

Instagram: @nesma_b

4. Alexandra Luzan, PhD researcher of Ca’ Foscari (Venice), consultant for art and technology cooperation, and co-director of

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

For the past ten years, Alexandra has been organizing events and conferences in the technology industry around the world. She has an education background in art history (including La Sorbonne Paris, MSU Moscow and La Sapienza Rome). Since 2018, as a PhD researcher, she has been studying the connection between new technologies (such as blockchain and artificial intelligence) and art at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice.

In 2020, Alexandra joined the NFT marketing team of (USA) as the head of partnership, responsible for holding the first NFT exhibition of “Organic Growth: Crystal Reef” at the National Hermitage Museum, NFT collection projects, etc.

“Digital art based on file exchange began to develop intensively in the mid-2000s. Artists using new technologies began to think about how to bring digital works to the market, price them and retain their uniqueness and authorship. NFT has provided many artists with a This is the magical possibility of final gains. The cut NFT allows people to invest even a small amount of money to obtain partial ownership of high-value assets. With NFT, you can become a great art collector, regardless of how your collection should be Repair, insurance, transport and hang on the wall. You can put your collection in a digital wallet and manage it in a second with your smartphone.”

Alexandra has high hopes for the further development of NFT in the future. More and more basic artists, institutions and market participants are entering this field consciously. She plans to build a lasting bridge between traditional art and NFT and blockchain communities. Luzan’s personal belief is that NFT will be further integrated into various fields and enterprises. As a member of several global organizations that promote female leadership, she also plans to allow more women to join this fast-growing field.

Instagram: @alexandra.luzan

5. Kristina Tauchmannova, co-founder of Socialstack

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Kristina 多年来一直在不同的国家和行业从事技术生态系统支持和社区方面的工作。主要是在金融技术和以影响为重点的技术领域。她�?016年开始进入加密货币领域,喜欢各种艺术和创意表达,所以自然而然地把她拉到了NFT空间(特别是社交代币空间)。社交代币代表了创作者、品牌和社区共同创造价值的一种新方式。它们能够创造以数字资产为核心的个人加密经济,并为创作者提供新的方式来吸引他们的受众并使他们的作品盈利�?/p>


“NFT 把我们从信息互联网拉近到价值互联网。工�?创作的报酬直接付给创作者。互联网消除了我们的地理界限,NFT消除了经济界限。社会代币不仅赋予创作者权力,也赋予他们的社区权力。这是一个迷人的新世界,我们正在摆脱稀缺心态�?

Kristina 和她的团队正在加入创业者、品牌和社区,他们希望参与和奖励他们的社区,共同让环境更好�?/p>

Instagram: @trysocialstack

6、Angela del Sol Varela,SISU的创始人

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Angela del Sol Varela是一位企业家和气候活动家,对连接艺术、影响和区块链充满热情。Angela是SISU的创始人,SISU是一个通过创建稀有的NFT收藏品和WEB3实验(如DAO)来支持古代和未来主义的地球修复项目的平台�?/p>

古代未来主义是什么意思?从本土的农林业到牡蛎养殖场,这些项目比树木吸收更多的碳。Angela有了重大突破,需要做的不仅仅是植树种花(她通过名为”种子进化”的造林项目种植�?5000 棵树和花)。她希望加快所有可测量和可扩展的气候解决方案�?/p>

SISU is committed to creating a negative teaching material for beautiful and rare digital artworks, which will continue to exist in the short-lived NFT, and will be produced in the future, contributing solutions to the climate struggle.

“If extreme weather events like the ones we have seen continue, our cryptocurrency will have little value on a crashing planet. Web3 holds the key to leadership in this critical period when humans and species are on the verge of extinction.”

Instagram: @angeladelsol

7. Alyze Sam, co-founder of NFTY Token, award-winning author

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Alyze Sam is a blockchain strategist, fiction educator, award-winning writer, and an advocate for actively promoting change.

After almost unexpectedly passing away in 2014, Sam enthusiastically joined the world of financial technology. At that time, Sam announced that her purpose was to use ethical technology to serve the “weak”. As the co-founder of the first NFT currency NFTY Token, Alyze is actively leading the NFT technology. As the co-founder of GIVE Nation, her actions inspired others.

In his free time, Sam writes for more than 15 technology magazines. Sam wrote the first book on stablecoins in 2017. Her text simplifies the concept of complex theories for most audiences. In February 2020, the “Complete Guide to Stablecoins in 2020” topped the list of new business and money books on Amazon Books. Sam’s second book “Stablecoin Economy” is a university textbook, released on May 14, 2020. In January 2021, Don Tapscott published Sam’s stablecoin research at the Blockchain Research Institute. The Bad Crypto Podcast developed a blockchain hero NFT, inspired by her work: Mz. Stability.

