Tencent releases TME digital collection after “Thirteen Invitations” digital NFT

On August 9, Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) announced that the first limited batch of “TME Digital Collection” will be launched on QQ Music this month. Currently, the first wholesale artist has been in place.

The official announcement page of “TME Digital Collection” shows that digital collections are innovative electronic collections that have the same collection value as physical albums, handwritings and other physical objects. Digital collections are richer in variety and scarce in quantity, including video/voice, vinyl records, celebrity surroundings, etc.


In addition, TME digital collections use a compliant open consortium chain-Tencent Cloud Zhixin Chain as the underlying blockchain technology, which is more secure and stable, and ensures that the collection information is true and transparent.

Public information shows that Zhixin Chain is a trusted evidence deposit blockchain platform jointly built by Tencent, China Net Security and Feng Tunshun, and mainly provides third parties with copyright protection, product traceability and other related services.

Previously, Tencent Magic Core NFT was also issued based on the Zhixinlian NFT technology agreement.

At 20 o’clock in the evening on August 3, Tencent’s Magic Core App and “Thirteen Invitations” jointly developed the sound “Thirteen Invitations” digital collection NFT officially launched, priced at 18 yuan, limited to 300 pieces of the sound “Thirteen Invitations” digital collection NFT sold out almost instantly.

Recently, more and more traditional Internet companies have entered the NFT market that has attracted much attention from the outside world, such as Baidu’s NFT game Letzdog, and Alipay’s Dunhuang concept NFT.


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