Tesla and Bitcoin less than two months of hot love, Mr. Musk, what happened?

Musk can influence dogcoin, there’s no doubt about that, but the Bitcoin consensus has been tried and tested for so long that what should really cause us to think deeply is how the Age of Z will challenge the traditional financial system.

Tesla and Bitcoin less than two months of hot love, Mr. Musk, what happened?

Abstract: Musk can influence dogcoin, there is no doubt about that, but the consensus on bitcoin has been tested for a long time, what should really cause us to think deeply is how the Z era will challenge the traditional financial system.

Musk said yesterday that he was going to accept dogcoin as a means of payment, and today he announced that he was giving up his bitcoin payment status, using the abandonment of his old love to find a new love as a reason is not and stand, because less than two months have passed since he accepted bitcoin as a means of payment.

Another reason is the so-called environmental protection, he is worried about bitcoin too consume energy, but this is even more untenable, because dogcoin and litecoin together dig, do bitcoin waste water and electricity resources, dogcoin will not waste?

This is nonsense, but one thing Musk is right, environmental protection is indeed a good excuse, if we subconsciously think of Tesla as a self-driving new energy car company, then think Musk’s environmental image instantly taller, but in fact so far Tesla has never relied on the sale of cars for profit, please note, not sales falsification, nor is not profitable, but Tesla as a car manufacturer does not rely on the sale of cars for profit, sounds unbelievable, but it is true.

In 2018 Tesla relied on the sale of carbon credits earned $419 million, in 2019 it earned $593 million, and in the first half of 2020 Tesla earned a total of $782 million from the sale of carbon emissions, basically nothing to sell cars, if not for the carbon emissions trading credits, Tesla valuation is in question.

Because Tesla live by selling indicators, to be precise, is to sell carbon emissions indicators profit, so when Musk shouted the name of environmental protection, we must grow a heart, because the audience is considering environmental issues, Musk is considering how to profit by environmental protection.

To solve the Earth’s climate warming Musk can not do, but in the name of environmental protection to enrich the guts, Musk is there, and a lot!

However, there’s no need to worry at all that Musk will shout Bitcoin to death. What the Chinese and American governments can’t do, Musk is even less likely to do, but it’s impossible to make a definitive decision on whether to short Bitcoin or not, because Musk is consistently tongue-in-cheek, but the Bitcoin consensus is tough enough not to die because of some KOL’s negativity.

What we should really be concerned about is what happens to dogcoin. Unlike bitcoin, dogcoin was really put on the pedestal by Musk alone. Although before that, dogcoin already had enough community atmosphere and even certain usage scenarios, such as tipping and reward culture, there is no doubt that no one believed dogcoin would spark such a big noise or even trigger a zoo frenzy before Musk shouted his orders.

Since the game station, young people have been involved in financial activities with a lot of dissatisfaction with the traditional financial system, even as a follow-up to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement after the subprime mortgage crisis, but this time, the development of blockchain has given them truly powerful financial tools – DeFi and Meme.

Decentralized finance is a guerrilla battlefield tailored for small retail investors. Traditional financial giants can allocate expensive bitcoin and ethereum, but who would have thought that dogcoin could complete a surprise attack on them?

The Meme culture is actually a subculture for young people, just like the post-80s like Jay Chou, the post-90s like the secondary elements from Japanese manga, the post-00s like Meme, it doesn’t even matter what they like, it only matters if it’s different from the past.

Musk give up bitcoin or accept dog coin, in fact, it does not matter, perhaps another angle to facilitate our understanding: not Musk shout single dog coin, but the Z generation to provoke Wall Street through Musk, not the hero to create the times, but the times shaped Musk understand this, we can see the new world belonging to the new generation.

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