Tencent launches NFT trading app, first phase of 300 NFTs on sale

After Alipay, the domestic Internet giant Tencent has also entered the NFT.

On August 1, 2021, Tencent’s NFT trading software “Phantom App” was officially launched, and 300 pieces of “Sound “Thirteen Invitations” Digital Art Collection NFT” were sold for the first time. According to Tencent insiders, Magic Core App is a subsidiary of Tencent PCG and is an innovative business of the department.

Recently, Tencent has repeatedly rumored to release NFT products. On July 30, it was reported that Tencent Music (TME) might officially launch the NFT encrypted artwork service “TME Digital Collection” next month to distribute virtual collections to users. At present, QQ Music has taken the lead in opening internal testing, and the subsequent platform technology may be launched simultaneously in various products in TME.

The full name of NFT is Non-Fungible Tokens, and the Chinese is “non-fungible tokens”. Relying on blockchain technology, NFTs that cannot be tampered with, have uniqueness, and can digitally confirm rights are sought after in the content industry, art, collection and other fields. The Magic Core App may widely apply NFT sales capabilities to digital art and collections, IP limited peripheral development and other businesses.

According to the download page of the Magic Core App, the Magic Core app is a NFT collection resource trading service software. Users can learn all the information about the product in the Magic Core app to view all kinds of treasures in real time, and users can learn all the information about the product in the Magic Core app, making online collections convenient and quick.


The magic core app is a new generation of digital collection platform, which has a wealth of resources to meet the different needs of different users, allowing you to play with art and touch the future. The asset management system of the magic core app is very powerful, all kinds of data are clear at a glance, giving you the best collection rights, making online collections, and communicating with the majority of netizens online.

7qpB91iOL0DOkYKzuUJ4qJgeSAiBLpG1lofQv2wW.jpegAccording to the official introduction, the magic core app features include:

[The future is here, become an NFT collector]

Using NFT (Non-Homogeneous Proof of Rights and Interests) technology, you can purchase non-tamperable and indivisible digital cultural products in the Magic Core App, and your rights and interests will be permanently recorded on the blockchain. Every picture, video or model will become real and scarce. NFT has realized the perfect fusion of technology and art, setting off a new cultural trend at home and abroad.

[Simple and fast, appreciate and manage your digital assets]

No longer worry about storage, circulation, loss, theft, transportation and other issues, you can easily and quickly purchase all kinds of digital collectibles, appreciate and manage these items that really belong to you, and enjoy your digital rights!

The advantages of Magic Core app are:

1. Provide authoritative brand guarantees, users can trade with confidence here, buy products with confidence, without worrying about the leakage of their own information and privacy.

2. You can register a dedicated account and manage your own assets. Asset data updates are all recorded in detail, and it is very simple to query previous consumption records.

3. Distinguish between multiple IP categories. When users shop here, they can directly enter the partition they like to purchase. It is very convenient for the apps to focus on the same category.

However, for the NFT products launched by Internet giants such as Tencent or Alipay, many people in the blockchain industry are also questioning that it is just a gimmick, not a real NFT. After all, the QQ account or account is not their own, and where the NFT came from.


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