Texas Approves State-Chartered Bank to Custody Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency market was dominated by declines today.

Texas Approves State-Chartered Bank to Custody Cryptocurrency

June 11 (Xinhua) — Today’s cryptocurrency market is dominated by declines. As of writing, BTC is at $36,164.28, down 2.05% intraday, ETH is at $2,416.625, down 3.85% intraday, LTC is at $166.071, up 0.05% intraday; OKB is at $13.900, down 2.73% intraday.

OKEx trading big data shows that BTC contract positions today totaled $1.357 billion, the number of long and short positions than 1.47, active buying exceeded active selling volume of $12.52 million; elite positions, long accounts 50%, short accounts 48%, the average ratio of elite long and short positions were 19.28% and 14.31%. deFi tokens fell in general, OKEx platform The top three gainers were: MXT (+14.12%), CHZ (+12.74%), WING (+10.88%).

Industry Highlights

【Data】Purpose Bitcoin ETF increased its holdings by 36.31 BTC
According to Purpose’s official data, as of 10:00 today, the number of BTC held by Purpose Bitcoin ETF is 19,692.14, an increase of 36.31 BTC from the previous day; the number of ETH held by Purpose Ether ETF is 55,211.08, a decrease of 61.85 ETH from the previous day.

Industry] Uniswap’s “Governance Submission Threshold Lowered to 2.5 Million UNI” Passed

Official news, the proposal to lower the submission threshold from 10 million to 2.5 million UNIs, initiated by members of the decentralized exchange Uniswap community, was approved by 9,100 votes.

[Industry] Bank of Korea Governor: Investments in Real Estate, Stocks and Cryptocurrency Assets on the Rise

Bank of Korea Governor Lee Joo-yeol said the Bank will continue to closely monitor market instability, such as global inflation and expectations of monetary policy changes in major economies, and pledged to take measures to stabilize the market when necessary. He also said that growing household debt is another major challenge for the bank, as investments not only in real estate and stocks are increasing, but also in cryptocurrency assets. He reiterated that the central bank will begin mock tests of the central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the second half of this year, and begin studying the impact of climate change and the central bank’s response strategy.

[Industry] Nigeria’s central bank may launch digital currency pilot this year

Rakiya Mohammed, an information technology expert at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), said at an online news conference on Thursday that the central bank has been exploring a central bank digital currency (CBDC) for more than two years and that Nigeria could launch a CBDC by the end of 2021.Mohammed said that before the end of the year, the central bank will make a special announcement and may launch a pilot program to be able to offer this currency to the population.

[Industry] Texas Approves Cryptocurrency Custody by State-Chartered Banks

The Texas Department of Banking approved state-chartered banks to host crypto assets, according to a June 10 notice. The banking department wrote that what virtual currency custody services a bank chooses to offer will depend on the bank’s expertise, risk appetite and business model. For example, a bank may choose to allow customers to retain direct control over their own virtual currency while storing only a copy of the customer’s private key. Alternatively, the bank may prompt customers to transfer their virtual currency directly to the bank’s control, creating a new private key that the bank then holds on behalf of the customer.

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