Tencent vs. NetEase, who can take the lead in the Metaverse war?

Everyone is talking about the meta-universe, who can win in the meta-universe era?


Recently, Xiao Lei, who is half an Internet practitioner, has been repeatedly brainwashed by a new term, that is, “meta universe”. From overseas to domestic, from Internet companies to companies that are not connected to the Internet, it seems that as long as it is an individual, it seems that they want to catch the heat, as if they are out of touch with society as long as they don’t talk about it.

Although many netizens believe that the current hot spots of Metaverse are all hype by Internet companies, Xiao Lei feels that not all of them are hype after careful analysis. For Internet companies, Metaverse is a distant but urgent place. Demand.

Tencent vs. NetEase, who can take the lead in the Metaverse war?

Why do you say that? Because the development of the Internet industry at home and abroad is quite comprehensive today, and all aspects of clothing, food, housing, and transportation have been integrated into the Internet world. And comprehensive development means that there is not much blue ocean to be developed, so if the major companies occupying the top of the Internet want to continue to obtain high profits, they must start to dig a blue ocean or a new world, and the meta universe is The next target they are targeting.

In order to seize this new world, the famous foreign Internet company Facebook directly changed its name to Meta. The meaning of Meta is “Yuan”, which is the Meta in MetaVerse. Together with the form of the Mobius ring, the new logo implies infinite meaning. , We can see how determined Facebook is.

In China, companies such as Tencent and NetEase have also released their own plans for Metaverse and have seized multiple trademarks. Both also claim that their technological accumulation in related fields has a huge advantage and can seize the opportunity. This makes people curious. In the “meta universe”, which one is better than Tencent and Netease?

What is the meta universe? Tencent NetEase recognizes the same answer

Before discussing which of Tencent and NetEase has the greater advantage, I have to say that the current metauniverse is actually far from the original definition. According to the development needs of different Internet companies, metauniverse can be said to be endowed with richer and more diverse meanings. .

The original definition of “metaverse” was proposed by a science fiction novel “Avalanche” of the last century. In the story, the author Stephen Sen created an online world parallel to the real world-Metaverse (that is, now). The so-called meta universe). Everyone in Metaverse has a corresponding identity in the virtual world. Metaverse and the financial system of the real world are interoperable, and people can freely choose to live in reality or virtual.

However, if the concept of meta-universe is limited to games and other forms, it obviously cannot satisfy Internet companies. Therefore, Internet companies have begun to give more meaning to the metaverse, from pure social communities to music communities, from online games to virtual electronic malls, etc., it seems that Internet-related industries can be embedded in the concept of metaverse.

Tencent vs. NetEase, who can take the lead in the Metaverse war?

Today’s meta-universe no longer refers only to a game world or a virtual world. It can be a virtual community or a virtual entertainment system. Anyway, as long as it can be related to Slogan such as virtual identity and virtual life, then it can claim to be ” Meta universe”.

For the explanation of “meta universe”, Tencent founder Ma Huateng and NetEase founder Ding Lei also gave different views and opinions, but in Xiao Lei’s view, the final purpose and finished product of the two are the same. Ma Huateng believes: “Metacosm is a topic worthy of excitement. I believe Tencent has a lot of technologies and capabilities to explore and develop metaverse. For example, we all have rich experience in games, social media and artificial intelligence related fields.”

In Tencent’s plan, games and social communities will be integrated, and more user-building attributes will be incorporated into community construction, so that users can truly participate in the construction and development of the entire world, allowing users to gain more realism in the virtual world. Experience. At the same time, Tencent will also use MR, AR and other technologies to make the virtual world appear in the real world, so that the real world has a richer virtual experience.

Tencent vs. NetEase, who can take the lead in the Metaverse war?

In essence, Tencent’s layout and understanding of the meta-universe is based on its own social attributes, analyzing and promoting its own meta-universe construction from the perspective of the user community. On social platforms such as WeChat and QQ, we have actually been able to see the embryonic form of Tencent’s meta-universe, such as the “Kandian Community” in QQ, which is a virtual social community built on the basis of users, in the previous interest tribes, etc. The gameplay is also Tencent’s exploration and experimentation in related fields.

Tencent vs. NetEase, who can take the lead in the Metaverse war?

Prior to this, Ma Huateng also proposed a concept called the “True Internet”. From the point of view of its characteristics, it actually coincides with the Metaverse. In the “all true Internet”, the Ma describes a through- through a variety of technology development, and eventually evolved into a qualitative change from quantitative, so that the integration of online and offline world perfect fusion of physical and virtual.

On the other hand, Ding Lei believed that Metaverse is a very popular concept in the earnings conference call, but no one has been exposed to Metaverse. He believes that NetEase will not fall behind: “I can tell you with great certainty that NetEase has made preparations for Metaverse, at all levels of technology and planning, how to design specifications and how to make technical reserves. Guns. With a sound, we may run faster than anyone else.”

Although we did not clearly state the idea of ​​the meta universe, we can analyze its general direction from some actions of NetEase in recent years. The use of NetEase cloud music community, virtual AI anchor ecology, NetEase cloud games, VR, and AR in its popular games shows that NetEase’s meta-universe is also explored and constructed from the social level.

Compared with Tencent’s large and comprehensive, NetEase is more inclined to focus on the construction of a small-scale social meta-universe, such as music, virtual idols, etc., and a series of works derived from game IP. world”.

However, Xiao Lei believes that the current route chosen by NetEase and Tencent may be different, but the final destination is similar: a virtual reality community that can attract users to build and perfect spontaneously. The ultimate form of this community may be It is the “oasis” among the top players.

