Tether : the unsheathed sword of financial freedom

Technology is one of the most powerful forces for change. It shapes the way we live and communicate as individuals, changes the direction of nations and the way nations protect themselves, and even shapes our culture and the relationships between people. Technology has had a huge impact on our world. However, technology is inherently neutral and it is up to humans to define technology. Einstein’s atomic theory can be used to provide mankind with abundant clean energy, and can also be used to create the most destructive weapons. Technology is neutral, but the way we use it is not. So what do cryptocurrencies stand for and how will we use them?

Promoting the tide of freedom around the world is one of the most important values ​​and goals of cryptocurrencies. Promoting global financial freedom for billions of people around the world is one of Tether’s crypto benchmarks. Tether is the core value of the entire organization and the foundational value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the entire industry.

We believe it is critical to build financial instruments that are strongly censorship-resistant so that ordinary people have the ability to protect themselves from financial censorship and the mismanagement of national currencies. Many countries are currently battling the financial wave, and Western economies have had stable and efficient financial systems over the past few decades.

As a result, many people are skeptical about the demand for “new currencies” such as Bitcoin and USDT. However, this is rapidly changing as global financial infrastructure becomes increasingly weaponized and inflation is at multi-decade highs. When someone needs access to censorship-resistant funding, they will appreciate that the technology exists.

For citizens of many countries around the world, USDT is the most reliable way to access USD-denominated liquidity, and while tools like Bitcoin are essential for long-term preservation, many also need and demand USD.

USDT protects people around the world from local currency inflation, strict capital controls prevent them from preserving their hard-earned wealth, and even fluctuates overseas transactions. The demand for USDT has grown so fast and become one of the largest financial instruments in the world has several factors, but access to a censorship-resistant currency is one of the keys.

USDT adoption has grown as countries imposed strict financial requirements, capital controls, and currency mismanagement. People take the best way to protect their financial future, and Tether is proud to be the sword of financial freedom that provides a barrier to assets.

While Tether focuses on financial freedom, Tether also supports building good financial regulation. Tether has repeatedly prevented hackers from exploiting stolen funds and regularly cooperates with law enforcement. Supporting financial freedom and preventing financial crime can co-exist, two goals that Tether supports.

While digital assets have grown exponentially over the past decade, we are still in the early stages of a collapse in the global financial system. How we use this technology is still up to all of us. Will cryptocurrencies promote global financial freedom?

Will cryptocurrencies become an asset umbrella for billions of people’s assets? Will they provide the necessary checks and balances for banks’ excessive control? Or will the technology exacerbate current financial conditions when used to build some type of CBDC (central bank digital currency)? The answer to this question rests with us all, and the entire digital asset community needs to work to ensure that cryptocurrencies enhance financial freedom for all.

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