Sam is working on several projects with global impact, combining her knowledge in blockchain, artificial intelligence and NFT. With her team, cutting-edge technology and pragmatic mentality, she plans to use technology and the employment project of the WatersMark Foundation to establish a middle-level working class in Haiti.

Sam liked to laugh and said, “Hi, this is Sam. I accidentally entered the blockchain after a commercial semi-trailer hit me.” This sentence is good because Dymitri Buterin of Block Geeks and the co-founder of Ethereum provided Alyze with smart contract training via email after her car accident. Soon after, she devoted herself to IPFS and NFT technology, and started to provide services for blockchain community solutions in 2015.

“Since the launch of Crypto Kitties, I have been in the NFT industry because I have received training from the co-founders in blockchain. During that time, I saw unlimited possibilities, but in just a few years, a large number of The case study is amazing, we are just beginning to see the full potential of this technology!

For me, the most exciting thing about NFT is not the project itself, but being at the forefront of revolutionary technology and becoming the evolution of the “IRL” standard. This whole process is worth looking forward to. When we use artificial intelligence, AR, VR and holographic technology to explore and build iNFT (Interactive NFT) that has never been seen before, I feel very happy every day. “

8. Tami McQueen, Vice President of Panoramic Ventures

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Tami McQueen is the vice president of marketing at Panoramic Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Atlanta that takes a “broader perspective” to invest by targeting the Southeast and Midwest and focusing on different founders and university startups. Panoramic opens new doors for neglected founders, giving more entrepreneurs the opportunity to obtain capital and build leading technology companies.

Prior to this, Tami was SalesLoft’s first marketer and led the global project for Women Who Code. For more than ten years, she has also cooperated with some of the most innovative brands in the world, including ActionIQ, Agility Recovery, Boeing, Cognism, Digital Hands, etc.

McQueen’s NFT experience comes from personal interest in the field over the years, and this interest is accelerating as Panoramic makes strategic investments in web3 start-ups. Firmly believe that every brand will have an NFT strategy in the future, Tami is committed to supporting the founders by building a community, and will continue to invest in the community as an ally, investor and collector, and support the creators and creators of the web 3 space. Builder.

“Establishing a mobilization action to move toward a specific goal is not only inspiring, but also incredibly powerful. When we see a large number of projects being formed, DAOs are being formed to convey change, and the community is building from an idea, imagine What will happen in the future is exciting.”

Instagram: @tamimcqueen

9. Michelle Abbs, managing director of Mana Tech

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

For the past ten years, Michelle Abbs has been a leader in technology and entrepreneurship in Miami. As the general manager, she leads the technical department of Man a Common. Abbs and her team convened technical and innovation communities in the physical and digital spaces. Last summer, Michelle envisioned an NFT event in Miami during Art Basel. On November 30th, she organized and planned an event at the FTX venue for thousands of NFT novices and enthusiasts.

“I believe that NFT is the missing link between cryptocurrency and mass adoption. In the next few decades, smart contracts will become part of our daily lives. I have examples of their applications in art, fashion, music, and games. I am very excited. For example, I watched OneOf’s work for music and musicians to earn potential royalties. Games like Axie Infinity and Sandbox provide utility for digital assets and provide players with an unprecedented economy. Change. I believe that as consumer brands join the NFT application, our real world and virtual world will merge. Some people will use it as a certificate, some will use it to motivate behavior in the digital space, and some will As a member community, it provides benefits to those who own tokens or NFTs.”

Recently, Michelle will host a large-scale NFT BZL conference and then launch a podcast to highlight more diverse projects led by women and people of color.

Instagram: @mabbsie26

10. Melissa Henderson, strategic planner and community leader of Violet Summer

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Melissa Henderson is a creative writer and digital media director. She has worked in The Huffington Post, Elle and Ebony, as well as other mainstream media. Her specialty is creative storytelling, combined with the international technological lifestyle.

In 2016, she started her digital asset journey and published papers to raise awareness of the dangers of pornography and cyberbullying. By 2017, she discovered the blockchain and fell into the rabbit hole of cryptocurrency. Currently, she is creating futuristic content through her brand Violet Summer, and readers can learn about her magazine in VR and NFT.

Melissa keeps her audience up to date with the latest cryptocurrency trends and insights through her weekly newsletter Crypto in The City. She is the NFT consultant of Des Femmes DAO and joined ApeWorX, a web3 infrastructure startup company, as the community leader. She is mainly responsible for recording and collecting the spirit and personality of the city’s culture.