Tencent vs. NetEase, whose meta universe is better?

Although the current routes are different, from the results, Tencent and NetEase have the same goals, to create a new type of online community where people can socialize freely with the integration of virtual and reality. So, who are the top game companies and Internet companies in China, who is better in the construction of Metaverse, Tencent and NetEase?

From a technical perspective, Tencent is obviously more dominant. As an Internet empire built around social software, Tencent’s accumulation of related technologies is second to none in China. Also, very early Tencent invested a lot of R & D in artificial intelligence AI, UCG, PGC tools, community servers, and the results have been in many of its products been applied.

On the other hand, in the latest statistics of Bud, Tencent holds more than 24,000 public patents related to the metaverse field in 126 countries/regions around the world, and the proportion of invention patents is as high as 99.74%, and the scope of patents spans data processing. , Blockchain, server, artificial intelligence, image processing, virtual scenes and many other fields.

Tencent vs. NetEase, who can take the lead in the Metaverse war?

Taking virtual reality (VR) patents as an example, as a cutting-edge technology closely related to Metaverse, Tencent ranked first with 709 patent applications in the global ranking of the number of patent applications by companies in related industries, ranking second and second. The third LG Electronics and Goertek both lag behind Tencent in the number of applications by nearly 30%.

It can be said that in the related technical fields of Metaverse, Tencent’s technical layout is quite rich and comprehensive. Even if the company name is changed to Meta, one-fifth of the personnel are assigned to Facebook in the VR/AR-related field, and it is on the list. It also ranks only eighth with 275 patents.

In contrast, NetEase has more than 110 patent applications in the related fields of Metaverse, more than 95% of which are invention patents, which is far inferior to Tencent in number. To put it in a realistic way, NetEase is a complete failure at the technical level, but NetEase’s The advantage is not technical either.

From Ding’s speech, we can also see the net easily and is not intended to grasp the entire upstream industry technical basis yuan universe, but rather strive to complete the R & D from the front end to end business scenarios to explore the full link applications yuan universe. Therefore, in NetEase’s related patent types, it can be seen that they are mainly concentrated in related technical fields such as virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual characters, game scenes, and human-computer interaction.

From a technical point of view, NetEase is also more inclined to user experience rather than the construction of basic areas. Under the premise that the technology and resources are weaker than Tencent, NetEase’s layout is undoubtedly correct, as long as it attracts enough at the user level Note that the profits that can be brought will not be low, and compared to the huge investment in the basic field, the input-output ratio at the application level is also higher.

Moreover, Tencent also believes that the key to Metaverse lies in software rather than hardware, and who provides the hardware is not much different for content providers in Metaverse. Therefore, although Tencent has good technical advantages, NetEase also has many choices. Cooperating with other companies can also create an amazing meta-universe.

Tencent vs. NetEase, who can take the lead in the Metaverse war?

So how do the advantages of software behave? Is it a more user-friendly recommendation algorithm? Or is it a more interesting artificial intelligence AI system? Or is it IP content? I personally think that they are all included. The recommendation algorithm can attract users to click and enter, the artificial intelligence AI can guide users to familiarize themselves with this virtual world, and mature IP content is the key to ensuring user retention.

Therefore, looking back at NetEase’s industrial layout, Xiao Lei believes that NetEase’s advantage lies in content creation and mature two-dimensional IP layout. NetEase already has many successful IP incubation experiences in the two-dimensional field that Generation Z beloved, such as mobile games. “Onmyoji World” derived from “Onmyoji”, NetEase’s virtual idol project, etc.

And Gen Z, who grew up in the Internet era, will undoubtedly be the first batch of users of Meta Universe, so NetEase, which has sufficient experience and remarkable results in “pleasing” Gen Z, obviously has a clear advantage. But whether you can take advantage of the second-generation IP that has been incubated in the past depends on the future layout and development of NetEase in this area.

On the other hand, Tencent is also aware of the importance of IP content in the meta universe. In the field of two dimensions, Tencent’s layout is not small, although it is currently more concentrated in comics and animation. However, in the game field, there have been attempts to launch new IPs, but with the exception of a few popular IP-licensed games, the original two-dimensional IP games have basically little effect, so that some people have made the statement that “Tencent does not understand the two-dimensional”.

However, Tencent is now also trying another path, starting from the two directions of Guofeng and Sunfeng, and at the same time entering the two-dimensional field beloved by the Z generation. It has seen some effects recently. In time, it is possible to grow into another second in the country. Dimensional game big factory.

Tencent vs. NetEase, who can take the lead in the Metaverse war?

Therefore, whether NetEase’s IP advantage can be maintained until the day when Metaverse technology matures is actually a difficult question to answer. After all, the incubation of a successful IP is inseparable from the right time and place. No amount of money can guarantee the incubation of a successful IP. Similarly, a work that deviates from the needs of fans may directly destroy a highly popular IP.

But overall, Xiaolei believes that in the field of Metaverse, Tencent is undoubtedly the company with the strongest overall strength and the closest to success. Not only are the advantages at the technical level, Tencent also has obvious advantages in terms of social communities and ecological layout. Take WeChat and QQ as examples. Most Internet users cannot leave these two social softwares. WeChat Isn’t the user community in QQ and the rudimentary form of another meta-universe?

However, as a brand-new field, the people and market that Meta Universe can cover will be very broad. Just like a new continent, there are often countless opportunities. “Meta Universe” has enough space to accommodate multiple different virtual worlds, such as Tencent and NetEase. It is possible to win in the future. In this field, there will not be only one winner.

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