Tencent’s first Metaverse project exposed thousands of people gathered

Go out, take you to play, engage in 3A, meta universe, Tianmei four steps

Metaverse, social + games, Yao Xiaoguang led the team, covering Beijing, Shangshen, and Tencent Tianmei Studios. What kind of information is being released by this recruitment poster?

Recently, Tencent’s new project “ZPLAN” recruited multiple positions. Many media reports stated that the project focused on social + games, with a team of more than 1,000 people, and was even “real hammered” as a Tencent Metaverse project.

Tencent's first Metaverse project exposed thousands of people gathered

Based on ZPLAN’s announcement of job postings and related reports, there are four clues to the above answers:

1. The visual design of ZPLAN recruitment poster is rich in “trend, technology” elements. “Z” may represent the meaning of Generation Z; “Beast Ear Character Silhouette + Multiple Funnel Dimension Gate” implies entering a new world.

2. There are as many as 97 job recruitments, involving technology, design, and products. The work locations cover the three places in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen (this is the case for Tencent’s rare projects. It is reported that the Beijing headquarters of Tianmei is led by a former executive of a large company).

In addition, the inconspicuous “TOP SECRET” in the poster points to the importance of the project.

3. The ZPLAN project of Netcom is personally led by Yao Xiaoguang, Vice President of Tencent, President of Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG) Tianmei Studio Group, and Head of Platform and Content Group (PCG) Social Platform Business.

4. There are reports that ZPLAN focuses on social + games. Coupled with the recent competition between Tencent and Byte to acquire Pico and register nearly a hundred Meta universe trademarks.

Therefore, many industry professionals/media speculate that ZPLAN is Tencent’s Metaverse project.

Regardless of whether the news is true or false, we can still ponder whether it is intentional or unintentional.

From Mao Xingyun broke the news to ZPLAN

Before ZPLAN, the big project information that Tencent Tianmei broke out had to be “Tianmei Cross-platform 3A Masterpiece Global Recruitment Order”.

In March of this year, Zhihu @毛星云 posted that Tianmei Studio is preparing a cross-platform 3A masterpiece. It reads: “For this product, the Oasis-like virtual community in the movie “Ready Player One” is a relatively long-term benchmarking direction.”

Tencent's first Metaverse project exposed thousands of people gathered

Let’s take a look at the recruitment information of ZPLAN.

The project code of “ZPLAN” recruitment in Tencent is “48377”, and there are currently 97 open recruitment positions under 48377.

First of all, the recruitment positions include “Platform Operation-Developer Community”, “Platform Commercial Operation” and so on.

Corresponding requirements include “familiar with platform products, experience in UGC games, social platforms, e-commerce platforms and other commercialization is preferred”, “understand game engines and development processes, have basic programming skills, have project planning experience, and be familiar with the developer community , Those with KOL resources are preferred”.

Tencent's first Metaverse project exposed thousands of people gathered

Among them, UGC, social networking, game engine, programming ability…These words are commonly seen in the introduction or reports of related products such as Roblox , Code Qiankun, and Minecraft .

This is closer to the concept of “virtual community” mentioned by Zhihu@毛星云, and it is also the main clue for many people to speculate that ZPLAN may be a “game + social” platform product.

In addition, in Mao Xingyun’s article, keywords related to the product positioning of Tianmei’s cross-platform 3A masterpiece include: open world, multiple gameplay, oriented to all platforms, global collaborative development, Unreal engine, realistic painting style…
and job recruitment in the ZPLAN project China, also clearly put forward similar requirements:

1. Globalization projects. Job requirements: main beauty: have excellent international aesthetics and game art appreciation ability, and have a high sensitivity to art style trends. Senior game UI designer: Familiar with the dynamics of the game industry at home and abroad, and have a deep understanding of the visual expression of different styles of games. Senior original scene designer: good at cartoon stylization, Japanese and Korean art style.

Tencent's first Metaverse project exposed thousands of people gathered

2. Open world and many ways to play. Job requirements: Senior visual designer: Pay attention to visual fashion trends, have in-depth research on trends, cities, fantasy and other themes, and have in-depth knowledge of common gameplay types (RPG, open world, shooting, strategy, racing, leisure, etc.) learn.

Game system planning: Experience in complete RPG game design, complete action game or shooting game experience is preferred; experience in sandbox game design, Soc game design experience is preferred. Advanced battle planning: Experience in complete game development of ARPG or action games to launch; in-depth understanding of the role’s AI, state machine behavior, and in-depth research is preferred.