“I fell into the encryption rabbit hole in October 2020. Thanks to the Club house App, I have never looked back. For many years, I have been monetizing my work as an independent publisher, so encryption and NFT are very important. Fitting is an inevitable trend of my career development. I remember experimenting with online currency and micropayments in 2018 and 2019. I mainly used WordPress as a platform. I had to download a supporting wallet to receive these small transactions. When I entered cryptocurrency I am already familiar with a popular wallet when I was in the field. I minted my first NFT in November 2020 to celebrate my Crypto in The City column and my development on Rarible. Since then I have sold 12+ NFT.

NFT will greatly change the new economy for creators and change the idea that original authors cannot make a living by creativity. My next NFT work will be released in December to celebrate that I am a female community member of Des Femmes DAO, and it is also the 12th issue of my magazine! “

Instagram: @violetsummerzine

11. Elena Garidis, CFO of Defy Trends

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Elena and two other outstanding women founded Defy Trends. Defy Trends is an integrated cryptocurrency and NFT information platform dedicated to enabling everyone to make data-backed investment decisions.

Garidis and her team focused on creating an intuitive dashboard with actionable features and working with other women in the NFT field to create an inclusive space where their users can learn and make data-backed investment decisions. It is very new in the field of NFT. The NFT analysis provided by the platform includes both on-chain data, such as sales volume, coinage activities, and wallet tracking, as well as off-chain data, such as public opinion and community growth.

“I am very happy to provide artists with a stable source of income and opportunities for community participation through NFT. The application of NFT in the DeFi field is also very exciting. I can experience some of the NFT communities within the metaverse and start a new kind of social interaction and community. way of communication.”

Elena’s Defy Trends has launched a beta version of cryptocurrency analysis and will soon launch the NFT analysis function. In addition, they have also created an education section that covers popular topics and basic concepts in the NFT and encryption space.


12. Olga Filatova, co-founder of Flashback

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Olga has been working in the blockchain field for five years. In 2017, she was the head of marketing for a blockchain game similar to Cryptokitties. Olga loves art. After the NFT artwork appeared two years ago, she decided to use her professional skills in this new and promising technical field.

Filatova created an online encrypted art museum, created three exhibitions and an international art venue. On the way to the Crypto Art Fair, she met her friend Elema in New York, and she shared an idea about NFT ticket sales with her. The next day, they started working on the platform, and their startup company now has a lot of good feedback and appeal.

“I know that NFT can be implemented in different fields, but my real passion is art, so I am very happy that this technology can help people learn more about digital art and take it to a new level. Soon, we A large part of life (even larger than it is now) will be transferred to the digital world and Metaverse, so people will need to make their lives and spaces more colorful. They will start to collect and create more digital art, I want to stand The starting point of this career!”

Olga’s NFT ticketing platform is about to go global, and she believes that more and more event organizers will develop in this direction. She will also develop a new digital art cultural heritage as a producer.

Instagram: @ofilatova

13. Ana Maria Jipa, CEO and co-founder of Olymp

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Relying on technical thinking and passion for the history of human progress, Ana Maria has worked with public and private leaders in the past nine years to design some solutions in the fields of API, marketing and financial technology. She has been actively paying attention to the topic of circular economy, and how the current system is innovated and adjusted to meet human needs, thereby bringing a better life.

Olyn’s team realized that even though we are still living in a society of exchange, we are only formed after trading in the digital world (the financial system is asymmetrical in information). The company’s vision is to establish a two-way information exchange during transactions, that is, its solution is to embed an asset registration platform (NFT as a service) at the checkout, and the Olympian team identifies and tokenizes assets (in NFT format) ), enabling consumers to obtain ownership when paying. Olyn’s mission is to seamlessly connect individuals, businesses, and economies so that they can thrive in Web 3.0.

“Users build the Internet, and the Internet belongs to the users. Web2 has done a good job in building the front-end experience, increasing user participation in the Internet (closed platform). When we entered Web 3.0, we did not use our IP address for the Internet Service, but use our wallet to serve it. Concepts such as immutability and composability have opened up new possibilities in the digital world. NFT is just the basic core and may be the beginning of a new era of the network.”

Olyn has launched an API. At the end of this month, it will embed its solutions in Shopify and other merchants. Roly Wallet will be launched on the App Store, and owners can record the inventory of their purchased assets and conduct transactions in the future.

14. Anastasiia Gliebova, founder and CEO of V-Art

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

“I am an art digital consultant, art + technology entrepreneur, and also the CEO and co-founder of V-Art. V-Art is a platform designed to display, sell and collect digital art. Before starting my own company , I have worked in the creative management field for five years and have more than 30 projects in my portfolio. But I have made great strides in supporting the field of digital art, including NFT, which recently experienced unprecedented growth a few years ago. My business partner Olga Simson and I thought of a digital art platform powered by blockchain. In 2020, when the NFT wave has not reached its current momentum, we established V-Art as a virtual exhibition to showcase digital Art allows people to interact with it.”

