Tencent is thinking about how to play the Metaverse

Tencent has already figured out how to play the Metaverse.

The New Year in 2022 is approaching, and Tencent has updated seven or eight products and projects in one go, all of which point to NFTs. According to Huxiu’s observation, almost all of Tencent’s six business divisions are involved in the construction and promotion of NFTs. For example, the “Tencent Financial Cloud Digital Collection Museum” launched by the WeChat applet today (January 30) involves Tencent’s WeChat business group, cloud and smart industry business group.

Another example is Tencent’s NFT platform Magic Core, which is still launching today (January 30th) the ” New Year Space Travel Series Digital Collections”, which directly builds a “Space Metaverse” and promotes its own Tencent News APP in it, which involves Platform and content business group, interactive entertainment business group, etc.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Tencent has never made a high-profile statement that it is “entering” the Metaverse, but Tencent has already quietly seized the opportunity in the Metaverse.

The “First Ticket” of the Metaverse – NFT

The relationship between the Metaverse and NFT is like the sea and water droplets, mountains and stones.

Every character, house, road, car, table and chair in the Metaverse is an NFT, and these NFTs come together to form the Metaverse. However, at this stage, it is “unrealistic” to construct such a Metaverse in terms of technology and product form.

Therefore, people can only settle for the next best thing, and first build one NFT after another into a “simple version” of the two-dimensional Metaverse. Whether it is Ant’s NFT platform Whale Scout, or Tencent’s NFT platform Magic Core, almost all of their NFTs are displayed in the form of “a picture”.

The Whale Scout and Magic Nucleus APPs have built a digital exhibition hall, which allows all the collected paintings to be presented in the exhibition hall. The digital exhibition hall is equivalent to a two-dimensional, non-moving Metaverse, which will slowly develop into a three-dimensional, moving Metaverse.

Tencent is thinking about how to play the Metaverse

A platform NFT personal exhibition hall

Many people wonder, what is its use and value? Isn’t it just a bunch of data?

For example, BMW, Ferrari, and Rolls-Royce have all released their own NFTs. When we buy a car, the car manufacturer will “gift” an NFT of the same car to you. This NFT is based on blockchain technology, and there is only one example in the world. As long as you show your NFT on Alipay or WeChat platform, everyone knows that you own the same car in the real world. By analogy, houses, academic certificates, marriage certificates, books… NFTs can prove all your property, and you can endorse a series of behaviors such as social networking, loans, and house purchases through NFT endorsements.

This is just the most basic application that NFT can show. Even if only two-dimensional images are developed, it has brought a lot of benefits to the platform and creators. For example, in just a few months, Ant Group’s NFT platform WhaleTalk has not completely released its own traffic. The number exceeds 5 million and the sales exceed 50 million yuan, which also allows Internet giants to see the strong influence and cash flow that NFT can bring in the future.

Of course, this does not mean that some works on the current NFT platform are valuable. The current NFT platform development period is more like a trial-and-error, bubble-forming stage. It has also failed to produce a very deep integration with the real economy and real life.

At present, Tencent has two trends in making NFTs. One is in terms of product form, making NFTs a moving, three-dimensional product model that is close to the Metaverse form, making it the first choice for users; the other is linking more Many high-quality enterprises will make the ecology bigger, stronger and better, so as to obtain more advertising revenue.

Tencent all in Metaverse?

In the first month of 2022, like Tencent, Ant and other Chinese Internet giants, the Silicon Valley giants in the United States can’t wait to embrace NFT.

The most positive are Twitter and Meta, the two social giants in the United States. Although in the field of Web3 and encryption, the domestic industrial ecology has lagged far behind the United States, but in the progress of the integration of Internet giants and NFTs, although one party uses the public chain and the other uses the alliance chain, the intuitive experience of the product , China and the United States still seem to be on the same starting line.

The changes in product form of American giants are also continuing to affect domestic social giants.

On January 20, Twitter announced a new feature that would display the avatars of users with NFTs as hexagons, while regular users would still be shown as circles. Behind the change in the form of avatars, Twitter has realized the connection between Internet accounts and encrypted wallets for the first time. Although this feature has been complained by many users, it cannot be denied that it is pioneering in the Internet industry – it allows user-generated data , is no longer owned by its own platform.

Tencent is thinking about how to play the Metaverse

Twitter official website

Previously, all companies in the Internet industry followed a rule: the essence of Internet profit is to generate advertising revenue by obtaining user data, and they will “do everything” to obtain the data they can get and keep it for themselves.Twitter’s new product does not aim to obtain data as the purpose or means, but recognizes the rules of the Web3 world in terms of technology and product form – everything is decentralized, and data is not allowed to be owned by a giant alone .

This has gradually become the development trend of American Internet giants. They will build their own business empires based on the idea of ​​”decentralization” of the blockchain, rather than the completely centralized way in the past. At present, American giants such as Meta (Facebook), Youtube, and Reddit have announced their attempts to launch NFT products.

With the “learning from the past” of American social giants, Tencent, as the “dominant” social giant in China, has also begun to integrate its mainstream ecology with NFT.

Previously, Tencent established a new APP, Magic Core, to “brand isolation” between the NFT platform and Tencent’s mainstream products. This is because in terms of policy, the compliance issues of NFTs have been plaguing Internet giants, and they hope to separate NFTs from their flagship products through brand isolation.

However, with the improvement of the environment, not only Tencent’s six major business divisions are involved in the construction of NFT, but Tencent’s two “social cornerstones”, WeChat and QQ, are also actively integrating with NFT.Tencent not only linked the Magic Core NFT platform with WeChat mini-programs, WeChat short videos and other products, but Magic Core itself also attracted new people through “bundled social networking” by inviting WeChat friends.

As the pace gets bigger and bigger, Magic Core may become another “popular APP” after WeChat, QQ, QQ Music, King of Glory and other products.

Tencent and Ant “Spring Festival War” restarts

The Spring Festival has always been an opportunity for domestic companies and products to “change their fates against the sky”.

In 2014, Tencent’s WeChat red envelope “Pearl Harbor attack” broke Alipay’s “dominant” position in the payment field.Since then, major Internet giants have all participated in the game of the Spring Festival red envelopes, hoping to make their new brands resound throughout China in this unique Chinese cultural scene.

And this is also the best time for Tencent and Ant to promote and spread their “new products” on this festival. At present, Tencent has promoted its products on other platforms such as Magic Core, WeChat Mini Program, CCTV News, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, etc. Ant has also actively launched its own series of Chinese New Year NFT works.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and we may see the “new NFT gameplay” they launched after the Spring Festival red envelopes.

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