Tencent's first Metaverse project exposed thousands of people gathered

3. Cloud services, cloud games. Job requirements: Senior cloud native development engineer: understand the development guidelines and best practices of cloud native environments. Senior mobile game server development engineer: Experience in international game development and mainstream cloud services is preferred.

Tencent's first Metaverse project exposed thousands of people gathered

Many people in the industry believe that to realize Metaverse, at least four stages are required, namely sandbox games—open world games—cloud games—metaverse. And Metaverse needs to achieve cross-terminal experience, and cloud is the only way.

In a speech by Tencent Group Senior Vice President Ma Xiaoyi on the super digital scene, he mentioned that R&D pipelines, development tools, Narrative Design, cloud games… are a series of Tencent projects with long-term value.

Taking into account that Tencent officials have not yet announced the specific information of ZPLAN, and did not respond to related reports, “ZPLAN = Tencent Metaverse product” is still outside speculation.

However, from the current Tianmei matching capabilities and market development trends, it may not be impossible. What’s more, Yao Xiaoguang, the top leader of the Tianmei studio group, personally led the team.

Yao Xiao Guangpu wrote Tianmei’s tetralogy?

Since 2021, there have been frequent reports on the new trends of Tianmei.

In the article “Billions of Tianmei’s Zhenlong Chess Game”, we briefly summarized the development of Tianmei Studio after the era of mobile games. The development of Tianmei Studios can be roughly divided into three steps: “going out”, “taking you to play” and “doing 3A”. .

Now, the fourth step “Metaverse” may also be included.

For Tianmei, many people may be more familiar with the “TiMi” sound when the game is started. With “King of Glory”, “Call of Duty Mobile Games”, “Everyday Love Elimination”, “Crossing the Line of Fire: Gunfight King” and “QQ Speed”, it can be said that Tianmei Studio occupies the minds of most game players in the mobile era.

Judging from the current stage, Tianmei has taken the first three steps very steadily.

“King of Glory” has long occupied the top spot in the revenue ranking of popular mobile games. SensorTower data shows that from January to August 2021, the game attracted approximately US$2.11 billion in global APP Store and Google Play markets.

Tencent's first Metaverse project exposed thousands of people gathered

It is worth mentioning that not long ago, “Glory of Kings” and AoV officially announced that in 2022, the two will jointly upgrade the World Champions Cup of Kings’ Glory to form a larger and higher-standard global professional tournament system for Kings’ Glory. This signal also means that the trend of going to sea is getting stronger.

In addition, the “Call of Duty Mobile Game” jointly developed by Tianmei and Activision is also very productive in overseas markets. The game has been well-sold in the App Store game list in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and has been stable in the Top10 for a long time. Working with Tencent Photonics is its “PUBG MOBILE” sweeping the overseas mobile game market.

Recently, Tencent and Pokémon Co., Ltd. cooperated with the mobile game version of “Pokémon Grand Rally” launched in overseas markets. On the first day, it topped the free game list in more than 65 countries/regions, and apps in 50+ countries/regions. The total list.

Tencent's first Metaverse project exposed thousands of people gathered

To a certain extent, behind the frequent cooperation between Tianmei and well-known international game manufacturers in the development of mobile game products, what is highlighted is the recognition of domestic game manufacturers such as Tencent Tianmei in the field of mobile games by overseas manufacturers.

Then there is the 3A field.

Ma Xiaoyi once revealed that Tencent has invested and controlled about 10 traditional 3A game studios overseas, with more than 2,700 research and development personnel a year. The size of the team will continue to expand in the future, and it is estimated that at least 3,500 people will be employed by the end of 2021.

At present, in addition to China, Tianmei has established three independent studios in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Montreal, Canada, all aiming for end-game 3A games.

In addition, in May of this year, Tianmei announced that it has formally reached an in-depth strategic partnership with Xbox Game Studios. The two parties will combine their respective experiences and advantages to carry out in-depth cooperation.

On the whole, in the three stages of “going out”, “taking you to play” and “3A”, Tianmei has taken every step very solidly, and each step will push Tianmei into a further tomorrow.

As we said at the beginning of the article, whether the ZPLAN news is false or not, we can still ponder whether it is intentional or unintentional. Considering Metaverse, the ultimate form of the Internet, Tencent also believes that metaverse games will appear within 20 years.

As Tencent holds the sharpest spear, it seems that it is time to prepare for the next step.

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