Tether net printing of approximately 11 billion USDT in May 2021

In May 2021, Tether printed about 11 billion USD in net money, including about 5 billion on Ether and 6 billion on the Wavefield chain.

Tether net printing of approximately 11 billion USDT in May 2021

Market News

June 1 (Xinhua) — The mainstream coins in the cryptocurrency market fell collectively today. As of press time, BTC is at $36,197.35, down 2.99% intraday, ETH is at $2572.224, down 5.03% intraday, LTC is at $178.806, down 5.00% intraday; OKB is at $13.090, down 4.81% intraday; DeFi section is down in general, and the top three intraday gainers on the OEI OKEx platform are. DIA (+14.26%), TORN (+13.28%), FRONT (+3.22%).

OKEx trading big data shows that the total position of BTC contract today is 1.377 billion USD, the number of long and short positions is 1.35, the active buying volume exceeds the active selling volume by about 3.25 million USD; in terms of elite positions, long accounts are 46%, short accounts are 48%, and the average elite long and short positions are 22.04% and 13.90% respectively.

OKEx News

[OKEx goes live with Mina Protocol (MINA)

According to OKEx official news, Mina Protocol (MINA) has been launched on the platform and opened for top-up at 22:30 (HKT) on May 31, the market trading time for MINA/USDT is 8:30 (HKT) on June 1, and the withdrawal time for MINA is 18:00 (HKT) on June 2. Classic account MINA will be opened by pool bidding, and unified account will be opened for trading after the end of pool bidding for classic account.

【Announcement on the completion of THETA main network upgrade and opening of filling and withdrawing

OKEx has completed the upgrade of the main network of THETA, and OKEx will be open for THETA withdrawal at 17:00 (HKT) on June 1, 2021.

Industry News

[Data] OuYi OKEx Layer2 Concept Coin Board Podcast: Layer2 Board Generally Recovers

According to the data of OKEx platform, the coin trading area-Layer2 concept coin segment is generally rebounding due to the market sentiment, with the biggest increase being LRC (12.62%) It is understood that Layer 2 is often referred to as “under-chain” solution, and its main purpose is to extend the performance of blockchain while The main purpose is to extend the performance of the blockchain while retaining the decentralized advantages of the distributed protocol.

Industry] ETC Group’s ETP product BTCE to be traded on Aquis Exchange MTF

The BTCE bitcoin product of London financial services company ETC Group (not affiliated with Ether Classic) will be traded through the Aquis Exchange MTF in London and Paris on June 7. This is the first time a crypto ETP has been traded on the UK market or on a European MTF. Transactions will be conducted in GBP, CHF, EUR and USD, while clearing will be conducted by SIX x-clear.

[Industry] HRF to Award $210,000 in Bitcoin Development Grants to Multiple Contributors

The nonprofit Human Rights Foundation (HRF) will award $210,000 in Bitcoin development grants to multiple contributors, with core Bitcoin contributors CalvinKim, DhruvMehta and AbubakarNurKahlil receiving $50,000 each, and the Breez and Sphinx Lightning web wallet teams receiving $25,000 each, for translating the Bitcoin Arabic_HODL, which translates documents into Arabic, will receive $10,000. CalvinKim will use the funds to develop the Utrexo Bitcoin Full Node, DhruvMehta will continue to enhance Bitcoin network security with BIP-324, and AbubakarNurKahlil will develop a Bitcoin wallet for his home country of Nigeria to address domestic political corruption and capital controls. In addition, Breez and Sphinx will use the funding to continue development of the Bitcoin Lightning Network expansion.

[Data] Tether Net Prints About 11 Billion USDDT in May 2021

Tokenview block browser data shows: 11 billion new USDT printed money in May and 6,129 new destroyed. Among them, the number of printed money on Ether is about 5 billion, and the number of printed money on the wave field chain is about 6 billion. The new printed money flows into 5 exchanges in total, ranked by inflow as Binance-5.137 billion, Bitfinex-1.583 billion, Okex-0.79 billion, Huobi-0.1 billion, and HitBTC-73.4 million. The current total market cap of USDT has exceeded $62.7 billion.

[Opinion] Tesla CEO Musk Endorses Using Bitcoin Mining to Heat Bathtubs

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said that using dogcoin mining to heat a bathtub is a “good idea,” and a famous Twitter user, “Documenting Bitcoin,” tagged him with the idea. Musk tagged him to look at a bathtub heated with bitcoin mining. Musk tweeted in response, “Nice.” On May 29, the Blockfolio app provided Musk with a potential new “use case” for dogcoin mining, heating a bathtub with backup energy from the DOGE mining platform, which sounded like a sarcastic idea. Musk responded by saying it was a “good idea”.

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