At present, V-Art is a bridge between the real art and the virtual field, providing an immersive full-dimensional experience, and contact with art anytime, anywhere. The team continuously organizes training and research activities, launches global projects to study virtual art, and publishes in-depth articles on NFT-related topics. Anastasiia is also a spokesperson for several events dedicated to the digitalization of the art industry, and was fortunate to host a guest lecture on the digital art market for Sotheby’s Academy of Art.

Gliebova and her team recently completed Fuelarts’ acceleration plan, an art + technology accelerator based in New York. As of today, V-Art has users in 78 countries around the world. It is rapidly developing into a platform with an ecosystem approach. V-Art products with NFTs are now in beta, but have shown impressive works of art, including Snow Yunxue Fu and Roman Minin.

The next step is to finalize the beta version, introduce a market permission system, add more immersive art projects, and then enter the Metaverse with partners.

“DSL Center, an experimental art + technology space is an important milestone for us. It is located in the center of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and hosts a mixed reality exhibition. This initiative is a collaboration between DSL Collection and V-Art and the Institute of Modern Art. Part of a wide-ranging effort to advance the cause of digital art by cultivating an international community of enthusiasts, creators, experts, and collectors.”

Instagram: @anastasiiagliebova

15. Victoria Zavyalova, founder and CEO of V Startup Agency

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Victoria is a science journalist with more than ten years of work experience, so she has always been fascinated by the impact of technology on life and creativity, and it extends to the wider world. Five years ago, she co-founded V Startup Agency in New York to help technology companies speak “people’s words” and convey their ideas to the public. Zavyalova devoted himself to some exciting projects at the beginning of the blockchain boom and the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Victoria’s first NFT experience was in 2018, when she and her team helped increase the visibility of the newly launched Arcona X-Reality metaverse. This project specifically integrates the real world and the virtual world by creating an AR layer called “digital land” on the surface of the earth. Currently, it allows creators to place their interactive content-3DNFT, and earn profits remotely.

“All of this was before Facebook declared that they had the term “metauniverse”, everyone started to talk about NFTs at parties casually. A few months ago, I also launched my NFT, inspired by Sasha Cohen’s latest work ” Porat, as an experiment, is just to understand how difficult it is for artists to sell in the digital space and break through all interference.

I believe that NFT and other digital assets can become an integral part of the emerging digital world Metaverse. Facebook, Microsoft and other technology giants have invested so much in this future reality that it is both exciting and worrying. The impact of such a comprehensive and immersive platform is huge, and there are still many unknowns. For example, we don’t know how the metaverse affects the way we think and process information, the way we view reality, the way we consume art and media, and so on.

The trend of NFT has ushered in exponential growth for the art + technology market. I am currently helping Fuelarts, a new art + technology accelerator, to raise awareness of investment opportunities in this market. According to Fuelarts’ research, in the 2020-21 fiscal year, investors invested $380 million in art-focused technology startups. In one year, the industry’s funding reached nearly 60% of its total investment ($640 million) in the past 20 years.”

Instagram: @viczavy

16. Virginia Salas Kastilio, founder of Humans I Trust, co-founder of Human Trust Foundation, CMO of Veme

The 16 most influential women in NFT sports

Virginia Salas Kastilio is a cryptocurrency consultant and multi-entrepreneur. She was named one of the “27 Women Who Changed the World” by “Company” magazine. She is an internationally renowned speaker, marketer, and activist. She is also the founder of Humans I Trust, the co-founder of Human Trust Foundation, and the CMO of Veme.

The Human Trust Foundation is a management circle composed of entrepreneurs, committed to saving the planet by using advanced technology and blockchain innovation and turning the planet into a living bank. Every year we cut 14 billion trees, and the first goal of the Human Trust Foundation is to regenerate our tree ecosystem. Virginia is currently launching her NFTree Trust initiative to plant 17 billion trees next year, and at the same time make NFT more valuable to holders through carbon credits.

“Regarding NFTs, what excites me most is that they are an asset class that makes investment less remote for the public. We bring art, music, and gameplay back to prosperity and wealth creation. They are for the non-profit sector. Donors unlock the key to profitability, and at the same time enable collaboration between organizations and artists, creating a framework for the distribution of funds. NFT is an important tool for redistributing wealth to the public.”

What’s next for Virginia Salas Kastilio? NFTree was launched during the Miami Art Week and the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to plant 17 billion trees each year for the foundation to establish contacts with donors and investors, and to bring more land area to the land trust fund. Virginia is ready to contact high-level partners with advanced infrastructure to help the planet regenerate. She also launched Veme’s token pre-sale on December 1, and will conduct a token sale shortly thereafter, as well as looking for an investor who wants to buy a NFTree for $5.5 million to plant 1 billion trees.

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